Scalenut vs. ClosersCopy: Which SEO Tool Is Better?

Pankil Shah
by Pankil Shah
Updated On: October 2, 2023
Scalenut vs ClosersCopy: Which SEO Tool Is Better?

Knowing that most people want one tool to complete all their SEO tasks, platforms like Scalenut and ClosersCopy are making big claims. They’re supposedly offering one platform to handle your sales copy and blog posts with robust AI and SEO toolsets. 

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It is easy to feel lost with all the SEO tools on the market and what they claim to do

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But in a battle comparing the two tools, which provides the better experience? Does either of them meet (or exceed) these claims? And how do they compare to Outranking when it comes to generating content and getting research done?

To get answers to these questions, check out our 11-point review comparing these two tools. But first, let’s dig into the basics of what each tool claims to provide. 

Just a heads up!

This blog was created by the team at Outranking, a trusted content analysis tool for digital marketers. In this review, our team analyzed Scalenut and ClosersCopy, both of which are competitors with Outranking. This content is for informational purposes only.

What Is Scalenut?

Screenshot of the Scalenut website.
With Scalenut, you can get a copycat writing tool.

Scalenut is an AI-driven SEO content-writing tool. Its features include keyword research and article optimization. Since it hit the market in 2020, it’s much younger than other established SEO tools.

Inspired by various tools, Scalenut has built its tool repertoire, similar to considerations when making a MarketMuse comparison. So, if you’re a digital marketer with experience in SEO tools, Scalenut will be quite comfortable for you. 

Below is a quick list of pros and cons:


  • Includes a wide range of AI templates for both short- and long-form content
  • Offers a built-in article, content optimizer, and keyword planner
  • Utilizes easy-to-navigate interface
  • Offers a free plan to get started


  • Tends to copy features from other tools like Frase, Outranking, and Surfer
  • Isn’t built by SEO experts, so its optimization tools are questionable
  • Less room for growth and innovation with its tendency to copy others

What Is ClosersCopy?

Screenshot of the ClosersCopy website.
This powerful copywriting tool has a long way to go.

ClosersCopy is an AI-focused platform for writing content. The tool used to be limited to sales copy and short-form content. Recently, the company has added more options for long-form content writing (like blogs) to meet its users’ needs.

On paper, ClosersCopy seems like an inexpensive alternative to pricey SEO tools. But in practice, this tool requires some major updates and improvements. Based on the latest user reviews, the company hasn’t bothered to make any updates since the release of ChatGPT.

Here’s a quick list of the pros and cons of this unique AI copywriting tool.


  • Offers 50 SEO audits and 300 AI runs a month under an entry-level plan
  • Includes an extra user seat in its entry-level plan
  • Easy to use


  • Doesn’t provide anything unique—it only incorporates ideas and inspiration from other tools
  • Takes a lot of time to tune prompts to meet your needs
  • Relies on external tools to handle data collection 

Before making your decision, take a look at this 11-point comparison between the two tools. 

Scalenut vs. ClosersCopy | 11 Point Comparison

In this section, we’ll compare  Scalenut and ClosersCopy based on 11 different criteria. At the same time, we’ll show you how our platform, Outranking, may just outshine both of these tools. 🌞

1. Content Briefs

Content briefs give you and your writers a clear idea of what your content is about. Without these briefs, you may not know where to go with a blog or piece of email content. 

Which of the two tools provides a better content brief feature? The simple answer: Scalenut provides some support for content briefs, while ClosersCopy does not.

Scalenut’s brief support is based on the data it gathers automatically. It provides general guidelines like:

  • Word count
  • Images
  • Number of headings

Later portions of your brief creator also let you add extra keywords, references, and notes. The data you receive in the automated part of the brief tool is handy but incredibly limited. Meanwhile, you’ll have to do everything else manually.

Screenshot of the Scalenut brief creation feature.
Though it’s very limited, Scalenut’s brief creation feature might come in handy.

To be fair, you can technically ask ClosersCopy to build you a brief. You just have to input the right prompt for that. Unfortunately, those briefs won’t be based on any actionable data from Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). So, it’s not a true brief building system.

For content briefs, the Scalenut comes out on top.

2. Content Optimization 

Content optimization includes tailoring your web pages, blog, and content so it’s the most appealing for your target audience. With SEO, this means improving your content so it ranks in the top 10 for one or many keywords on Google. 

