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Gran Turismo Movie Reviews Land, And They’re A Bit Of A Mixed Bag

The Gran Turismo movie has received its first batch of reviews, and it’s fair to say critics are a bit mixed on Sony’s big screen adaptation of its flagship racing franchise.

Rotten Tomatoes currently has the Gran Turismo movie sitting at 55%, while Metacritic records a score of 41.

Let’s start with the positive. IndieWire’s Christian Zilko gave the move a B grade, stating the following:

Cinephiles used to have the luxury of knowing that the art and craft of filmmaking were somewhat linked – studios would always make shameless cash grabs, but at least you could assume that they’d hire bad directors and hamstring them with bad notes,” he says. “But Gran Turismo is proof that great craftsmanship can occur in artistically barren settings.

Variety also offered a positive review of Gran Turismo, noting, “Gran Turismo puts the audience in the driver’s seat more than just about any race-car movie I can think of.”

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That’s about as glowing as things get however, as The Guardian’s Ryan Gilbey awarded the film a one-star rating.

Commerce contaminates the whole endeavour. When Jann gives Jack a heartfelt gift, which company logo is clearly visible on it? (Clue: it isn’t Apple.) And as the teenager progresses through the ranks and the race-tracks, we keep hearing how the original PlayStation product is a driving simulator rather than a mere game. It is a distinction that applies to the movie: this is a simulation of cinema, with scarcely a human fingerprint anywhere on its chassis.

Finally, John Nugent of Empire awarded the Gran Turismo movie two stars, stating: “Gran Turismo, the characters frequently like to remind us, is not a game – it’s a racing simulator. You could just as easily level that this isn’t really a film – it’s mostly just a film simulator.”

The Gran Turismo movie is due out in UK cinemas tomorrow, followed by a US release on August 25. The film stars Archie Madekwe, Djimon Hounsou, and Orlando Bloom, and is directed by Neill Blomkamp. For those unaware, it’s based on the true story of Jann Mardenborough, who triumphed in the 2022 GT Academy tournament and went on to become a professional race car driver.

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