SEO for Electricians: A Comprehensive Guide

by Outranking
Updated On: August 17, 2023
SEO for Electricians: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you among the many electricians who struggle to attract new clients? Is your website failing to generate enough leads for you to grow your business? As you may be discovering, simply having a website is insufficient in the current digital landscape. Potential clients will only notice your website if you’ve optimized it for search engines. In fact, according to recent statistics, 68% of online experiences begin with a search engine, and 91% of users never scroll past the first page of search results. In other words, unless search engines include your website on the first page, most people will never know you exist! But don’t get discouraged; this blog post is here to guide you through the process of building an SEO content strategy that will attract more clients to your electrical business’s website. We’ll brief you on every step, from producing keyword-rich content to optimizing your website for local SEO.

So, let’s dive in!

Why Is SEO Important for Electricians or Electrical Businesses?

Electricians must establish an online presence to attract and retain customers. Given the increasing competition in the electrical industry, it is imperative that electricians leverage search engine optimization (SEO) to reach potential clients who are actively seeking professional assistance for their electrical needs. 

SEO content writing entails optimizing online copy so that your website ranks higher in search engine results pages (SERPs) when a potential client searches for relevant keywords. When selecting which keywords to target for your SEO strategy, consider factors such as keyword density, interlinking, and meta descriptions to improve your website’s on-page SEO score

Here are some of the ways that SEO can help electricians:

  1. Improved online visibility: SEO for electricians enables electrical contractors to improve their ranking in search engine results pages, thereby enabling potential clients’ ability to locate them online. As an SEO content editor, it is important to stay up to date with the latest algorithm changes to ensure that the content is optimized for search engines.
  2. Increased organic traffic: By creating informative and helpful content that’s optimized for relevant keywords, electricians can attract more website visitors who are actively searching for their services.
  3. Better user experience: SEO involves optimizing your website for both search engines and users. By improving the user experience of your website, you can increase the time visitors spend on your site and reduce bounce rates. This can ultimately lead to more conversions and a higher return on investment (ROI). An SEO landing page can improve your website’s conversion rate by providing visitors with relevant and targeted information that encourages them to reach out for more information about your services.
  4. Competitive advantage: Electricians can attract more clients and increase revenue by standing out from competitors who are not optimizing their online presence through the implementation of an effective SEO strategy.
  5. Measurable results: SEO provides measurable results, allowing electricians to track the success of their online marketing efforts. Electricians can improve their SEO strategy and overall business success by making data-driven decisions through the analysis of website traffic, keyword rankings, and other relevant metrics.

How to Implement SEO for an Electrician or Electrical Business Website

If you’re an electrician or own an electrical business, having a strong online presence is crucial for attracting potential customers. One effective way to improve your online visibility is through search engine optimization (SEO). By implementing SEO strategies, you can improve your website’s ranking in search results and increase your chances of being seen by potential customers. Below are steps on how to implement SEO for an electrician business website:

  1. Create website architecture based on the electrical business’s core services.
  2. Create a comprehensive list of relevant keywords aligned with the electrical services that the business provides.
  3. Cluster keywords in each electrical business service area to identify topics for content creation.
  4. Create a content calendar and prioritize your electrical business’s SEO efforts.
  5. Establish a content production process, complete with SOPs and content briefs, or hire an agency to help.
  6. Create SEO-optimized content for your electrical business website’s service pages and blogs, or hire an agency.
  7. Optimize internal linking.
  8. Obtain backlinks and local references to improve your electrical contractor website’s search engine visibility.
  9. Optimize page speed and website experience.
  10. Track rankings using Google Search Console.
  11. Use a Google My Business account to optimize your electrical business’s local SEO.
  12. Identify and invest in appropriate tools to establish a content framework, establish a workflow, and enhance your online content.
  13. Focus on the ultimate goal: leads/conversions.

