The Best SaaS SEO Copywriter: How to Hire One

Pankil Shah
by Pankil Shah
Updated On: October 17, 2023
The Best SaaS SEO Copywriter: How to Hire One

So your SaaS company is finally gaining steam, and you feel it’s time to put more effort into digital marketing. So you start looking to hire a copywriter for your site! But wait, hiring a copywriter for your SaaS company might not be as easy as you think.

So in this article, we’ll help you find the best SaaS SEO copywriter for your business. We’ll tell you what a SaaS copywriter does, what responsibilities you should task them with, and some tips to hire and work with a copywriter. 

What Is a SaaS SEO Copywriter?

A SaaS SEO copywriter is a professional who uses their writing skills to advertise or sell SaaS products.

A SaaS SEO copywriter is like the secret sauce to your SaaS company’s digital marketing efforts. With their skillfully-created copy, they can provide eye-catching, easy-to-understand content your clients will love. Here’s what they do:

  • Simplify complex ideas. SaaS copywriters break down complex tech lingo and jargon into something everyone can understand. It’s not about “CRM and ERP” anymore — it’s about “organizing and streamlining your business processes”.
  • Relate with the reader. SaaS copywriters address customer pain points and needs. Thinking from the customers’ point of view, they create relatable and valuable content.
  • Work some SEO magic. SaaS copywriters use techniques like proper keyword usage and content formatting and structuring. With this SEO work, they can turn a hidden, underperforming webpage into a shining star on Google’s first page.

Remember, their words aren’t just words — they’re optimized, engaging, and tailored to generate results. So, if you’re looking to boost website traffic and brand trust, a SaaS SEO copywriter might be the thing for you. 

The Importance of SEO Copywriting in SaaS

Here are 7 things that might make you want to hire an SEO copywriter for your SaaS business:

  1. Improve your website’s visibility
  1. Engage your audience
  1. Increase conversion rates
  1. Increase customer satisfaction
  1. Improve overall website experience
  1. Improve search engine rankings
  1. Boost brand image

The Responsibilities of a SaaS SEO Copywriter

If you’re hiring an SEO copywriter for your SaaS business, you need to know what you can task them with. Knowing what SEO copywriters can do will help you set better expectations for your work with any copywriter. So we’re breaking down 7 key responsibilities your SEO copywriter should ideally handle. 

1. Conduct Keyword Research

SaaS SEO copywriters hold the key to visibility: keyword research. Through extensive keyword research, SaaS copywriters can guide your content to the eyes of your target audience. 

Below are 2 things SaaS SEO copywriters will do to conduct good keyword research:

  1. Ask about your business and product. This will help them know what sets your business apart and brainstorm the SEO keywords that best represent it. 
  1. Get to know your target audience. This will help them research relevant SEO data, explore what’s ranking and what’s being searched. 

From there, the SEO copywriter will look for synonyms and phrases people might use to find your product online. They can then use these keywords in their copy. 

You can use tools like SEMrush to perform keyword research.

Screenshot of the Semrush keyword magic tool.
Keywords are magic — and you need someone who knows how to use them!

But their keyword research isn’t a one-off task — SEO copywriters will keep revisiting and refining their keyword list as the SEO landscape changes. 

2. Create Content for Website Optimization

SaaS copywriters play a vital role in optimizing your whole website, not just individual pages.

For starters, they will start providing high-quality content that aims to promote your product and service. Their copy will be intriguing enough to entice readers and convert them into buyers. 

SaaS SEO copywriters will also start creating related content and linking it internally on other pages on your website. This will help optimize your whole website and make it rank better on SERPs. 

Your copywriter might also help you take the guest posting route — they will create content for you to post on high-authority websites and link back to your pages and site. This will help increase traffic and visibility to your website. 

3. Write Articles for Business Blogs

The primary responsibility of a SaaS SEO copywriter is crafting engaging, SEO-optimized articles for business blogs, in a casual tone, using a 2nd person voice. This role is paramount since it attracts an audience researching solutions to problems, thereby driving website traffic. 

