The 15 Best SaaS SEO Tools To Level Up Your Game in 2023

Pankil Shah
by Pankil Shah
Updated On: October 27, 2023
The 15 Best SaaS SEO Tools To Level Up Your SEO Game in 2023

Over the years, SEO tools tailored for SaaS agencies have become increasingly popular, gradually replacing their traditional counterparts due to cost-effectiveness, scalability, intuitiveness, and ease of use. SEO agencies are already overworked with developing keyword research, content strategies, tracking campaigns, and adapting up-to-date SEO tactics.

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Managing multiple tasks can be challenging!

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But these tools can become rather expensive when you have a large team. Think of it like this: An SEO tool charges $100/month for 5 users. If your team has 50 members, this single tool would take  $1,000/month from your budget. So choosing the right tools that promise a high return on investment (ROI) is necessary. 

Below, we’ll introduce some top-notch SEO tools that can help your SaaS agency supercharge your SEO efforts. But before we dive into the specifics let’s define a few things.

Just a heads up!

This blog was created by the team at Outranking, a trusted content analysis tool for digital marketers. In this review, our team analyzed the best SaaS SEO tools in 2023, some of which are competitors with Outranking. This content is for informational purposes only.

Why Are SEO Tools Important for SaaS Agencies?

In the competitive world of Software as a Service (SaaS), establishing a strong online presence is vital for success. These SEO tools provide SaaS agencies like yours with:

  1. Enhanced visibility: Optimize your online content for search engines, making it easier for potential customers to discover your services (and ultimately increase conversions)
  2. Competitive edge: Stay ahead of the competition with insights into the strategies and keywords of your competitors
  3. Data-driven decision-making: Track the performance of marketing campaigns, keyword rankings, and user behavior to help your SaaS agency make informed decisions
  4. Global reach: Reach an international audience by optimizing content for different languages and regions
  5. Content quality: Engage with your users and rank on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) with high-quality, relevant content

Long story short — SEO tools are indispensable for SaaS agencies looking to increase their online presence, outperform competitors, and connect with their target audiences effectively. By leveraging these tools, your SaaS agency can achieve sustainable growth in the digital landscape.

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The Top 15 SaaS SEO Tools in 2023

Let’s dive into the best 15 SEO tools to create engaging and optimized content for your SaaS website. 

1. Outranking: Best for Content Optimization

Outranking has emerged as the best content-focused SEO tool for improving all pages on your SaaS website. With the latest V13 update, you can leverage powerful tools like automatic optimization, automatic building of outlines based on page type, and first draft creation of original and engaging content. 📝

Screenshot of Outranking's editing tool.
Outranking’s comprehensive features make your SaaS SEO journey easy!

Outranking uses a built-in NLP (natural language processing) content generator to help build your first draft. This AI-driven system saves you time and money, even when you concentrate on the outline or brief creation. 

Outranking also offers a built-in workflow, helping you share your content and track your writers’ progress. Ultimately, Outranking offers an excellent environment for building your content, which is one of the most important aspects of gaining organic traffic. 

Read what customers are raving about:

Outranking helps you improve your content and make it more engaging to read, rather than just suggesting keywords. Great tools that will help me enhance my agency’s SEO results and increase our search traffic! This software is fantastic. It saves me a lot of time and is incredibly user-friendly.

Jean Bertin C. on Capterra

Key Features

  • Real-time optimization benchmarks: Measures its conventions against 20 competing pages from SERPs to provide real-time optimization of the most important on-page SEO factors
  • Title and description optimization: Analyzes your content and provides suggestions on how to improve your title and description for better organic reach
  • Outline optimization: Provides a complete breakdown of outlines, including the number of headings and subheadings needed, terms to include, and semantic terms to target
  • NLP optimization: Suggests words to target in your content to ensure comprehensive coverage of all concepts related to the primary keyword and its surrounding entities
  • Competitor visualization: Provides various visualization charts showing content elements and other important data of competing web pages, letting you see which ones are great at content and which ones rank because of authority

Pricing 💰

Here’s the pricing breakdown for each of Outranking’s plans:

SEO WriterSEO WizardSEO Ace
Price$9 starting$99 monthly, or$69 per month if paying annually$159 monthly, or $129 per month if paying annually$229 monthly, or$199 per month if Paying annually
Number of documents154075
Main featuresOptimization featuresPlagiarism checkerAutomatic internal linkingRoom for 3 users content workflow More AI credits5 Users More AI creditsCustom packages available upon request

2. Google Search Console

Google Search Console (GSC) is a suite of tools that Google offers to help you manage your website’s performance and rank higher on Google’s search engine result pages (SERPs). With GSC, you can access your site’s content, submit new URLs for crawling, monitor search performance, and resolve spam. 

Screenshot of Google Search Console's signup webpage.
Google Search Console helps you stay organized and informed.

Best of all, it’s free…and who doesn’t love free stuff? ☀️

GSC is primarily a tool to understand how Google can track keyword volume and related data. Its use for tracking CPC (cost-per-click) data helps you better understand paid and organic competitiveness. Generally, higher CPC rates mean it can be more challenging to rank organically, which is valuable information.

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Key Features

  • URL inspection: Analyzes specific URLs to optimize your pages and identify bugs  
  • Data highlighter: Provides an intuitive tool that helps you add structured data to your site (and test it
  • Sitemaps report: Allows you to submit a sitemap, which helps Google efficiently crawl and index your content
  • Performance analytics: Provides detailed performance analytics, showcasing metrics like impressions, clicks, and average position, allowing you to track your website’s performance in Google search results
  • Index coverage report: Provides a comprehensive report on indexed pages, helping you index your website 

Pricing 💰

None — it’s free! 

3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is another free tool that collects data from your website to create insightful reports for your SaaS business. Arguably, its most powerful feature is its ability to track where site visitors come from and how they reach your clickable buttons. This data can really help you understand the buyer’s journey for your customers.

Image of the homepage for Google Analytics.
Google Analytics gives you the details you need to make the most out of your business.

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is a fairly recent release. With it, you can compile marketing funnel data, behavior reports, and data on advertising. It’s a cost-effective replacement for some of SEMrush’s functionality. 

Key Features 

  • Real-time reporting: Helps you monitor and analyze your website data 
  • Audience segmentation: Categorize your website visitors based on factors like demographics and interests, so you can formulate targeted marketing strategies 
  • Conversion tracking: Enables you to assess your site’s conversion and engagement rates 
  • Traffic source analysis: Identifies the sources of your website’s traffic, such as social media platforms or referral websites; this allows you to fine-tune your marketing efforts for optimal results
  • Goal tracking and measurement: Provides valuable, clearcut insights about website optimization, allowing you to measure your progress

Pricing 💰

While the basic version of Google Analytics is completely free, there’s also a paid version, Google Analytics 360, with enhanced features and capabilities. It’s not a viable option for most small companies, though, since prices start around $150,000 per year or $12,500 per month. 😱

4. Semrush

Semrush is an all-in-one SEO toolkit that specializes in keyword research, content analysis, routine tracking, and Google Ads campaign optimization. From increasing traffic and outperforming competitors to creating efficient content and tracking results, Semrush is a complete marketing tool.

Screenshot oof Semrush's signup page.
Semrush helps you maintain and improve your digital marketing campaigns.

One overwhelmed user shared:

I do wish there were more training videos for new users coming to the platform. Especially for users who may not have had a system like Semrush in place before. I also dislike how there are features in Semrush that let you sample it once, but then you need to pay additional costs on top of your subscription.

Kaitlin N. on G2

The company also has its own writing assistant, which focuses on readability, tone of voice, and usage of limited keywords. 