Step 1: Create Website Architecture by Organizing it Based on Your Electrical Business’s Core Services

The initial step towards improving SEO for an electrician or electrical services company is conducting keyword research. It is crucial to identify the keywords and phrases that potential customers are searching for so that you can incorporate them into your website and your SEO content strategy. You can achieve this by using tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner or Google Trends, or just by searching Google for potential ideas. By prioritizing relevant keywords, you can gain a better understanding of what online users are searching for and how they prefer to receive the information they are looking for. 

Once you have identified your target keywords, optimize each web page by using on-page SEO strategies. Consider specific HTML elements such as the page meta title, page meta description, and page URL. This will help the website rank higher on search engines for localized keyword searches, bringing in potential leads that convert into actual customers.

Here is an example of how an electrician or electrical services company’s website architecture can be broken down into core offering areas and their sub-areas:

Core Offering AreasExtended List of Sub-Areas
Residential electrical services1. Electrical wiring and rewiring services
2. Electrical panel upgrades
3. Lighting installation and repair
4. Ceiling fan installation and repair
5. Electrical outlet and switch installation and repair
Commercial electrical services1. Electrical inspections
2. Electrical maintenance
3. Electrical repairs
4. Electrical upgrades and installations
5. Electrical safety inspections
Industrial electrical services1. Electrical system design and installation
2. Electrical maintenance and repairs
3. Electrical equipment installation and repair
4. Electrical safety inspections
5. Electrical system upgrades

As shown in the table, common core offering areas for an electrician or electrical services company include residential, commercial, and industrial electrical services. Under each core offering area, there is an extended list of sub-areas corresponding to the specific services the company provides.

For instance, under residential electrical services, the extended list of sub-areas includes electrical wiring and rewiring services, electrical panel upgrades, lighting installation, and repair, ceiling fan installation and repair, and electrical outlet and switch installation and repair. These sub-areas are relevant to the specific services that an electrician or electrical services company may offer to residential customers. 

Similarly, under commercial electrical services, the extended listings of sub-areas include electrical inspections, electrical maintenance, electrical repairs, electrical upgrades and installations, and electrical safety inspections. These sub-areas are relevant to the specific services that an electrician or electrical services company may offer to commercial customers. 

By breaking down its website into core offering areas and its extended list of sub-areas, an electrician or electrical services company can develop a clear and concise website structure that is easy to navigate and optimized for SEO. This approach will help in identifying the most important keywords and phrases to target, as well as in developing a content SEO plan that focuses on the core offering areas and their relevant sub-areas. It will also help match the business with prospective customers whose needs are a good fit. Ultimately, this will lead to a better user experience for website visitors and increased visibility and traffic from search engines.

Step 2: Create a Comprehensive List of Relevant Keywords Aligned with the Electrical Services that Your Business Provides

Using a reliable SEO keyword strategy tool can help you identify the most effective keywords to target for your website’s content.

  1. Collect a comprehensive list of keywords for all the essential sections of your website.
  2. If you have multiple core areas or sub-areas of focus, repeat the keyword research step for each one.
  3. Exclude irrelevant or outdated keywords to focus on analyzing the most important ones more efficiently.

For an electrical services company website, you can take the following steps to perform keyword research:

  1. Use a keyword research tool such as Semrush or Outranking. Using the core areas we identified in the previous step, we will build out the extended research for sub-areas. For this example, we will choose “commercial electrical” services as the core area.
  2. To enhance your search engine rankings and attract a larger pool of potential customers, include electrician SEO keywords in your website’s content. Plug relevant keywords such as “electrical inspections”, “electrical maintenance,” or “electrical repairs” into the keyword research tool.
Use a keyword research tool to generate an initial list
A screenshot of a keyword research tool, showing terms related to electrical inspection services

3. Analyze the results and eliminate irrelevant or outdated keywords.

You can immediately rule out irrelevant keywords
A screenshot of a keyword research tool, calling attention to a result that is not relevant to electrical inspections

4. Download the CSV file containing the relevant keywords.

Keep track of all your keywords in a CSV file
A table of keywords related to electrical inspections

5. Repeat the keyword research process for each core service area, such as residential electrical services and industrial electrical services, and for each sub-area.