Your SaaS SEO copywriter will likely:

  • Conduct in-depth research. They will try to understand relevant industry terms and specific examples they can use in their copy.
  • Create a content strategy. They will suggest and ask for your approval on ideas that resonate with your audience and their pain points.
  • Create an engaging copy. They will use click-worthy titles, videos, GIFs, and images, and talk to the reader using “you”.
  • Proofread and edit their final copy. They will take the opportunity to fix any typos and errors made during the process to ensure an error-free copy is published on your site

4. Produce Copy for Landing Pages and Other Site Pages

You can also ask your SaaS SEO copywriter to help you with your website’s landing pages. They will ensure the design and content are engaging, SEO-optimized, and aligns with your brand’s tone. To do that, they will:

  • Write action-encouraging pages
  • Make your product’s features and benefits stand out
  • Relate with your target customers

When your SEO copywriter helps you with your whole website, you can ensure your site generates more leads and sales, ultimately leading to more profit for you. 

5. Optimize the Copy for On-Page Search Engine Optimization

On-page SEO is key to increasing your SaaS website visibility. SEO copywriters will have to write your copy not just for readers, but also for search engine visibility. That’s why they focus a lot on keywords, links, and guest posting. 

But you can also help them create their SEO-optimized copy. For example, you can provide them with tools that help optimize content for on-page SEO. These tools can provide extensive research and real-time SEO scoring to help your SaaS SEO copywriter take all SEO factors into account as they write. 

Screenshot of Outranking's On-page SEO optimizer.
Empowering your copywriters with Outranking can help you ensure your content is always ranking!

6. Write Blog Posts for Social Media

You can also hire a SaaS SEO copywriter to help with your social media efforts. Note that your copywriter might not be able to handle your entire social media management strategy. But they might be able to produce long-form content for social media platforms like LinkedIn. For example, they can:

  • Strategize and identify which of your product’s unique selling points will be most interesting for people on this social media platform.
  • Write shorter-form content for the social media platform, while still following SEO best practices.
  • Include CTAs (calls-to-action) to ensure readers end up on your product pages and looking to invest in your products and services.

Below is an example of a good social media post.

Screenshot of a Twitter post by Ahrefs.
Copywriters can also solidify your social media presence!

Remember, outstanding copywriting doesn’t just increase traffic — it also leads to conversions, driving your SaaS business’s success.

7. Create Content for Email Marketing Campaigns

Finally, you can hire a SaaS SEO copywriter to help you fashion personalized content for email marketing. This will help spark conversations about your SaaS offering and build more personal relationships with potential customers. 

Your SEO copywriter can help you write email lists that highlight how your product can help address subscribers’ problems. They will also help create regular, original, and relevant content that fosters trust and strengthens your brand’s stance. 

Finally, your SEO copywriter can make your content catchy yet informative. Positive impressions drive consumption and can lead to purchases. It’s not effortless but undoubtedly worthwhile. 

Look at this example of Email Marketing from Postmates:

Screenshot of an email by Postmates promoting the delivery of Chipotle for $4.99.
A good copywriter can craft witty, eye-catching emails for your campaigns!

Doesn’t the email look great?

What to Look for in a SaaS SEO Copywriter

Because copywriters can take on so many different responsibilities in their role, it’s important to choose the right people for the job. Below are 4 key skills you should find in your SaaS SEO copywriter.

1. Research Skills

Navigating the world of SaaS copywriting isn’t a piece of cake. So your SEO copywriter can’t settle for elementary-level SaaS knowledge. They need to know all about SaaS marketing trends, SEO strategies, and good writing. 

  • Identify SaaS marketing trends: Your SEO copywriter needs to know how SaaS brands are currently selling online. Look for a copywriter who knows all about B2B marketing, which is your main niche as a SaaS company
  • Stay up-to-date with SEO: Your SEO copywriter needs to keep up with the changes in SEO. Look for a copywriter who knows what changes are happening to the algorithm and how they can apply that to your content
  • Have good copywriting skills: Your SEO copywriter needs to know how they can put all their research and SEO knowledge in an attractive package. Look for a copywriter who has a good writing style and can adapt their tone to fit your company’s tone

2. Social Media Integration

The role of a SaaS SEO copywriter extends beyond creating well-optimized content for your website. A key feature to consider when hiring is their skills in social media integration. So look for a copywriter who:

  • Knows the difference between blog sites and social media content
  • Can adapt their writing style to match the overall tone on social media sites

Hiring an SEO copywriter with social media will surely help broaden your reach and increase your visibility. It will also pave the way for a cohesive omnichannel marketing strategy, where your brand messaging remains consistent across all platforms. 

3. Keyword Research

Keyword research is vital for a SaaS SEO copywriter. Having the right keywords can boost your content’s visibility and ultimately drive organic traffic to your website. So your copywriter must have a clear strategy for keyword research.

They should be able to:

  • Identify relevant keywords: What things are your potential customers looking for during their online search?
  • Understand keyword intent: Why are the searchers looking for each keyword? 
  • Choose the proper keywords: Which keywords have low competition and high search volume?
  • Use keywords naturally: Do the keywords in their copy feel forced or do they fit well inside the content? 

4. Writing Strategy

When recruiting a SaaS SEO copywriter, a well-honed writing strategy is of the essence. A compelling strategy amplifies visibility while holding an audience’s attention seamlessly.

Here’s what you should watch for in an ideal strategy:

  • Simplicity. The writing must strike a balance between technical jargon and simplicity, prioritizing the user’s comprehension.
  • SEO. Copy must be optimized for search engines with thoughtfully applied keywords, proper structure, and internal linking.
  • Consistency. Regular, contextually-relevant content contributes to audience engagement and brand trust.
  • Persuasion. Copy must convincingly highlight your service as the solution to your customer’s challenges.

Ultimately, top-notch SaaS SEO copywriting is about being informative, engaging, and consistently tailored for your audience.

Additionally, some tools also aid in creating Content strategy, of which Outranking’s Strategist is one.

Screenshot of Outranking's Content Strategist.
Having a clear strategy is key to your success.

How to Hire a B2B SaaS SEO Copywriter in 3 Steps

Now that you know who the best copywriters are, it’s time to start actually hiring! Here are 3 key steps that will help you make the hiring and onboarding process smoother for everyone involved. 

Step 1: Receive SEO Content Creation Services

  1. Identify your needs: Think about your content requirements: are you looking for blogs, SEO content strategy, or SEO copywriting?
  2. Choose your copywriter type: Decide whether you want to hire a SaaS marketing agency, a freelance SaaS writer, or an in-house copywriter.
  3. Select the best option: Scrutinize potential hires, considering their experience, knowledge of SEO and SaaS, and their content and copywriting proficiency.
  4. Initiate contact: Book a discovery call to discuss your needs and goals and get a feel for compatibility.

Once you assess the situation, choose a service that aligns with your needs, and start your content journey! You can expect your new SEO-based content to boost organic traffic, educate audiences, and increase leads in a cost-effective manner.

Step 2: Test & Tweak Content

Your SEO copywriter will likely produce SEO-optimized and product-led content that showcases how your SaaS product solves customers’ problems. But the aim isn’t just to rank, but to rank with meaningful content. So you might have to do some testing to get there:

  1. Ensure your messaging is on-brand: Strike a balance between purpose and personality. Address customer pains, counter their objections, and motivate them to take action. At the same time, maintain a consistent voice and personality across all your content types.
  2. Test and experiment: Try out different copy styles, headlines, and keywords. Monitor the results and tweak your content accordingly for better conversion rates.
  3. Use tools: Explore tools like Outranking to create SEO-optimized content, AI-generated first-draft, content editor, and much more. This can lead to increased visibility and better search results.
  4. Create a network of blogs: Construct a network of interrelated blog posts to establish your website as a reliable authority on a given topic.

Step 3: Stay Tuned for Future Promotion Offers from Your SaaS SEO Copywriter

Staying updated with future promotions from your SaaS SEO copywriter is easy peasy. Here’s your quick guide:

  • Say YES to newsletters. Be sure to subscribe to your copywriter’s newsletters. Insider tip: they often drop special offers and updates there. Just drop your email, it’s as simple as that!
  • Connect on socials. Follow their social media profiles. LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook — they’re bound to share juicy deals on these platforms. Don’t forget to activate notifications!
  • Bookmark their blog. Keep tabs on their blog — another hub for announcements and discounts.
  • Schedule regular check-ins. A little chit-chat goes a long way. Regularly touch base with your copywriter about potential promotional offerings.

