Release 13: Our Most Ambitious Release Yet

Pankil Shah
by Pankil Shah
Updated On: October 17, 2023
Our Most Ambitious Release Yet

With AI moving so fast and folks running after automation like crazy, we thought we’d join in! Lol. 

In this release, we bring some very significant improvements to the following areas:

  1. Outlines
    1. Introduction of page type
    2. Method of outline generation
  1. First drafts generation
    1. Method of first draft generation
    2. Hyper personalization
    3. Faster and less consumption
  1. On-page content optimization
    1. Redesign of optimization
    2. Automatic optimization
    3. Introduction of Readability as a Scoring Parameter
    4. Logic improvements to avoid keyword stuffing
  1. Strategist
    1. Deprecated features
    2. Automatic internal linking
  1. UI Improvements
  1. Deprecated features


A. Introduction of Page Type

We introduced Page Type to better guide the outline and first draft generation. Now, Outranking can automatically identify the type of page you are trying to create and give you a more personalized output. That goes whether it’s a landing page, list-type blog, informative page, recipe post, and more. — the possibilities are endless!

Screenshot of Outranking's Page Type selection
It’s now easier than ever to personalize your pages with Outranking!

B. Method of Outline Generation

Outline building with semantic terms, keywords, and SERP data is a complicated task. With advancements in AI, we can process more data and give you the cohesive outline you deserve to guide the AI and YOU in creating people-first content.

Screenshot of Outranking's V13 outline generator
Put your own personal touch on every document without the extra work with V13’s outline generation

First Drafts Generation

A. Method of First Draft Generation

Previously, Outranking wrote one content section at a time. While this was a fine way to write comprehensive content, it isn’t the most efficient. To tackle this and still keep the extreme amount of background information, we built a chatbot that can now write 10X better, cohesive, and more personalized first drafts! Open challenge — try it, compare it to others, and thank us. 😏

B. Hyper-Personalization

Because of the way we now write the first draft, personalization using style guides is even easier! We provide all the editable parameters in the default style guide. For most use cases, tone and voice should do, but you can craft your own guides to tailor first drafts to use your own unique writing method.

Screenshot of Outranking's first draft style guide
Create easy style guides that capture your unique style

C. Less AI Credit Consumption

With this new way of writing, we also process a lot more background data and generate less output. So many of you will see a 10-25% reduction in the net consumption of AI characters, leaving you with plenty more to go around!

On-Page Content Optimization

A. Redesign of Optimization

With Google trying to tackle AI content misuse and going bonkers on its new releases, it’s important to focus on creating “people first” content. We reworked our optimization to score even more on Originality (previously known as Uniqueness).

We also made the UI simpler and easier to use with visual aid. 🎉

Screenshot of Outranking's readability score summary
Make your content easy to understand

B. Automatic Optimization

Screenshot of Outranking's automatic optimization filters
Our automatic chatbot wizard can help you tidy up your content a matter of seconds

The most exciting of all, we introduce Automatic Optimization in this release! With Automatic Optimization, you can run a chatbot wizard to assist in optimizing existing or new web pages. You can choose from two options: update all content with a few clicks, or manually guide the process.

The wizard can optimize:

  1. Title
  2. Description
  3. Number of headings
  4. Keywords in headings
  5. Common terms in content
  6. Auto-add Internal links
  7. Generate Original improvement suggestions

We couldn’t help ourselves — we’ve also provided the same utility on SEO elements so you can improve your score and optimize each section. Simply click on the magic pencil icon to generate some suggestions.

Use it after you’ve finished the first draft for new content or if you’re restructuring existing content. While rewriting, it’ll keep your content structure and image placements intact.

This wizard works just like a real one 🪄 But, like all AI systems, it has some limitations:

  1. Sometimes over optimizes things
  2. Occasionally does not meet the full score
  3. Still needs human oversight

Use it wisely, and you can cut your time down from 2 hours to 15 minutes.

C. Introduction of Readability as a Scoring Parameter

We noticed a high correlation between ranking pages and the readability score. So we’ve incorporated readability into our scoring criteria. Now, you should ideally aim for a comfy 70% or more. 

Strategist: Automatic Internal Linking

Now you can connect your domain using the Outranking plugin to improve internal linking on your WordPress website. 🔗 One click is all it takes to apply internal links and see quick improvements in your rankings. 

We plan on connecting: Hubspot, Shopify, Wix, and Zapier are up next!

While Silo is a great concept and keeps you focused when creating and linking content, it’s not guaranteed to result in improved clicks (even if you do it right). So trying to improve the PageRank of a page with pure silo connections is useless. You need more powerful pages giving links to less powerful pages to faster rank improvements.

Don’t worry! We automated this process using the madness of AI.

UI Improvements

We’ve made a bunch of big and small changes to reduce complexity and give you the tools to make Outranking work with any kind of complex internal process. 💯

Deprecated Features

In this release, we deprecated a few legacy features alongside some newer features that didn’t align with Outranking’s new direction. 

We deprecated: Methods, Dashboard, Site audit (Strategist), and Ranking keywords(Strategist)

Keep an eye out: We plan on bringing a better dashboard and more languages later in the year.