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Key Features

  • Position tracking: Monitors your website’s daily rankings based on targeted keywords  
  • “Keyword Magic Tool”: Analyzes niche topics and determines which keywords can improve your website’s SEO 
  • Site audit: Identifies issues with your website’s health and performance  
  • Backlink audit: Evaluates and optimizes your backlink profile for improved search engine rankings 
  • SERP Analysis: Dives into SERPs for specific keywords, helping you refine your website’s visibility and performance 

Pricing 💰

Here’s the pricing breakdown for each of Semrush’s plans:

Monthly price$129.951500 keywords writing assistant access15 PDF reports$499.95
Main features500 trackable keywordsDomain and backlink analysis5 PDF reports5000 keywords API accessRatio of traffic metrics5000 keywords API access ratio of traffic metrics

5. Ahrefs 

Ahrefs is mainly used in the digital marketing industry, but SaaS websites can also leverage it to improve their SEO rankings and visibility. It contains tools for link building, keyword research, site audits, and competitor analysis.

Screenshot of Ahref's homepage.
Ahref’s array of features can help your SaaS website establish a commanding online presence.

Ahrefs does not offer content optimization tools. Instead, it focuses on providing data to improve your website’s performance. Whether you need a full website analysis, competitive audit, or rank tracking, you’ll find tons of tools on Ahrefs.

Not everyone loves Ahrefs, though:

Beyond its link index (and corresponding API), there aren’t a whole lot of features that really help Ahrefs stand out. Further, or perhaps because of that, they continuously increase the pricing while reducing the amount of searches you can do for backlinks/sites (again, the primary tool and the one I would guess the vast majority of people use Ahrefs for, whether they admit it or not).

Danny F. on G2

Key Features

  • Web tracking: Allows you to check your website’s overall rankings, and identifies areas for SEO improvement
  • Link building: This makes it easier to link other websites to your website, which helps you rank higher on search engines
  • SERP rank tracking: Facilitates finding keywords that can help your website rank higher on SERPs 
  • Keyword research: This allows you to discover which keywords your target audience is typing into search engines 

Pricing 💰

Here’s the pricing breakdown for each of Ahrefs’ plans:

Monthly price$99$199$399$999
FeaturesSEO dashboardSite explorerKeyword explorerEnhanced site explorer full site auditWeb explorerEnhanced site explorerFull site auditWeb explorerAccess managementDirectory listingAudit log

6. Screaming Frog

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider acts as a website crawler, giving you invaluable insights on how to improve your site’s rankings.

Image of the homepage for Screaming Frog
Screaming Frog is a versatile companion for onsite SEO improvement.

Screaming Frog offers free tools for identifying broken links, analyzing metadata, and generating XML sitemaps so you can provide manual XML updates to Google. 

You won’t find much by way of helpful tips, though. Screaming Frog definitely requires technical expertise, as disappointed would-be users have pointed out:

It could go even further and add some intelligence and direction to its wonderful analytics. No reason it couldn’t provide recommendations.

Joe Preston on TrustRadius

Screaming Frog also provides a paid version, which gives you unlimited site crawls, regularly scheduled crawls, custom source code searches, and much more data. This is helpful if you’re performing technical SEO upgrades.

If you want to unlock Screaming Frog’s full potential, you’ll need to pair its XML tools with a separate SEO service…like Outranking! Outranking can integrate XML sitemaps and provide automatic internal links. 🔗 

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Key Features

  • Duplicate content detector: Uses the md5 algorithm, to help you find and manage duplicate content, page titles, and headings  
  • SERP snippet emulator: Simplifies editing page titles and meta descriptions 
  • Crawls and staging comparisons: Helps monitor opportunities and issues regarding users’ SEO progress, saving you time and energy
  • XML sitemap generation: Generates XML sitemaps that provide a clear structure of your website’s pages, making it easier for search engines to crawl and index your website  
  • Site architecture visualization: Provides visual representations of your website’s structure, allowing you to analyze internal linking and identify hierarchy issues

Pricing 💰

Screaming Frog offers a free plan, with limited features available. To gain access to its full repertoire of tools, you’ll need the paid plan, which starts at $259 per year for one user.

7. Majestic

Majestic is a special SEO tool that provides backlink analysis services. With Majestic, you can check the domains, pages, and keywords used in the inbound links to your website, and measure the quality of these links.

Screenshot of Majestic's register page.
Majestic concentrates solely on the quality and effectiveness of your backlinks.

It’s important to note that Majestic is simply a backlink analyzer; it doesn’t offer on-page SEO features like keyword research or duplicate content detection. As a result, you’ll want to pair it with another tool:

The tool can be difficult to get workable data from without another tool like Moz or SEMRush to cover its weak spots.

Sean Pomory on TrustRadius

Key Features

  • Backlink checker: Enables you to check the quality of users’ backlinks and identify any problems 
  • Domain comparison: Compares your website’s domain to those of your top- or low-ranking competitors 
  • Website explorer: Allows you to dive into comprehensive backlink data for tracking and analysis purposes
  • Clique Hunter: Offers valuable insights into your competitors’ domain landscape and strategies
  • Benchmarking: Compares your site with others, helping you identify backlink opportunities.

Pricing 💰

Here’s the pricing breakdown for each of Majestic’s plans:

Monthly price$49.99$99.99$399.99
Features1 million site analysis unitsSite explorerKeyword generator100 million site analysis units full API access to custom monthly data100 million site analysis units full API access custom monthly data

8. SEOmonitor

SEOmonitor is a platform that helps SaaS agencies track keyword research with high accuracy, and analyze, monitor, and improve various aspects of SEO performance.

Screenshot of SEOmonitor's homepage.
Do SEOmonitor’s features provide you with the best experience for the price?

SEOmonitor is a newcomer in the SEO industry, but it can still be just as useful as. more established tools like Moz or Ahrefs. 

But if you’re hoping for content optimization tips, you’ll need to look elsewhere — like Outranking! 😁

Key Features

  • Keyword ranking tracking: Tracks your target keywords’ ranking positions over time
  • Backlink analysis: Analyzes the quality and quantity of backlinks pointing to your sites; identifies duplicate content, missing meta tags, and more
  • Competitor analysis: Compares your website’s performance with that of your competitors, helping you identify their strategies and uncover opportunities to gain a competitive edge
  • Performance reporting: Generates regular reports summarizing key SEO metrics and performance indicators, allowing you to track progress and analyze trends 

Pricing 💰

SEOmonitor offers a free three-month trial. After that, it has an unusual pricing structure:

Base plan Daily trackingTraffic updates
Monthly price€99 ($109/mo.)€29.9 ($33/mo.)€9.99 ($11/mo.)
FeaturesRank tracker (one day)Organic traffic-SEO forecastingDaily rank tracker content auditUnrestricted API and integrationsDaily mapping of analytics and keywords

9. SE Ranking

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO tool that identifies and resolves your website’s SEO problems. It’s an especially useful tool for small business owners since it allows you to track keyword rankings, analyze competitors, and monitor backlinks.

Screenshot of SE Ranking's signup page.
SE Ranking can help companies big and small address SEO issues that arise.

Key Features

  • Rank tracking: Allows you to keep an eye on your website’s keyword performance on search engines
  • Keyword research: Enables you to check the ranking keywords on search engines, and helps you generate new keyword ideas
  • Backlink checker: This lets you analyze the backlink profile of any domain — including your competitors’
  • On-page SEO checker: This lets you optimize your website’s content around on-page ranking factors
  • Marketing plan: Offers a step-by-step plan for SEO marketing strategies, increasing your search visibility and business performance 

Pricing 💰

Here’s the pricing breakdown for each of SE Ranking’s plans:

Monthly price$55$109$239
Features10 projects1 seat5 competitors750 keywordsUnlimited projects3 seats10 competitors2,000 keywordsUnlimited projects5 seats20 competitors5,000 keywords

10. Moz

Moz is a well-known SEO software company that offers a suite of SEO tools to help businesses improve their search engine optimization efforts. Moz is mostly used for its free toolset, which includes limited data on your domain, a keyword explorer, and a link explorer. Its Chrome extension, MozBar, also gives you data on your domain authority. The premium version, Moz Pro provides an extensive set of tools to enhance website visibility.

Screenshot of Moz Pro's free trial page.
Beyond its popularity, how does Moz Pro stand out in a sea of SEO tools?

Key Features

  •  Keyword research: Identifying keywords and providing insights on search volume, difficulty, and potential opportunities 
  • Site audits: Analyzes your website’s on-page elements, technical SEO issues, and potential areas for improvement 
  • Link analysis: Offers link analysis tools to evaluate your website’s backlink profiles, helping you build a strong and authoritative link profile for improved rankings
  • Rank tracking: Tracks keyword rankings over time, and generates detailed performance reports  
  • Competitive analysis: Provides insights into competitors’ rankings 

Pricing 💰

Here’s the pricing breakdown for each of Moz’s plans:

Monthly price$99$179$299$599
Features3 campaigns300 keywordsMobile dataPerformance metrics for 60 URLs10 campaigns1,500 keywords500,000crawled pages per week25 campaigns3,000 keywords1.2 million pages per week50 campaigns4,500 keyword rankings2 million pages per week


Hunter is an email-hunting platform; it helps marketers crawl through the contact information associated with any domain. This tool is a good fit for companies or agencies that use cold emailing!  


Screenshot of's homepage. provides a comprehensive toolkit for building accurate contact lists and executing effective email campaigns.

As an SEO tool, Hunter provides no direct benefits. However, if your goal is to build backlinks, being able to directly email interested parties can be incredibly helpful. 

One popular SEO strategy to gain backlinks is guest posting, which you can offer as a service. 

Want to create valuable guest blogs that will impress your business collaborators? 💼 Head over to Outranking and learn how to craft the perfect blog post outline! 📝

Key Features

  • Email finder: Uses an individual’s full name and company website to find their email address
  • Email verifier: Determines whether a particular address is actively receiving emails; this is particularly advantageous for SaaS agencies looking to maintain clean and effective email lists
  • Lead generation: Sets up and manages cold email campaigns for lead generation 
  • Chrome extension: Offers a convenient solution for discovering email addresses linked to the websites users are browsing 
  • API integration: Facilitates the integration of its features into users’ applications, automating tasks like email searches 

Pricing 💰

While Hunter provides a free plan, its functionality is quite limited. Here’s the pricing breakdown for each of Hunter’s paid plans

Monthly price$34$104$349
Features500 monthly searches1,000 email verifications1 connected email account5,000 searches10,000verifications3 connected email accounts50,000100,000verifications20 connected email accounts

12. SEO Minion

SEO Minion is a valuable tool that enables you to analyze on-page optimization, check backlinks, perform keyword research, and access analytics to track your website’s progress in real-time. It comes in the form of a Chrome extension.

Screenshot of SEO Minion's homepage.
SEO Minion’s suite of tools provides a seamless user experience.

SEO Minion was created by the same company that created Keywords Everywhere. As a result, it nominally includes keyword research tools, but you’ll need to purchase a separate plan and download another Chrome extension to use them.

Key Features 

  • SERP preview tool: Analyzes and previews how the page title and meta description will appear on Google’s SERPs 
  • Page SEO analysis: Provides a broad analysis of on-page SEO factors such as title tags, meta descriptions, headers, and images 
  • Link Highlighting: Highlights all internal and external links on a webpage, making it easy to identify, analyze, and check their status on search engines 
  • Google search location simulator: Simulates a search from different locations, making it easy to understand regional search performance
  • Hreflang tag checker: Verifies the implementation of Ahreflang tags on multilingual websites, ensuring that all search engines can understand and process your content


As a Chrome extension, SEO Minion is free to use. However, to use its keyword research tools, you’ll need a silver, gold, or platinum Keywords Everywhere plan. 

13. Ubersuggest 

Ubersuggest provides tools for keyword research, content optimization, competitor analysis, new keyword ideas, and backlink checking.

Screenshot of Ubersuggest's homepage.
Ubersuggest can help SaaS agencies refine their SEO strategies.

Ubersuggest was created by SEO legend Neil Patel. It doesn’t have the full suite of tools that other providers offer, but it gives you a simple, understandable way to improve your website. 

Ubersuggest recently introduced an AI content writing tool, but its functionality is limited. For a more comprehensive version, head over to Outranking!

Key Features 

  • Content ideas: Analyze content that garners backlinks and social shares to gain insights and effectively shape your content strategy
  • Domain Overview: This lets you enter your competitors’ domains to check out their content marketing strategies and SEO 
  • Keyword suggestion: Offers keyword suggestions with high search volume, and provides a list of keywords used by your competitors 
  • Backlink data: Displays of backlinks that can help enhance your website rankings, and shows you how your competitors use them
  • SEO pages: Identifies top-ranking pages and compares them with those of top competitors, helping you identify current trends and find inspiration 

Pricing 💰

Ubersuggest bills itself as a cheap alternative to major tools like Semrush. Here’s a pricing breakdown for each of Ubersuggest’s plans:

Price$29 per month, or$290 lifetime$49 per month, or$490 lifetime$99 per month, or$990 lifetime
Features150 searches a day1 domain125 keywords per domain300 searches a day7 domains150 keywords per domain900 searches a day15 domains300 keywords per domain

14. Woorank

Woorank is an SEO and digital marketing tool that helps its users analyze and troubleshoot their SEO rankings. It tracks keywords, provides backlinks, and thoroughly analyzes competitors’ websites. 

Screenshot of Woorank's homepage.
Woorank can be a beneficial tool for businesses, SaaS agencies, and website owners alike.

Key Features 

  • Usability analysis: Monitors factors affecting your site’s user experience; it investigates and analyzes problems that affect the site’s ranking on search engines 
  • Backlink analysis: Assesses your or your competitors’ backlink profile, providing an overall score and gauging the quality of each backlink.
  • Visitor statistics: Helps attract more visitors from specific areas, enhancing site traffic 
  • Keyword analysis: Tracks your keyword usage and resulting rankings 
  • Site crawl: Crawls your website, checks on-page SEO, and detects problems related to your title page and meta description 

Pricing 💰

Here’s a pricing breakdown for each of Woorank’s plans:

Features1 website project50 keywords2,500 pages5 website projects250 keywords10,000pagesCustom projects, keywords, and pages

15. Siteliner

Siteliner is a great duplicate checker tool. It identifies plagiarized content, broken backlinks, and internal duplicate links, and compares page sizes and load times.

Screenshot of Siteliner's homepage.
Siteliner focuses on maintaining content authenticity, optimizing link profiles, and rectifying technical issues.

Search engines can penalize you for duplicate content, whether it’s on your site or someone else’s. This is one of the reasons you should regularly review and update your content!

Key Features 

  • Backlink checker: Investigates the backlinks used in your websites and informs you about their quality and visibility
  • Duplicate content detection: Finds duplicate content and compares it with the original content 
  • Page loading time reports: Shows the total time your pages take to load, and compares it to that of your competitors
  • Internal and external link balancing: Shows the total internal and external links being used 
  • Technical SEO errors: Informs you of technical SEO errors that can affect your website’s ability to rank on SERPs

Pricing 💰

Siteliner offers a free version, for websites with up to 250 pages, and a premium version, that costs only 1 cent per page.

Why Outranking Is the Ultimate SEO Tool for SaaS Agencies

The dynamic landscape of digital marketing demands that you work smarter, not harder. SEO is a game of patience, where the right strategies and perfectly crafted content gradually elevate your website to the top ranks. By working smart with SEO, you can give your SaaS agency a headstart without making any trials and errors, minimizing your SEO investment loss.

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Take your SaaS content to the next level with Outranking!

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