Outranking V.12

Pankil Shah
by Pankil Shah
Updated On: August 25, 2023
AI Writing with GPT-4 and style guides

The core highlights of this release are a plagiarism checker, AI writing improvements, an extension of Strategist, integration of GPT-4 with the writing, and streamlining of the credit system. 

Dashboard addition and UI changes

We added a central dashboard to see quick details on your recent documents, credits, and domains.

Dashboard - Outranking

We also added a navigation panel to access documents, workflows, and Strategies utilities.

Navigation Panel - Outranking

We also added Writing tools as part of your content editor workflow, which will now consist of your first draft utility, plagiarism checker, prompt writing, and methods.  

Writing Tools - Outranking

Optimization UI change

We reimagined the Optimization panel and brought the critical elements based on the content score out front. You can focus on what’s most important while still having access to the complete optimization checklist.

optimization checklist - Outranking

Plagiarism checker and fixer

We added an insane plagiarism checker along with an AI plagiarism-fixing utility. You can access this utility using your AI writing tab. For every 250 words, the plagiarism checker will consume one assessment credit.

plagiarism checker along with an AI plagiarism-fixing utility

AI Writing with GPT-4 and style guides

The new AI writing utility is divided into two parts to give you greater control over how you want to produce your first drafts. 

The generation of the first draft is divided into generating and refining your prompts, and the next part is generating the actual first drafts.

AI Writing with GPT-4 and style guides

Generating an extremely detailed draft that uses a lot of background research is a very tedious task, and hence maintaining cohesiveness in the produced content has always been a challenge for the modular AI writing approach. 

To ensure the draft follows specific writing guidelines and maintains cohesiveness, brand values, and personal writing preferences, you can now define your own Style Guide. Outranking comes with a comprehensive Style guide that will suit almost all use cases; many brands and agencies will extensively benefit from this feature and be able to define style guides for the business use case it serves.

comprehensive Style guide

The default style guides will produce highly detailed prompts that can be further refined before generating the draft in step 2.

Internal linking Suggestions

This new version comes with many extended capabilities for strategists. One of them is a separate utility for Internal link suggestions.

Outranking now uses more intelligent algorithms to find pages with higher Pagerank that contain some semantic relation or are in the same silo and suggest internal linking for the most valued keyword a URL ranks for.

Internal linking Suggestions

Website content audit using sitemap crawl

Now Outranking can crawl your website and suggest content-related issues. You can easily identify and turn some of these issues into content optimization tasks.

Website content audit using sitemap crawl

Clustering UI improvements and data enrichment

Now when you perform clustering, Outranking can enrich your domain ranking data even if the data does not exist in Google Search Console.

Clustering UI improvements and data enrichment

Calculation of credits

AI Drafts

Input + Output + Prompt = Total AI characters consumed. 


New Domain project = 20 Credits / 1000 ranking keywords in a domain

Refresh Domain data = 20 Credits / 1000 NEW ranking keywords fetched

Internal Linking = 5 Credits / Analysis

SEO Document

Every new SEO document consumes 1 Document credit + 1 Assessment credit.


The pricing for Addons is as follows. The new Addon pricing does not apply to previous subscribers.

The New Addons will allow agencies and companies to scale based on fluctuating demand one-time and rollover addons.

AI Characters Plans
Documents Plans
Assessment Keywords Plans

Other important improvements

  1. Removal of domain limits. You can create as many domain projects as you wish with all the accounts except the “SEO Writer” plan. 
  2. Ability to see which internal links are already added to the content.
  3. Improvements to the high-level outline generation model.