Both Scalenut and ClosersCopy offer differing tools for optimizing your content. But Scalenut put more time and effort into its design. Like SurferSEO, Scalenut provides an SEO score to track your content based on:

  • Key terms
  • Meta tags
  • URL information
  • Featured snippet opportunity
  • Heading quality
  • Content depth
  • Keyword density
  • Outbound links
Screenshot of Scalenut's Content Optimization interface.
A direct copy of SurferSEO’s interface, Scalenut offers some insight to optimize your content.

While it looks like a lot of useful data, some of the SEO suggestions it makes are unusual. For example, it grades you on the number of bolded words, which has little to do with SEO. Bolding is useful, but only to emphasize certain parts of your content.

On the other hand, ClosersCopy’s optimization tool looks incredibly dated. It only breaks your needs into two areas: structure and keywords. The structure section counts these features of your writing:

  • Characters
  • Words
  • Paragraphs
  • Sentences
  • Headers

Meanwhile, the keywords tab doesn’t include any quality-of-life appearance upgrades that other tools have implemented. Instead, it focuses on informing you of the number of keywords or phrases you still need to type — in other words, the bare minimum. 🥱

Screenshot of the ClosersCopy Content Optimization interface.
This feature in ClosersCopy is unfortunately quite dated.

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3. AI Writing

AI-writing tools have emerged as irreplaceable content optimization tools over the past year. The greatest writers in the world can’t beat AI’s data-gathering and production abilities. So, how do ClosersCopy and Scalenut fare regarding AI writing?

Here’s a quick comparison of the AI tools you get from Scalenut and ClosersCopy:

Long-Form WritingYesYes
Brief CreationKind ofNo
Short-Form TemplatesYesYes

Both Scalenut and ClosersCopy support long-form AI writing and short-form templates. Scalenut has a dedicated data system for creating briefs. Meanwhile, ClosersCopy doesn’t have anything specific for brief creation. 

When it comes to quality, ClosersCopy is behind the curve, as most of what you get from the system is unusable. Below are a few templates you can choose through ClosersCopy.

Screenshot of Closerscopy's templates.
Does Closerscopy have your content’s uniqueness in mind with these basic templates?

Scalenut provides a bit more support for its AI writing tool, making it the winner yet again. For example, it includes a specific section for AI templates. The technology also creates solid content, although you can find an identical version of this tool on Frase. Below, you’ll see the product description AI in action.

Screenshot of Scalenut's product description AI.
Even though it copies Frase, you can still get some decent AI copy from Scalenut.

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4. AI Outlines

All good content starts with a good outline to provide a stable foundation for writing. These days, a good SEO needs outline support to stay in the ring.

Scalenut includes its outline generation as part of the brief. If you look at the image, you’ll see a textbox where you can input a manual outline (on the left). You can also use the system’s blog outline creator, which creates an outline based on your blog topic and context.

Screenshot of the Scalenut Outline builder.
Scalenut’s outline builder is a bit more limited than other tools.

Because this outline builder doesn’t rely on SERP data, it isn’t usually topically relevant. You have to modify the outline to target more appropriate topics mentioned in the top results.

Since ClosersCopy focuses more on short-form copy, it doesn’t include an outline-building tool. But you can instruct it to write an outline for you using the long-form tool. You’ll find that compared to other outline builders, it’s similar to using ChatGPT without providing much instruction.

Screenshot of the ClosersCopy Outline builder.
Very similar to ChatGPT — is that good or bad?

5. Plagiarism Checker

Duplicate content is one of the biggest sins you can commit in SEO. Google penalizes businesses they deem as “content thieves,” so having a plagiarism checker is a must!

Scalenut integrates with a third-party plagiarism checker: Copyscape. As one of the best-known plagiarism-checking tools, Copyscape is respected in the industry. This means it charges a premium, costing up to $5 for 10 pages of a website and 1 cent for every additional 100 words. You’ll also need to pay Scalenut for access to this premium integration.

ClosersCopy, on the other hand, doesn’t have one, so you’ll have to rely on third-party tools to check your content for duplicate text. Given that ClosersCopy’s content is built on AI, not having a plagiarism detector makes the tool a potential liability. 🫣

This is yet another area where Scalenut is the clear winner in the Scalenut vs. ClosersCopy comparison.

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6. Keyword Research

Keywords are very important for your content strategy, but they’re not everything. The right keywords can be a huge difference in any organic traffic strategy. So, in the Scalenut vs. ClosersCopy comparison, you’ll find that Scalenut provides much more information than ClosersCopy regarding keyword research.

First, let’s dig into the limited information ClosersCopy does provide. Below, you’ll see an image of the top SERP results for one keyword that ClosersCopy can handle.

Screenshot of CloserCopy's outline builder.
Will you leave your SEO success up to fate so early in the process?

In this example, ClosersCopy provides the average characters, words, paragraphs, and sentences. It does this for the top 10 or 20 results you choose for a single keyword, but that’snot enough information to truly optimize your article.

Scalenut takes a page from MarketMuse’s book, letting users target between 1 and 15 topics, recommending keyword cluster topics, and letting you go straight to editing the article if you’re satisfied with your results:

Screenshot of Scalenut's dashboard.
You have options.

You won’t get as much information as tools like Semrush. Users can also get more information from inexpensive tools like Keywords Everywhere. So, Scalenut might look useful but has some better, less expensive alternatives.

7. Pricing

Here’s a quick pricing breakdown between the two tools:

Free Plan?Yes (very limited)No
Entry-Level Plan$40 /mo.$49.99 /mo.
Intermediate Plan$79 /mo.$79.99 /mo.
Expert Plan$149 /mo.$99.99 /mo.
Lifetime PlanN/A$327 to $741

Scalenut starts its customers off at a reduced pricing plan but increases the pricing after a short period. The pricing above includes the increased levels. ClosersCopy, on the other hand, has built its system to push people into lifetime plans. After all, you could pay for six months of their service on the monthly plan and exceed the cost of the lifetime plan. ClosersCopy also lets you make a free account so they can advertise in your inbox. But creating an account doesn’t even give you access to tools! 😑

Paying for a lifetime plan also raises an important issue: ClosersCopy hasn’t been active lately, leaving many to believe the owner is just sitting on the product. Given the potential risk of buying a tool that doesn’t leverage the latest technology, the lifetime plan is a major gamble.

Screenshot of a ClosersCopy review by a vetted reviewer, saying "This was a great AI writing tool — but with the emergence of ChatGPT — seems to have been abandoned?"
Users are skeptical, and we think you should be, too.

In case you’re curious… 🤫 We keep up with the times! Come see our new features and tidier UI from our V13 update

8. Interface

Being able to easily navigate between different tools on your platform is crucial. Thankfully, both platforms keep things simple.

Scalenut’s interface is the better of the two. Everything is broken down simply, and you don’t have to guess where to go. But, since Scalenut only has three tools, it’s easy for them to make navigation simple.

Screenshot of the Scalenut dashboard.
You can see clearly where you need to go from here.

Scalenut’s one problem comes down to organizing large-scale projects. If you have multiple writers and websites, you can only organize them with a built-in tag system, which might get confusing the larger your projects become. 

ClosersCopy is better when organizing your projects. Anytime you create a new project, you can sort your documents into those projects. It could use a tagging system, but the folder system lets you take control of the organization more easily. You don’t have to have everything in one big clump in a single folder like with Scalenut.

Screenshot of the ClosersCopy dashboard.
Organize your docs by project!

The biggest problem ClosersCopy has comes from its editor. The left-side menu has a wall of icons with no text labels that might not mean anything to new users. So, if you make a ClosersCopy account, prepare to take some time to click every tool on the menu to find out where it goes.

9. NLP Extraction

NLP, or neural language processing, is the centerpiece of many SEO tools. With Scalenut, that’s no exception, as it gathers data from the top 20 results. ClosersCopy also gets data from the top 10 or 20 results of a SERP but only provides information on word counts and character counts.

Looking at Scalenut, you see a wide range of useful information. The research tab contains all your NLP data, including:

  • Key terms and phrases
  • Competition
  • Questions
  • Statistics
Screenshot of Scalenut's NLP terms.
Scalenut does offer a significant amount of insight.

You can also request a more detailed report with a list of outlines and citations. But, anyone familiar with Frase will know what this looks like. 

On the flip side, ClosersCopy doesn’t seem to have any NLP reading tool. Instead, it seems to have a tool that scans the average times a keyword is mentioned, making it more of a simple text reader. It lets you organize by site but doesn’t provide any helpful data.

Screenshot of ClosersCopy NLP terms.
ClosersCopy might actually be encouraging you to write keyword-dense content, which might not always be a good idea!

10. Integrations

This table gives you a good idea of what integration currently looks like for both Scalenut and ClearsCopy:

Google Search ConsoleNoNo
Google DocsNoNo

with zero integrations, ClosersCopy brings nothing to the table, leaving Scalenut as the last one standing. 

But it’s worth noting some of Scalenut’s integrations cost extra, like Copyscape and Semrush. Semrush, in particular, is an extremely expensive addition, making Scalenut out of reach for some. 

11. SERP Analysis and Term Visualization

Data from SERPs helps you better understand what your competitors are doing to hold the top spot. Visualization techniques in SEO tools can help you better understand that data through graphs and bars. Both are important. ☝️

Scalenut provides a nice, simple bar graph for viewing top competitors and trends. Details include:

  • SEO scores
  • Word counts
  • Images
  • Headers
Screenshot of the Scalenut Term analyzer and visualization.
When you can see things clearly, you can make better decisions.

Scalenut keeps things simple if you want to view the number of terms you target. Bar graphs are easy to read, providing a snapshot of data.

At this point, you can probably already guess that ClosersCopy has a weak SERP analyzer. It also doesn’t have a term visualizer to create data graphs on keywords, which both Scalenut and Outranking have.

So, if you choose between Scalenut and ClosersCopy, Scalenut is the obvious choice. But when Outranking is an option, both tools are seriously lacking important features.

The Results: Scalenut Beats ClosersCopy

We threw a lot of information at you all at once, so let’s recap.

Gif of a man flipping through a magazine with "too long; didn't read"
Looking for a bite-sized summary of the article? We’ve got you covered

Image Source

If you’re looking for a tool to help you with AI content and SEO, this guide has provided a clear overview and comparison of two providers on the market, Scalenut vs. ClosersCopy.  

Scalenut’s tool is much more advanced than ClosersCopy. That said, the recommendations on the platform aren’t always sound. The company is also notorious for copying other major providers, so you can’t expect to get anything better than what’s already on the market. 

ClosersCopy has been known to produce passable short-form content, but most of what it makes falls far below expectations. It also hasn’t been updated for quite a while, leaving its user base wondering what’s to come. 🤷

3 Reasons Why Outranking Wins in a Landslide

Sure, Scalenut emerges as the victor when its challenger is ClosersCopy. But Outranking’s in a completely different league. Why? Well…🥁

1. You Gain Access to All the Data You Could Possibly Want

If you want more competitive data on the structures and where these keywords are, Outranking provides a better interface for your data. Our NLP data leverages the most advanced AI frameworks. In addition, it collects data beyond the words and characters used, including information on formats, the number of external and internal links, and the location of vital keywords. But don’t just take our word for it:

Outranking is probably the best long-form assistant on the market for SEO copywriting. It gives you many insights regarding NLP terms, content structure and outline, and tone of voice optimization.

Gaia B. on Capterra

Outranking goes even further than Scalenut and provides a list of NLP terms with a heatmap to know you’ve covered important topics. We also provide plenty of SERP data, meaning you won’t have to dig through individual articles to find exactly what you need to write to beat your competition! 😌

2. AI Does All the Heavy Lifting For You 🏋️

Outranking is the only tool out of these three that fully automates every step of the content creation process with our AI writing tool. By writing simple instructions, Outranking gives you exactly what you need to rank using well-written and formatted content. You can even ask Outranking to write your advertising copy (pretty cool, right?)! 

Screenshot of Outranking's First Draft generator
Outranking saves you time and precious brain power with its first draft generator and AI wizard!

And we are excited to introduce Automatic Optimization. Our chatbot wizard can optimize your content to shine better than expected with just the click of a button! 💫

Cool features also include (but are not limited to):

  • First Draft generation with cited sources
  • Customizable voice and style guides
  • Plagiarism checker and fixer
  • Automatic on-page optimization
  • Comprehensive content brief and outline builders

3. We Give Your Content Strategy the TLC It Deserves

The SEO world is fiercely competitive. Outranking gives your strategy a fighting chance!

Outranking is the only tool that integrates with toolsets you don’t have to pay extra for. The one paid tool we do emphasize is Grammarly, which includes grammar checking and plagiarism checking at a fraction of the cost of Copyscape. Google Search Console is another essential tool (that Scalenut lacks) that we’ve prioritized.

Screenshot of Outranking's available integrations
Outranking streamlines your content workflow with smooth integrations with the tools already in your toolbox

Outranking’s AI-powered keyword research and internal linking optimization also keep your content relevant and on the SERP radars. We understand that you’ll need every SEO tool in your arsenal to make it, and we’ve got you covered! 🫶

The planets have aligned! 🪐

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