6. Combine all the CSV files into one for easier management.

Once you have gathered the keywords for every subgroup within a core service area, you can proceed with keyword analysis. By analyzing the keywords, your company can build a content strategy that will help your website rank higher in search engine algorithms and attract more potential customers.

Step 3: Cluster Keywords in Each Electrical Business Service Area to Identify Topics for Content Creation

As an electrician, you might be wondering how to improve your website’s search engine optimization process and attract more customers. One way to do this is through keyword clustering: the process of grouping similar keywords into clusters based on their semantic terms and intent. By doing this, you can create a plan for new content that targets specific groups of keywords and improves your website’s relevance and authority in the eyes of search engines.

For example, let’s say you have a list of keywords related to electrical services, such as “electrical repair,” “lighting installation,” “circuit breaker replacement,” and “outlet repair.” You can use a tool like Outranking to upload your keyword ideas and analyze them for clustering. Once the tool has finished analyzing your keywords, it will generate a list of clusters and similar variations for each keyword.

Guide your content strategy by clustering your keywords.
A demonstration of how to semantically group keywords related to electrical services

To pick a primary keyword for each group of clusters, you need to consider several factors, such as your ability to create better content than your competitors, the number of backlinks your competitors have, and your topical authority. You can use Outranking to check who your top competitors are for each group of keywords and measure your and your competitors/ topical authority. This will help you identify keywords that avoid your competitors wherever possible and have a better chance of ranking high with fewer backlinks. Outranking’s clustering tool is user-friendly and efficient, allowing you to upload your keyword list and analyze it for clustering in a matter of hours.

If your company doesn’t have an in-house SEO/marketing team, consider hiring an expert to help you with keyword clustering. SEO is a complex and ever-changing field, and successfully implementing it requires specialized knowledge and skills. A professional SEO expert can help you develop a keyword clustering strategy that aligns with your business goals and improves your website’s search engine ranking.

Step 4: Create a Content Calendar and Prioritize your Electrical Business’s SEO Efforts

Here’s how to prioritize keywords for creating and optimizing content for an electricians or electrical services website:

  • Create a list of primary keywords and groups related to electrical services. This can include keywords such as “electrical repair,” “electrical installation,” “electrical maintenance,” “electrical upgrades,” and so on.
  • To map out a plan and schedule for your content, utilize Outranking’s page on “strategy topics and planner” for keyword guidance. This will help you see the entire list of topics you’ll be using to create your content calendar.
  • Prioritize your keywords based on their importance and relevance to your business. Outranking can help with this by providing a priority setting from high to low.
  • Set three priorities: High, Medium, and Low.

Here’s an example of how electricians or electrical businesses can prioritize their keywords:

HighEmergency, 24/7, Reliable, Licensed, Experienced, Affordable, LocalThese keywords are related to services that customers may urgently require, and can define the business as a thought leader in the industry.
MediumInstallation, Repair, Maintenance, Upgrades, Wiring, Lighting, SafetyThese keywords can position the business among its competitors.
LowHow-to and Educational GuidesThese keywords can define the business as a thought leader and support important pages for the flow of information.

If you don’t have previous SEO experience, consider hiring an SEO manager, who can help you with keyword prioritization to significantly improve your website’s visibility and ranking on search engine results pages.

Step 5: Establish a Content Production Process, Complete with SOPs and Content Briefs, Or Hire an Agency to Help

As an electrician looking to implement SEO on your website, it is important to put a process in place and create detailed SOPs or SEO content briefs to ensure the success of your strategy. To ensure a comprehensive process for creating and optimizing content, here are three tips from experts:

Screenshot of Outranking's "on-page local SEO" widget
Tools like Outranking can help you stay organized.
  1. Create solid content briefs. Before creating any content, make sure you clearly understand what you want to achieve with it. Creating a solid content brief will help with this, by defining the purpose, target audience, and key messages of your content. This will ensure that your content is relevant, engaging, and optimized for search engines.
  2. Set up a proper content calendar. A content calendar will help you stay organized and ensure that you are publishing content consistently. It will also help you plan and ensure that your content is aligned with your business goals and seasonal trends.
  3. Set up an SEO workflow. A well-defined workflow will help you stay on track and ensure that your content is produced and optimized promptly. It will also help you delegate tasks and ensure that everyone involved in the process is clear on their roles and responsibilities.
Outranking's Kanban tool can help you stay organized
Screenshot of Outranking’s Kanban board interface

Outranking’s content planner can help you implement these expert tips and ensure the success of your SEO strategy, by providing predefined workflows that you can customize to fit your needs. Outranking’s Kanban view provides a quick overview of the progress of your documents, enabling you to efficiently manage and prioritize your tasks. Plus, with Outranking’s document view, you can effortlessly access any of your documents in a matter of seconds.

For electricians who are too busy with their work to single-handedly design and implement an entire SEO strategy for their electrical business, the assistance of a professional agency such as Outranking is invaluable. This will lead to higher search engine rankings, increased traffic, and more potential customers.

Step 6: Create SEO-optimized content for service pages and blogs for your electrical business website (or hire an agency)

Creating SEO-optimized content for each service page and blog is crucial for electricians and electrical services businesses because it ensures that they are spending money on content that will yield results. By optimizing their content, they can attract more organic traffic to their website, which can result in more leads and conversions. This is especially important for electricians who want to stand out in a crowded market and attract more customers.

Outranking's writing platform will save you time and effort
A screenshot of Outranking’s writing interface

Outranking’s SEO content optimization guide and writing platform can help electricians write and optimize their pages to ensure the highest possible organic exposure. With its real-time optimization benchmarks against 20 competing pages from SERPs, outlines optimization, word count optimization, common NLP terms, unique entities optimization, list and tables optimization, statistics optimization, competitor visualization, media optimization, internal and external links optimization, and featured snippet optimization, Outranking makes it easy to create content that ranks every time. Outranking’s SEO writing checker can help improve your content in terms of keyword density, title tags, and images. Outranking also offers an SEO content editor that checks your content and can connect with your sitemap URL to suggest internal and external links. This is particularly helpful for busy electricians who have limited time and may not be sure how to optimize their content; by using Outranking, they can save time and ensure that their content is optimized for maximum exposure. However, if they do not feel confident doing this, hiring an agency, consultant, or freelancer is the best option.

Step 7: Optimize Internal Linking

Optimizing existing pages with better internal linking can significantly improve the overall traffic of a website. To do this, analyze the positions of existing pages; identify pages ranking between 1 and 10, and borrow their domain authority to boost a lower-ranking page. This can be particularly helpful for electricians or electrical business websites, as they should look to optimize pages that rank for keywords related to their services, such as “electrical repair,” “electrical installation,” or “electrician near me.”

Outranking can help with internal linking by connecting to Google Search Console to assess pages’ current rankings and identify areas for improvement. Google Search Console is an effective tool for devising an SEO content strategy that enables you to track your website’s progress and enhance its visibility on search engines. To do this, click the internal linking icon located next to URLs with a significant amount of light or dark green. This feature enables you to view suggestions for internal linking, choose the URL you want to link from, and add the anchor text to the keyword while editing your copy. This is a highly effective strategy to improve your website’s performance and increase its ranking on search engines.

Step 8: Obtain Backlinks and Local References to Improve Your Electrical Contractor Website’s Search Engine Visibility

Local citations and backlinks are crucial for enhancing the local SEO of electricians or electrical business websites. Local citations involve adding the business’s NAP (name, address, and phone number) to other websites, while backlinks are links from other websites that lead back to your website.

Local citations help search engines verify the existence, legitimacy, and trustworthiness of a business. According to a survey conducted by Moz, citations rank as the fifth most important signal for local queries, as search engines like Google gain greater confidence in the existence and operational status of a company when its exact details are consistently featured across a range of relevant and trusted websites.

Websites like Yelp can drive traffic to your electrical business website
An electrical business’s Yelp profile

In addition to helping with local SEO, local citations can also help people discover the business online. Business directories often dominate search results for local queries, and getting listed on these sites can help searchers find the business.

There are two types of local citations: structured and unstructured. Structured citations list the NAP of a business, while unstructured citations are contextual mentions of a business.

To build citations, businesses should follow these four steps:

  1. Get listed with the “big three” data aggregators: Acxiom, Data Axle, and Localeze. These aggregators distribute data to various business listing directories and websites, making it easier for businesses to get listed on multiple sites without submitting their information to each one individually.
  2. Submit to other core sites. Businesses should submit their information to other core sites, such as Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook.
  3. Submit to popular industry and local sites. Businesses should identify popular industry and local sites and submit their information to those sites as well. This can include sites such as Angi, HomeAdvisor, and local chamber of commerce directories.
  4. Pursue unstructured citations. Businesses should try to get unstructured citations by getting mentioned in blog posts, forum posts, or as a result of press mentions.

According to BrightLocal’s Local Citations Trust Report, businesses with more citations tend to rank higher in local search results. The report also found that 91% of consumers use online directories to find local businesses.

Useful data aggregators and websites for citations include:

Data AggregatorWebsites to Get Citations From
AcxiomYellow Pages, Superpages, Citysearch
Data AxleYelp, Yahoo Local, Bing Local
LocalezeFoursquare, MapQuest, Apple Maps

In conclusion, acquiring local citations and backlinks is crucial for the local SEO of electricians or electrical business websites. Local citations help search engines verify the existence and legitimacy of a business, while also helping people discover the business online. Businesses should build quality citations from relevant and trusted sources, including data aggregators and popular industry and local sites. By following these steps, businesses can improve their local search rankings and attract more customers.

A Yellow Pages listing can bring you more customers
The Yellow Pages listing for an electrical business

Step 9: Optimize page speed and website experience

Electricians or electrical businesses must optimize their website’s page speed and user experience for better rankings in 2023. This will not only improve their website’s visibility but also increase the chances of potential customers finding and using their services.

To quickly improve page speed and website experience, electricians or electrical businesses can use optimization plugins and lighter themes from services like Codecanyon, Nitropack, or WordPress. These tools can help reduce the size of images, minimize the number of plugins, and improve website hosting.

Here’s how to optimize all the elements on your website:

ElementReason to OptimizeSolution
ImagesLarge image files can slow down a website.Compress images using tools like ImageOptim, JPEGmini, or Kraken. Use HTML <secret> and <size> attributes to make your images responsive, i.e. enable their size to automatically adjust based on user display properties.
PluginsThe more plugins installed, the more resources needed to run them.Check all installed plugins and delete unnecessary ones. Run performance tests to find out which plugins are slowing down the website.
HostingShared hosting is the cheapest option, but it is significantly slower than VPS or a dedicated server.Choose a fast web host to ensure better optimization. Consider using VPS or a dedicated server if the website has average traffic, or an eCommerce site if the website has traffic spikes. Rent dedicated cloud resources from AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, or other public cloud providers for unlimited and on-demand scalability.
CDNUser requests are redirected to the nearest server, delivering content faster.Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) for shorter load times. This is a rather expensive but effective way to optimize load time.
ThemesBetter and lighter themes can improve website speed and performance.To enhance the speed and performance of your website, you can utilize themes from Codecanyon that are optimized for this purpose. Additionally, you can consider using Nitropack, which is a WordPress plugin that can aid in improving your website’s speed and performance.

Step 10: Track Rankings Using Google Search Console

As an electrician or electrical business, connecting to Google Search Console and tracking your website’s ranking is crucial for increasing organic traffic and improving your SEO content strategy. By using the ranking data, you can identify pages that need a better internal linking structure or uncover new opportunities to create fresh content that will easily score. You can also leverage AI to create content faster, either by directly using content generators like ChatGPT or by using tools like Outranking that rely on ChatGPT for SEO. 