Tips for Working with a SaaS SEO Copywriter

And you’re ready to go! But before we finish, we actually have a few extra tips for you to keep in mind when hiring and working with any copywriter, for SEO or otherwise. 

1. Establish a Working Relationship

Start by understanding the value of a solid partnership with a SaaS SEO copywriter. Good rapport can make your marketing efforts both enjoyable and profitable. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Don’t rely solely on portfolios. Consider sending a paid trial writing task to the potential copywriter. This will help reveal the real skill level.
  2. Schedule an interview. Ask questions about their writing and research process, SEO optimization, tools, content length determination, and SaaS specifics.
  3. Gauge their abilities. Look out for knowledge about SEO practices, language command, copywriting aptitude, and industry awareness.

Pro Tip: Remember that empathic and effective communicators can better understand customer pain points and provide suitable solutions. So, pick those who can walk in the customer’s shoes.

2. Understand the Services Provided by the Copywriter

A SaaS SEO copywriter is your go-to maven for crafting persuasive, SEO-optimized content. But what exactly do they offer? Below are some options you might find:

  • Website copywriting: Create content that outlines your offerings, explains benefits, and convinces multiple stakeholders
  • Feature description: Distill your product features into easy-to-understand, compelling copy
  • User-focused SEO writing: Can turn techno-jargon into digestible, engaging content that improves user experience and builds trust in your brand

Look at this services page from a copywriting agency:

Screenshot of a copywriter services page by the HiredPens.
Know exactly what your copywriter will give you.

Remember, an expert copywriter can help develop your brand’s unique voice, ensure consistency, and save you precious time. Have fun on this journey!

3. Create a Clear Brief for the Writer

It’s crucial to furnish a clear content brief for the writer so they know your expectations about the content they have to write. Content briefs are documents that provide information to the content creator about how they can craft a content piece that will satisfy everyone — you, search engine bots, and readers.

Screenshot of Outranking's content brief for the best pontoon boats for fly fishing.
Why are you writing your content? Why are people looking for your content? Answer these questions and more with a content brief!

Here are some things you should include in your content briefs:

  1. Suggested title and headings
  2. Primary keyword(s) and their density
  3. Questions the content should answer
  4. Outline of the content and sections
  5. Recommended word count range
  6. Deadline for the content piece(s)
  7. Requirements for internal and external links
  8. Links and resources to use
  9. Information about the target audience
  10. Notes on the style, format, and tone of the content

Remember, clarity reduces confusion and leads to high-quality content. You can also use tools like Outranking to create content briefs that provide the best writing guidance to produce high-quality content pieces.

Screenshot of the Outranking Content Brief creation tab.
Content briefs ensure everyone is on the same page!

4. Create a System to Track Results

In the world of marketing, measuring and tracking results is crucial, especially when working with a SaaS SEO copywriter. Without a system in place, you’re basically guessing, and that can be a recipe for disaster. Here’s how you can set up an efficient tracking system:

  • Define your goals. What do you want to achieve? More website traffic, leads, or maybe conversions?
  • Track metrics relevant to those goals. For example, if it’s leads you’re after, track lead generation metrics.
  • Adopt SEO and analytics tools. Google Analytics, Moz, and Semrush can provide you with insightful data.

In short, stay on top of your game with effective tracking. It helps you understand what’s working, what’s not, and how you can enhance your strategy.

Copywrite Your SaaS Business to Success! 

In this article, we discussed the responsibilities of a good SEO copywriter and how you can hire one for your SaaS agency.

Remember, a good SaaS SEO copywriter can boost your rankings and help drive more organic traffic to your website. But even if you hire the best copywriters, you need to empower them with good SEO tools. 

That’s where Outranking comes in. This AI-powered tool can help you and your copywriters produce the most engaging content that does well on SERPs and resonates with your audience. 

Watch this video to get an overview of Outranking’s features: