How Much Do Backlinks Cost in 2023: Link Building Pricing A to Z

by Outranking
Updated On: October 27, 2023
How Much Do Backlinks Cost in 2023: Link Building Pricing A to Z

With the rise in AI writing tools, almost everybody can create compelling and valuable content. Nowadays, Google is flooded with content so how does Google now decide which website to rank in the top positions? Apart from having a nearly perfect SEO Content Strategy, what you now need is a link-building strategy in which other good DA websites link to your content. For this purpose, you need good content that websites rank organically and some budget to get paid backlinks from high Domain Authority websites. Now you may be wondering about the estimated costs of buying backlinks. It depends upon a lot of factors.

So, in this article we will learn about all things backlinks so you leave this page satisfied!

Introduction to SEO and Backlink Costs

To ace the SEO game like a pro, an understanding of not just using paid backlinks but mastering their optimal utilization is crucial. You might be contemplating buying backlinks to boost your performance, or perhaps, you’re intrigued by the cost spectrums connected with tenacious link-building methods. If any of these scenarios strike a chord, buckle up, for you’ve stumbled upon the right junction. Allow us to decipher for you the elaborate pricing blueprint of backlinks in 2023, steering you smoothly through costs, from the modest to the majestic.

When we talk about backlinks and SEO, they go together like peas in a pod. But don’t simply take our word for it:

  • Top-ranking pages can anticipate ‘followed’ backlinks from fresh websites at a rate of +5%-14.5% each month.
  • A backlink-buying spree might cost you an average of $361.44.
  • Approximately $77.80.
  • Of the top-ranking pages, 43.7% can claim some reciprocal links.
  • Over two-thirds or 66.5% of links to sites in the last 9 years are defunct.
  • 10.6% of all backlinks to the top 110,000 sites are nofollow.

What Factors Influence Backlink Costs?

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come! We’ll stay tuned to spill the beans on this intriguing topic. Keep reading to unwrap the mysteries of backlink pricing.

The Value of Domain Authority and Relevance

Domain authority, based significantly on factors like linking root domains and website age, is a metric used by search engines to grasp the trustworthiness and strength of a website’s domain. The importance of domain authority becomes apparent as site owners often pay more for backlinks when the domain authority is high. But what about relevance? 

It’s simple: high relevance means that your website is pertinent to a specific topic, making it an attractive option for building backlinks. Not to forget, relevance and domain authority synergistically determine backlink costs, both signaling your content’s value and trustworthiness to search engines. 

An image showing how authority flows through links
Build your domain authority through internal and external links!

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Domain Authority LevelRelevance LevelAverage Backlink Costs
HighHighLow to Moderate
HighLowModerate to High
ModerateModerateModerate to High
ModerateLowHigh to Very High
LowHighModerate to High
LowModerateHigh to Very High
LowLowVery High to Premium

Domain Authority Level: This refers to the strength and reputation of the website seeking backlinks. High domain authority indicates a well-established, authoritative website, while low domain authority suggests a newer or less authoritative site.

Relevance Level: Relevance signifies how closely the content of the website is related to the content of the websites providing backlinks. High relevance means the backlinks come from sites in a closely related niche, while low relevance suggests a broader or less related context.

Average Backlink Costs: The cost range is categorized as “Low” for more favorable situations where websites with high domain authority and relevance can acquire backlinks at a relatively lower cost. “Moderate” indicates an average cost range, while “High” to “Very High” suggests progressively higher costs, with “Very High” and “Premium” reflecting premium costs for backlinks, especially for websites with lower domain authority and relevance.

Balancing Quality and Quantity in Backlink Costs

Quality or quantity? That’s the question you might grapple with when building backlinks. To ensure a successful link-building campaign, it’s crucial to prioritize quality, a viewpoint shared by Google’s John Mueller and every SEO professional. Remember, a small number of authoritative, relevant backlinks can outshine the impact of hundreds of low-quality ones provided by some spammy link vendors. Such vendors often sell lesser-quality single links, so be cautious. Search engines like Google view backlinks as a vote of confidence — a representation of your website’s likelihood to rank higher. Therefore, make sure you invest your resources into researching, assessing, and buying quality backlinks from trusted link vendors. 