Here’s how to interpret website ranking data from Google Search Console:

GoalRanking DataAction
Optimize internal linkingPages with keywords in the top 4-14 positionsCraft original content that matches the search intent of users and establishes expertise in specific topics.
Build topical authorityPages that do not have any keywords ranking in the top 20 positions and do not match the user’s search intent.Craft original content that matches the search intent of users and establish expertise in specific topics.
Improve underperforming pagesPages with no ranking keywords in the top 20 positions that don’t align with user search intentImprove or redirect underperforming pages

By taking these actions, you can improve your website’s ranking and ultimately attract more potential customers to your electrical business. An SEO content audit tool will improve the quality of your content and make necessary changes.

Step 11: Use a Google My Business Account to Optimize Your Electrical Business’s Local SEO

Google My Business is a free platform that enables you to provide additional information, such as images, videos, operational hours, and links to booking services, whenever your electrical business appears in search results.

To optimize your listing for local search, SEO companies can follow these practical steps:

Fill out your business description so that potential customers can find you
The Google Business Profile result for an electrical business
  1. Ensure that your business name, address, and mobile number (NAP) are consistent across all online electrician directories.
  2. Choose the most relevant category for your business and write a keyword-rich SEO description.
  3. Add high-quality photos of your business, including the exterior, interior, and team members.
  4. Encourage customers to leave reviews on your Google My Business profile. Make sure you respond to all reviews, whether they’re positive or negative.
  5. Use Google Posts to share updates, promotions, and events.
  6. Monitor and update your listing regularly to ensure accuracy and completeness.

For example, as an electrician, you can add photos of your team working on a job site, share a Google Post about a special offer for new customers, and respond to a positive review from a satisfied customer. It is important to note that optimizing a Google My Business listing can be complex and time-consuming, so it may be beneficial for your electrical company to hire a professional agency to ensure everything is done correctly.

Step 12: Identify and Invest in Appropriate Tools to Establish a Content Framework, Establish a Workflow, and Enhance your Online Content

Investing in the right tools, such as Outranking, is crucial for electrical companies to succeed with SEO. Outranking can streamline the entire SEO and content strategy processes, including on-page optimization, by providing keyword searches, content optimization, and performance tracking. To optimize pages effectively, AI for SEO provides suggestions for keywords, recommendations for content optimization, and metrics for performance. Using SEO tools can help electricians and electrical companies to stay ahead of the competition and achieve their online goals.

It is also essential for electrical companies to ensure they have the right team behind their SEO efforts. Clear communication and collaboration between team members are necessary for achieving goals and producing high-quality content. Establishing team alignment by setting clear goals, assigning specific responsibilities to each team member, and holding each member accountable for their assigned tasks can increase efficiency, produce better-quality content, and create a more cohesive team. Regular check-ins and progress updates can help keep everyone on track to meet project milestones as planned. When team members collaborate towards a shared objective, they can utilize each other’s strengths and generate work that surpasses the combined efforts of individuals.

Step 13: Focus on the Ultimate Goal: Leads/Conversions

Most websites focus on organic traffic because it is free and sustainable, unlike paid advertising which can be costly and temporary. However, organic traffic alone is not enough; in order to turn visitors into paying customers, websites also need to focus on SEO leads and conversion strategies. Without a focus on leads and conversions, a website’s traffic is just a number without any real value. High traffic with low conversion rates is often due to a misplaced focus on short-tail keywords, which bring in unrelated traffic. For example, the keyword “electrical company” may attract visitors who are searching for job openings or for electrical supplies, rather than potential customers. In contrast, long-tail keywords are more specific; a keyword like “residential electrical services” may bring in only a few searches, but those searches are more likely to be from people who are actually looking for an electrical company to hire.

It’s important to focus on leads and conversions because ultimately, the goal of a webpage is not just to attract traffic but to turn that traffic into paying customers. SEO consultants can help with this by sending you frequent SEO reports so that you can get a full understanding of your website traffic and conversion rate. 

How to Evaluate an Agency to Help with SEO for Your Electrical Business

When evaluating an agency to help with SEO for your electrician business’s website, there are a few key factors to consider.

Real-World Experience 

To ensure that the agency you choose has a strong understanding of the competitive landscape and can take a creative, innovative approach to strategy design, try to find an agency with a minimum of 5 to 10 years of SEO experience. An agency that has specific experience working with electricians is the best option because it will have the best grasp of the electrical industry’s unique challenges and opportunities. Experience matters in digital marketing, especially in SEO. An SEO agency that has practical experience in your niche will possess a deeper comprehension of the competitive environment and will be more innovative in its strategy.

Reviews and Results 

Look for an agency with a track record of success. Check their reviews and testimonials from other clients in the home services industry, and ask for specific case studies and examples of their work with electricians. For example, if an agency has helped a local electrician increase their website traffic by 50% and generate 20 new leads per month, they can probably deliver results for your business too.

Proven Process and Customized Approach. 

A good SEO agency will employ a proven process and customized approach. Ask about their process for analyzing your website, researching your competitors, and developing a strategy tailored to your business. For example, a good agency might perform an industry analysis to determine the opportunities for your electrician business, followed by competitive research to assess the competitive landscape, and then develop a customized strategy to help your business achieve a sustainable competitive advantage within the niche. Each component of the strategy should be customized to your business

Creativity and Innovation

Top SEO agencies exhibit high levels of creativity and innovation. Ask prospective agencies what creative strategies they’ve implemented to help their clients stand out from the pack. Being creative is difficult and often costly, but it’s worth it for effective SEO.

SEO Services Offered

For an electrician’s website, local SEO is crucial. According to Google, 46% of all searches have local intent. This means that your website needs to be optimized for local search terms, such as “electrician in [city name].” Accordingly, make sure you hire an agency that specializes in local SEO and has experience working with other local businesses in your domain.

To ensure better search engine rankings, the company must also offer services such as keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, and content creation, all of which are essential components of a successful SEO strategy. An SEO copywriter can also help with these services.

Contract Duration and Flexibility

Look for an agency that offers flexible contract durations. SEO is an ongoing process, and you want to work with an agency that understands that. Avoid agencies that lock you into long-term contracts with no flexibility. Instead, look for an agency that offers monthly or quarterly contracts that can be adjusted as needed.

Communication and Reporting

Take the agency’s communication style into account; you’ll have the smoothest process if you select an agency that is responsive and communicative. Ask about their communication policies and how often you can expect to hear from them. You should also make sure they offer transparent reporting so that you can track your progress and see the results of your SEO efforts. Look for an agency that provides consistency in reporting and analytics so you can see how your website is performing and what improvements have been made.

Here’s how a suitable agency might advertise its services:

XYZ SEO Agency offers flexible monthly contracts and has specific experience working with electrician businesses. They have a track record of success, with past clients seeing an average increase of 30% in organic traffic. They provide transparent reporting and analytics so you can track your progress and see the results of your SEO efforts.

Do you need an SEO strategist?

If you’re looking to start an electrical business or expand your existing one, it’s important to have a solid plan in place. This is where an SEO consultant can come in handy. Outranking experts will help you plan and execute a search engine optimization strategy that can significantly improve a website’s visibility and ranking on search engine results pages. They can help you identify areas for improvement and provide solutions to any issues that arise. With their expertise and knowledge, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.

Outranking’s strategists are dedicated to helping companies like your electrical business succeed. With their help, you can develop an SEO content optimization guide, and formulate a solid strategy to ensure that your business is competitive and profitable. They will also provide you with ongoing support and guidance to help you stay up to date with the latest local SEO trends and best practices for 2023, so you can continue to improve your online visibility and attract more clients over time. 

Contact Outranking today to learn more about how an SEO consultant can help your business thrive!