What Website Platform Is Best for SEO in 2023: Top 6 Website Builders

by Outranking
Updated On: October 27, 2023
What Website Platform Is Best for SEO in 2023: Top 6 Website Builders

In 2023, your search engine optimization (SEO) success relies on more than just a great SEO content strategy — the platform you choose to build your website can greatly impact your chances of reaching the top of the SERPs. But we’ve got your back! 🫶

In this article, we’ll share our top 6 picks for website builders to help you create the perfect space for your content.

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Kickstarting the SEO Game: An Introduction

Why SEO is Vital for Your Website?

SEO is a must-have tool for enhancing your website’s visibility on search engine platforms. The prime goal? To drive organic traffic and achieve sustainable results by employing efficacious SEO tactics. You’ll be amazed to discover that approximately 93% of all web traffic springs from search engines!

An infographic stating that 93% of all web traffic comes from search engines
Use SEO tools to help you rank higher on search engines

Image Source

Now, don’t lose heart if the initial phase appears sluggish, and try your patience, for patience indeed is a virtue, especially in the world of SEO once you have successfully secured top-notch rankings for your chosen high-traffic keywords following a comprehensive SEO analysis, brace for a deluge of visitors for years ahead.

Consider the bonus of inherent website optimizers, such as AI tools and features like boosting social posts, that substantially augment the prospect of growth. However, the recipe for success necessitates a steadfast commitment to maintaining your rankings. Polish your prowess in creating compelling SEO titles and harness the advanced features’ power beneath the visibility umbrella, including social media, email support, or fine-tunings through page-level SEO settings.

Role of Website Builders in SEO

Your SEO journey begins with the unsung heroes of website creation—website builders. Recognized as crucial tools for any small business aiming to optimize their website’s SEO, site builders like Wix and Hostinger streamline the complex process of website construction.

But they offer more than just a sleek aesthetic touch. They’re the true craftspeople behind an SEO-friendly website, seamlessly incorporating the right keywords, appropriate HTML tags, and neat URLs. Still, they don’t function solo. They are the masons laying the foundation, and they work best when complemented by efficient web hosting plans and bespoke SEO products.

It is vital to select methods that resonate with your website’s goals, speed, and performance prerequisites. You’ll also want to weigh the SEO-friendly features such as user-friendliness and product SEO optimization for eCommerce sites. If you’re a newbie to crafting websites, pay attention to customer service, too. Well, because everyone loves a guiding hand, right?

Here’s an image of HubSpot, with accessible and easy-to-use tools at your fingertips.

HubSpot website builder
Check out HubSpot’s website builder

Image Source

The Top Website Builders for SEO in 2023

1. Wix: A Comprehensive SEO Powerhouse

A screenshot of Wix's landing page
Wix is one of the most well-known website builders

Dominating the SEO content marketing universe, Wix steps into the spotlight. Known for its full-featured, beginner-friendly SEO toolkit, it offers stellar keyword assistance and effortless SEMrush integration. With 82% of users reporting improved Google rankings using Wix’s SEO tools, it’s the maestro conducting the orchestra of website builders.

What’s in Wix’s magic hat? Everything from SEO guides to customizable site features, unique meta descriptions, and clever link-building strategies. All of these resources fall under the umbrella of Wix’s pioneering SEO Wiz. This tool’s ace up the sleeve includes proactive SEO suggestions, seamless site indexing, and a high-speed response thanks to an efficient global CDN. It’s built for the ambitious: modern enterprises, startups with a vision, go-getters. Ready to take it for a whirl?

Key Features

  • Beginner-friendly tutorials
  • Detailed SEO guides and checklists
  • Flexible site customization
  • Tailored keyword selection
  • Multifaceted Wix SEO Wiz with site indexing capabilities


  • A learning curve for SEO beginners
  • Limited coding options for advanced users

Best For: Visionary Startups and Modern Businesses

2. Squarespace: Perfect for Content-Heavy Websites

A screenshot of Squarespace's landing page
Who hasn’t heard of Squarespace by now

Ah, Squarespace! Packed with a proficient toolkit for creating fresh, SEO-friendly pages and blog posts, it’s the shining beacon of hope even for those plagued by technological challenges.

And it’s not just the beauty of its eye-catching templates or the power of design customization that sets it apart. The true strength of Squarespace lies beneath its polished armor in the form of its integrated SEO tools waiting to elevate your website to new heights.

Key Features

  • Striking, flexible templates for crafting unique site layouts
  • A fluid, drag-and-drop engine for seamless design and quality blog creation
  • Generous storage capacity to handle your treasure trove of content
  • Effective SEO streamline to push your website to the top of search results
  • Detailed SEO control for a hands-on experience in web design


  • Demands a hands-on approach to web and blog post design
  • Not recommended for novices embarking on their first website journey

Who Should Choose this Quest?: Artists, photographers, bloggers, and other high-content creators seeking a steadfast platform for their professional journey.

3. WordPress: The Best Buddy of SEO Experts

With WordPress as our ever-dependable best buddy, SEO experts and enthusiasts alike find their tasks a cakewalk on an idyllic beach—rather than an uphill battle.

A screenshot of WordPress's homepage
Did you know that 43% of the internet uses WordPress?!?!

Earning its fame as a true devotee of functionality, WordPress garners allegiance from approximately 43% of the entire internet, including biggies like TechCrunch and Time Magazine. Quite an impressive feat, isn’t it?

Wondering what makes WordPress this magical? Firstly, it offers an extravagant fare of plugins, allowing you the reins of your SEO strategy. Secondly, it adorns you with clean URLs—your secret weapon in the SEO arena. Finally, its heart overflows with generosity, gifting you a grand spectrum of themes, ready to grace your website!

However, as with all substantial benefits, harnessing them will lead you on an adventure of learning.

To elaborate:

Key Features

  1. SEO-friendly plugins
  2. Customizable URLs and meta-information
  3. Alt tags for images—vital for getting noticed in image searches
  4. A lavish spread of responsive themes
  5. Compatible with powerful SEO weapons like Semrush and Google’s suite


  1. Complete command over your SEO voyage
  2. Skilled-hand in URL arrangement
  3. Embellishing your site’s media content with image alt attributes
  4. Attractive, nimble, and responsive themes.
  5. Team-ups with sturdy SEO tools like Semrush and Google’s suite


  1. Newbies might find the learning curve a bit steep
  2. The resources can sometimes put a strain on hosting, causing lower server response times.

Best suited for: Bloggers, developers, e-commerce sites, email marketing, and SEO professionals

Screenshot of WordPress's Google Search Console plugin interface displaying net gain data
WordPress offers plugins like Google Search Console

Image Source

So, if you’re aspiring to make a grand debut or level up on the World Wide Web, WordPress is ready to be your rock and guide in 2023 and beyond!

4. Hostinger: The Newfound SEO Fame

A screenshot of Hostinger's landing page
It starts from a low, low price, so why not give it a go

Might you be startled to find Hostinger, a brand famously known for its web hosting service, on the list of top SEO website builders in 2023? Well, surprising or not, Hostinger has been creating significant ripples with its budget-friendly website offerings.

Hostinger’s secret? Starting at an impressive $2.99/month, their starter plan affords their users access to an extensive range of SEO options. From customizing meta descriptions and alt attributes to a plethora of other features, Hostinger got you covered.

Beyond this, the platform provides optimization tools and even boasts an SEO-friendly guidance page. However, do bear in mind that amidst all these perks, there isn’t an exclusive SEO-specific app or native keyword support. But hey, with user-friendly features and a boast of 99% uptime reliability, who’s complaining?

Key Features

  • Budget-friendly starter plan at just $2.99/month
  • Extensive SEO options, including meta description control
  • Management of alt attributes
  • A comprehensive SEO guidance page complemented with a step-by-step SEO plan.]


  • Value-for-money starter plan 
  • Comprehensive SEO options for better control
  • Effective image optimization for improved SEO
  • Well-structured websites
  • Maximum utilization of SEO guidance through dedicated tools


  • Doesn’t provide a standalone SEO-specific app
  • Lacks native keyword support

This makes Hostinger an ideal pick for bloggers, small businesses, and beginners seeking an affordable starter plan with a plethora of SEO options.

5. Weebly: the E-Commerce SEO Prodigy

Thrust into the limelight for its proficiency in e-commerce and email marketing, Weebly is no slouch in the SEO arena. This resilient player commands a hefty 17.54% market share within the world of website builders, dwarfing many of its rivals.

Weebly earns its stripes by conjuring up tailor-made website development solutions. This convenient page builder with a laser focus on e-commerce and marketing tools is hard to ignore. Meta tags, descriptions, editable alt tags, and agile handling of broken link redirects are all part of Weebly’s comprehensive SEO toolkit.

It doesn’t end there. Within the bountiful Weebly App Center, you’ll uncover a wealth of SEO applications primed to elevate your site’s visibility to stellar heights. Not convinced yet? Consider its mobile-responsive templates that ensure swift load times and a sublime user experience — a cornerstone in the temple of successful SEO. Note, though, that the doors to its most advanced SEO features may not swing wide open for everyone.

Key Features:

  • An armada of E-commerce-specific solutions
  • Comprehensive meta tags and descriptions
  • User-friendly editable alt tags
  • Seamless management of broken link redirects
  • A variety of SEO applications via the Weebly App Center


  • Restricted control over URL structure
  • Presence of ads in the free website versions

Weebly is the ideal fit for E-commerce businesses looking to dip their toes into email marketing and gain a panoramic view of their web performance. So, if you’re in this group, give Weebly a try.

6. Shopify: E-Commerce

A screenshot of Shopify's landing page
The platform of choice for e-commerce

Meet Shopify, the kingpin of eCommerce platforms with a remarkable 28% market share. Shopify is the go-to haven for your online store ambitions, Shopify provides a complete e-commerce suite that caters to all your digital selling needs while equipping you with a scalable e-commerce plan solution.

Shopify’s features are nothing short of compelling. They provide editable product pages, meta, and image tags. It automatically generates XML sitemaps, includes a definitive robots.txt file, and is designed to meet the growth prospects of your business. And as a cherry on top, it’s been deemed as the most SEO-friendly e-commerce platform.

Key Features

  • Ensures an insta-ready online store setup
  • Grants you considerable control over SEO dynamics
  • Boosts the crawlability of your website – especially when it’s connected to Google Search Console
  • Aids in the optimization of your site’s structuring

Let’s talk about the elephants in the room, though. Shopify’s undeniable prowess comes at a steeper price compared to other platforms and blocks access to source code.

Nonetheless, if you’re an eCommerce business with sights set on sustainable growth and scalability, Shopify might just be your platform of choice.

Treading Wisely: Things to Consider Before Choosing a Website Builder

SEO-Friendly Features

Before committing to a website builder, ensure it’s fortified with SEO-friendly tools that serve as much more than mere vitamins for your site. These tools, such as essential metadata features, play a crucial role in boosting your website’s traffic. A key aspect to look for is the ability to customize page titles and meta descriptions. These create a mutual understanding between your site and search engines, significantly influencing your site’s relevance and web traffic.

Clean, SEO-friendly URLs should be another priority on your checklist. Far from a mere aesthetic preference, these slick URLs strengthen your link profile, thus improving your site’s standing in search engine results.

Additionally, don’t overlook the potential advantages of automatic XML sitemaps. Also, consider SEO markups for content pages or product pages and social media sharing image optimization as integral features. These tools, coupled with the ability to customize image alt text for improved accessibility, can dramatically enhance your site’s visibility. These aspects are especially important for inbound marketing. So, aren’t these worth considering?

SEO Support and Guidance

Embarking on the path of building a website, you need a reliable compass to navigate through the complex labyrinth of SEO. In the digital world, SEO support isn’t just a nice to have, it’s critical. According to a study from Wolfgang Digital, online stores obtain 35% of their traffic and draw 33% of their revenue through search engine results. To make the most of this, being armed with keyword search tools, SEO learning toolkits, and chat facilities can give you a considerable leg up, particularly if you’re making your first foray into this realm.

So, how do you begin? A well-crafted SEO checklist can be your indispensable roadmap, setting the groundwork for your SEO conquest. There are platforms out there, Squarespace being one, that extend exemplary keyword support and even offer comprehensive SEO tutorials and certifications. When it comes to SEO, knowledge truly is the ultimate superpower!

Not to miss are the added perks like SEO suggestions that pop up during website creation and SEO wizards, such as Semrush. While you might miss on advanced features like Google Analytics integration, there’s no lack of alternatives. The addition of live chat support, the potential for advertising revenue, and even hosting your website on a reputable domain like those from Network Solutions can give you indirect SEO benefits.

For on-page SEO support, Outranking is your go-to partner! Outranking suggests ways to improve your content, and since it integrates perfectly with WordPress and Google Docs, you can publish your content directly without going through the hassle of exporting your files. Outranking also builds outlines with just a simple prompt. Outranking does all the things for your content production process at a mere $69/month!

A screenshot of Outranking's information and steps on how to write a prompt
Take a peek at how Outranking helps you write prompts

As you can see, when you’re stuck on a single section, Outranking can help you write that section for you after adding a prompt. Outranking can also hand you a ready-to-add table so that you are saved from the hassle of creating a table!

Not only that, Outranking creates an entire first draft based on the outline, so your workload is only reduced to adding media, stats, and enhancing originality!

A screenshot of ways that Outranking helps make your writing better
Check out all the ways that Outranking can help

Code Customization

Code customization is akin to a secret weapon in your SEO arsenal. This indispensable aspect refers to the unique changes made in different sections of your website to enhance its online performance. Not every website platform provides this invaluable feature, but some, like Wix and its advanced page-level SEO controls, are genuine trailblazers. Having autonomy over HTML and CSS can significantly elevate your SEO game, with the application of structured data, or schema, being the icing on the cake.

Below outlines how you can leverage code customization in Wix:

1. After opening the Wix editor, navigate the side menu and select Main Pages.

A screenshot of code customization on Wix
It’s time to add code customization to your arsenal

Image Source

2. Look for the more icon at the bottom of the page, then choose SEO (Google).

A screenshot of choosing an SEO editor in Wix
Next up, choosing an SEO editor in Wix

Image Source

3. Open the Advanced SEO tab and enter your customized code as required.

A screenshot of entering code into Advanced SEO on Wix
Last step, ender a code into Advanced SEO on Wix

Image Source

Learning how to customize coding provides an immense scope for boosting your SEO, even if you don’t have a technical background. However, keep in mind that it’s important to maintain balance; excessive customization through coding might trigger technical SEO issues. So remember, in the world of SEO, moderation is king!

Available Tools and Plugins To Extend

When selecting an ideal website editor tool, it’s essential to keep in mind the wide variety of tools and plugins available for extending your site’s reach and functionality. In essence, these website editor tools are not just functional add-ons but potent web analytics weapons that can significantly enhance your website’s visibility and analytical capacity.

WordPress, for instance, arms you with top-notch SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, RankMath, or All in One SEO. These plugins function as virtual SEO mentors, providing a plethora of valuable SEO options to enhance your online presence.

On the other hand, website builders like Wix and Weebly, acknowledged for their affordability, further extend their functionality with SEO testing apps available directly in their built-in App Centers. These tools deliver real-time analytics and pointers for fine-tuning your web pages. Website builders are constantly improving their features, and it’s easy to see why more and more people are turning to these platforms for their website needs.

But, one of the most intriguing features is the ‘SEO Wizard’— known as Wix SEO Wiz. A tool so ingenious it appeals to everyone, from SEO neophytes to seasoned experts.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Your website likely needs regular health check-ups, just like you. These take the form of routine software updates, comprehensive security checks, and meticulous adjustment of SEO settings. There are few platforms that excel at these, with HubSpot recommending SEO best practices and Wix providing automatic image compression and detailed SEO settings.

SEO adherence is more than just a strategy — it’s an enticing call to search engines and a satisfying treat for your visitors. When trouble does raise its bothersome head, quick and quality support from the platform tends to put your worries to bed. You might need to assign a tracking ID to keep tabs on your SEO journey, especially for platforms like Google Analytics.

Planning to take the big leap forward? Premium plans can smoothen your landing with an array of super helpful tools such as website optimizers and Google Analytics integration, not to mention assistance with advanced SEM practices to kickstart your paid search campaigns.

Easily Available Designers and Experts

Before you set off on the ambitious journey of building a website, you ought to give some thought about the importance of having readily accessible designers and experts. You’ll find these individuals invaluable in constructing a visually appealing website with a solid foundation in SEO.

WordPress, Wix, and Squarespace have claimed the spotlight among the varying website platforms with their robust SEO offerings. These platforms have more than just lucrative features – they offer a vast pool of expert assistance. On top of that, they fall under the more budget-friendly choices you have.

These design and SEO savants are your golden ticket to intricate customizations and ironing out technical SEO kinks, thanks to these platforms’ cutting-edge website-building features and progressive SEO tactics. The net result is a spell-binding website design perfectly in sync with rigorous SEO standards, thereby enhancing your site’s prominence in search engine result pages. Nonetheless, while these mavens can significantly upgrade your website, they can also drive your expenditures north, so plan your budget sagaciously!

Need an expert? No problem! Here are some marketplaces associated with each platform:

  1. Wix: explore their experts here
  2. Squarespace: find your designer here
  3. WordPress: connect with authorities here
  4. Shopify: get expertise here

For those leaning towards Weebly and Hostinger, you can still find a gluttony of independent whizzes on online marketplaces such as Upwork and Fiverr. Remember, your choice of experts should be as wise as your choice of a website platform. Happy building!

The Numbers Speak: Number of Users on Each Platform

When it comes to choosing the right website platform based on popularity, the numbers tell a persuasive story. Leading the pack is the blogging behemoth, WordPress powering a gargantuan 455 million websites worldwide. In contrast, the user-friendly Wix is no slouch either, boasting a robust user base of 220 million.

Surprisingly, despite being a smaller platform, Squarespace has garnered an impressive 2.8 million users, owing to its aesthetically pleasing templates. On the other hand, the relatively new entrant to the scene, Hostinger enjoys the patronage of 29 million users. Weebly, another solid contender in the website-building arena supports 50 million websites across the globe.

Finally, we cannot disregard the reigning monarch of eCommerce – Shopify, with over a million global businesses. These user count numbers signify not just popularity but an implicit testament to their reliability.

FAQs: Answering Your Pressing Questions

Which Website Builder is the Best for SEO?

In the quest for the superior website builder for SEO, it’s essential to remember that what you deem ‘the best’ depends on your specific needs and prowess.

For seasoned SEO enthusiasts, WordPress stands at the forefront due to its plethora of integrated SEO plugins, such as Yoast SEO, which allow for advanced SEO settings and customizability. However, if you’re a beginner on the SEO journey, rest assured that Wix always holds your hand. Its inclusive, intuitive platform is renowned for delivering a wide array of SEO features. Among its unique offerings is an SEO dashboard and integrated SEO best practices guidance, simplifying the learning curve for novices.

A screenshot of Wix's dashboard
Wix’s dashboard is easy to use and it is here to help

Squarespace takes the crown for websites teeming with content owing to its advanced SEO controls, superior keyword support, and individual page-level SEO settings. In the realm of eCommerce, however, Weebly and Shopify rise as undefeated leaders, providing SEO settings integration and product-rich snippets for an optimized shopping experience.

Other mention-worthy platforms come with added perks such as keyword research tools, which allow you to discover low competition, high search volume keywords and boost your website’s visibility on search engines, including Google.

An insider tip? Give the platforms’ free version or trials a go before committing wholly. This ensures you find the best builder that integrates seamlessly with your SEO efforts – be it site speed, design functionality, or access to handy tools like keyword research gadgets. Ultimately, the ideal builder is the one that fortifies your success in your SEO venture.

Sit back, relax, and let your chosen builder work its magic!

Can I do SEO on my Own?

A screenshot of HubSpot's SEO tools
HubSpot also offers SEO tools

Definitely! SEO has often been misunderstood as a daunting monster, but in reality, it’s quite manageable with the right amount of patience, solid SEO methodologies, and indispensable tools. The HubSpot platform comes across as a beacon of light, simplifying the SEO learning curve with its integral features, user-friendly tutorials, magical wizards, and even AI-guided recommendations.

If you want to do on-page SEO by yourself, it has been made easy using Outranking. Outranking has helped in crafting millions of content pieces. Since Outranking is trained around Google’s guidelines for content, your draft won’t get good SEO scores till you enhance originality, add media and links, and improve the meta title and description tags.

A screenshot of Outranking's SEO score
Look how easy it is to improve your SEO with Outranking

In the above image, our draft is within the word count range, has great originality, and checks all the boxes for elements that improve on-page optimization. That’s why our draft is scoring a whopping 91 for the specified keyword, while the most score the top 20 ranking pages have scored is 74. That’s why we are 99% sure this draft will rank in the top three positions on Google. The relief!

Also, offering a treasure trove of tips and coaching would equip you with best practices from the SEO world. Pair this with your research-driven curiosity, readiness to learn, and ability to absorb, and voila! You have prepared the perfect elixir for do-it-yourself SEO. Suit up because you’re about to embark on a rewarding SEO journey!

Outranking: The Best Content Writing Tool for Your Website!

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