An image showing how you should leverage impactful factors
Utilizing backlinks can turn your website around!

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At Outreach Monks, an inspiring case study showcases their own website, The study delves into the remarkable journey that led to a 10-fold increase in organic traffic within just six months. This success is attributed to a well-executed strategy that leveraged SaaS backlinks to enhance the website’s performance.


The team faced the formidable task of competing for highly competitive keywords, particularly within the domains of SEO and backlinks. These keywords carried a significant level of difficulty, with SEMrush ranking them between 70% and 90%. The challenge was clear: a remarkable strategy was required to emerge victorious in this fiercely competitive landscape.

A screenshot of how links can drive website traffic
With a simple trick like backlinking, you can drive traffic up

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Link Building Strategy 

The strategy employed involved the acquisition of SaaS or technology backlinks with high Domain Rating (DR) from websites boasting DR scores that ranged from 70 to 90. This was achieved through an effective content marketing outreach approach, which ensured that high-quality content was offered to the target websites.


These efforts yielded impressive results, including:

  • Witnessing a remarkable tenfold increase in website traffic within the short time frame of six months.
  • Successfully securing valuable backlinks from well-established and authoritative websites such as HubSpot, Bigcommerce, Evanto, Namecheap, and SEMrush.
A screenshot of a climbing domain rating
Watch your domain rating skyrocket after using backlinking strategies

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  • A significant increase in the Domain Rating (DR) from 50 to 70, indicating enhanced authority in the niche.
  • Improved traffic to the blog section, translating into more targeted leads.
  • Enhanced brand recognition as our SEO articles started ranking prominently.
A graph showing organic traffic growing
Want your organic traffic to look like this? Try backlinking

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  • A noteworthy rise in the monthly traffic value, soaring from $4,000 to $22,000.
  • Some of the blog articles even managed to rank on the first page for competitive keywords, all without the support of additional backlinks.

Variations in Link Building Packages Prices

As you explore link building services, notice they don’t offer standard pricing; costs vary. This is where the idea of agency pricing comes in. Factors like the intensity of outreach, the turnaround time, and the specificity of link placements from reputable sources all affect the pricing scale. Grasping each service’s unique approach helps to understand exactly what your money is getting you. After all, you don’t want to pay for links on general access websites that everyone else can also use. Remember, when a service is cheap, it’s easily affordable for everyone, which invariably dilutes its value. Therefore, considering average agency pricing while disregarding exceptionally cheap options can lead to better quality link placements.

Here is what you can expect:

Link Building PackageOutreach IntensityTurnaround TimeSpecificity of PlacementsAverage Price Range
Basic PackageLow2-4 monthsGeneral, low relevance$500 – $1,000
Standard PackageModerate1-2 monthsSemi-relevant, niche$1,000 – $2,500
Advanced PackageHigh2-4 weeksHighly relevant, targeted$2,500 – $5,000
Premium PackageVery High1-2 weeksHyper-targeted, authority$5,000 – $10,000+

There’s an ocean of backlink types out there! Let’s explore a few:

  • Gov Links: These are originating from government sites and are known for their trustworthiness, contributing to a significant boost in your site’s ranking.
  • Guest Post Links and Blogger Outreach Links: Here, you author an engaging blog article for another website, skillfully embedding your links back to your site. It provides an excellent platform for reaching wider audiences, and if incorporated as part of your strategy, you garner per-link pricing specifically for such blogger outreach links.
  • Web 2.0 Links: These emanate from Web 2.0 sites (like WordPress or Blogger) that encourage user-based content creation.
  • Niche Edits or Inserts and Profile Backlinks: They are curated when website owners or content managers intentionally add your backlinks to their existing content, contributing to a diverse backlink profile.

Keep in mind that each type comes with different levels of effectiveness and hence, different pricing structures reflecting aspects like DA-based paid links, forum links, and others. Chasing numerous backlinks shouldn’t be the goal, instead, focus on building a strong and diverse backlink profile for long-term success.

Common Pitfalls in Buying and Paying for Backlinks

The Importance of Linking Site Relevance

Spotting a mistake many make when buying backlinks, they neglect the relevance of the linking site. This is often tied to lack of research in identifying an industry niche that aligns with their content. They may latch onto a high domain authority website and rush to purchase the backlink without evaluating the site’s relevance to their industry niche. While this may seem profitable initially, securing a backlink from an irrelevant linking website does little to boost your SEO. This is why industry-specific research keywords can help enhance your backlink profile. Remember, relevance is key when selecting your backlinks.

Experiencing a drop in organic search rankings and traffic can be disheartening for website owners, especially following a core algorithm update from Google. In a recent case study, a website faced this very challenge.

Before the algorithm update, the site had a healthy 37,724 monthly traffic count. However, after the update, it plummeted to a mere 1,298 visitors per month. The situation was dire, but there was a silver lining. With a strategic recovery plan, the site managed to bounce back, now boasting 52,396 monthly visitors, marking an impressive 40% improvement over the pre-penalty traffic levels.

The recovery effort was a collaborative undertaking involving different aspects of SEO:

Technical SEO: The team began by cleaning up the index to ensure that only relevant pages were crawled and indexed by Google. This involved identifying and removing pages that provided no value.

Content Optimization: To provide a better user experience, the site’s content was optimized, aligning it more closely with what users were searching for. This involved presenting information in a user-friendly manner, including details like coupon code popularity and expiration dates.

Content Hubs: In addition to coupon codes, the site published travel tips. To increase keyword visibility and topical relevance, the team created content hubs, which consist of a pillar page supported by a cluster of shorter, topically related articles. This approach enhances the site’s authority, engagement, and internal linking.

Link-Building Strategy: Recognizing the importance of authority in SEO, the team implemented a link-building strategy focused on replicating competitor backlinks to boost the site’s link velocity.

The results are promising. Despite the initial setback, the site’s traffic has rebounded significantly, providing a solid foundation for future growth. 

The Risk of Cheap, Low-Quality Backlinks

In the world of backlink buying, the age-old adage holds true – you get what you pay for. Entering the world of buying backlinks investing, opting for cheap, low-quality backlinks can lead to adverse outcomes in the long run, especially when done in bulk. Why? They often hail from spammy or irrelevant sites, leading to penalties from Google. Avoid companies like some found on Fiverr, who offer to safely buy backlinks from non-reputed vendors. As highlighted in our earlier research, Google prioritizes relevance and quality, not quantity. Therefore, resist the enticing trap of inexpensive backlink offerings that jeopardize your online reputation.

Here’s what the experts have to say:

1. “Sadly, much of the content being published is simply not worth linking to. 75% of it is getting zero inbound links. So forget the ‘more is better’ approach to content if you want links. Go with quality instead. Your content will generate links only if it is truly exceptional — ’remarkable,’ as Seth Godin would say.”

— Brian Sutter,

“Focusing on quality backlinks over quantity is what can help to protect your site as Google updates.”

— Adam Riemer,

Setting the Right Link Building Budget

Allocating Your Budget for Backlinks

Building a backlink budget can seem daunting, but it’s crucial. After assessing your website’s metrics, the size of your business, the competitiveness of your industry, and additional overhead costs like rent, set a preliminary budget. Early in your website’s life, you may need to invest more to compete with established sites by taking advantage of backlink building services such as uSERP. Be careful though, as numerous questionable providers are out there offering niche edit backlink building services, sometimes with prices as low as $20-$30 per backlink placement. However, once your domain rating improves, balance your budget and steady your investment. Remember, buying backlinks is an investment towards thriving organic traffic and stronger search engine rankings in the volatile SEO industry. 

A Guide to Monthly Budgeting for Backlinks

Incorporate a monthly strategy into your backlink budget. Investing in link building is pivotal in building visibility for your brand and growing your audience. Start small and gradually increase your expenditure as you witness the beneficial impact on your brand’s visibility. Be versatile and quick to react to changes; if you notice a decline in organic traffic, consider increasing your budget. However, maintain a balance; don’t overspend at the expense of other SEO activities like content marketing or technical SEO. Even if your conversion rate stays constant, enhancing visibility can improve profits over time. 

A pie graph on allocating website budgets
This is a tried and true formula for allocating website expenses

Image Source

Price Comparison across Different Backlink Providers

1. Rhinorank’s Packages and Prices

Meet RhinoRank, a top choice for high-quality backlinks. Why do they make it to our top list? For starters, they are part of an exceptional outreach team, specializing in bespoke link building campaigns, perfectly fitting your unique needs. Much like Siege Media, they’ve carved out a niche because of their focus on relevance and authority. Rhinorank emphasizes manual outreach and cultivating real partnerships over mere dollar value, ensuring you get the most optimal results.

Top 5 features

  1. Hand-picked, relevant outreach akin to a successful PR strategy.
  2. Custom-made campaigns.
  3. High-quality content writing with a dedicated outreach team.
  4. Transparent pricing.
  5. Authentic, meaningful partnerships.


  1. Versatility across multiple SEO campaigns.
  2. Guaranteed placements thanks to a diligent outreach team.
  3. Real relationships with bloggers and associated websites.
  4. Relevancy prioritized, similar to a well-oiled PR strategy.
  5. Genuine authority growth.


  1. Limited control over the content posted.
  2. Higher cost compared to other providers like Siege Media.

RhinoRank is best for those who value quality and relevance over quantity and look for an authentic, sustainable solution for their webpage’s SEO needs.

2. Comparing FatJoe’s Cost of Backlinks

Looking for a streamlined, scalable solution for backlinks? FatJoe, a SaaS platform, may be your ideal destination. Owning its unique position on our list due to its specialized ‘done-for-you’ link building service, FatJoe liberates you from burdensome micromanagement, akin to the autonomy provided by many SaaS platforms.

Top 5 features

  1. User-friendly dashboard for effortless navigation.
  2. Twitter-vetted blog database, boasting a rich selection of authoritative blogs.
  3. High-quality content creation for impactful web pages.
  4. Transparent pricing structure, ensuring no hidden costs.
  5. SEO-friendly anchor text mapping for optimized searchability.


  1. Simplified link building process courtesy of the intuitive SaaS system.
  2. Access to a pool of authoritative blogs to ensure your links appear on influential web pages.
  3. Time and effort saved to focus on core business tasks.
  4. Enhanced SEO effectiveness for improved visibility on Twitter and other platforms.
  5. Established as a highly reliable and reputable SaaS solution in the market.


  1. Some links may lack contextual relevance, an aspect that needs improvement.
  2. Does not offer niche edits or inserts, limiting customization options.

In essence, FatJoe emerges as the best choice for businesses seeking a scalable, reliable, and user-friendly link building service that enhances their web pages and Twitter presence. 

3. Pay for Backlinks on Upwork

Enter Upwork, a global freelance marketplace where you can find an array of link building experts. Upwork’s vast pool of talents includes acclaimed backlink vendors, known for their exceptional link-building strategies. Upwork’s flexibility sets it apart. Here, freelancers of varying expertise levels can assist with your email-centered link building campaigns.

Top 5 features

  1. Access to global freelance talents.
  2. Comprehensive job posting and hiring system for acquiring reliable link vendors.
  3. In-platform communication tools for seamless vendor-email exchanges.
  4. