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Rumour – Quake 2 Remaster Is Launching Today Priced $10

According to leaker billbil-kun, Quake 2 Remaster will be released today on all major platforms for $10, following reports that the game would be officially unveiled at QuakeCon 2023 today.

If true, then this mirrors the announcement and release of the original Quake Remaster, which was unveiled and shadow dropped at QuakeCon 2021. Right now there’s no word on whether Quake 2 Remaster — reportedly titled simply Quake 2 — will feature any new content, but we won’t have long to find out if it is indeed coming today.

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Developed by id Software, the original version of Quake 2 was released in 1997 for the PC and later arrived on Nintendo 64, PSOne, and Xbox 360. The main campaign introduces numerous changes from the first Quake, including mission-based objectives, larger stages, and hub system, as well as advancements in the technology used at the time, allowing for coloured lighting effects and skyboxes.

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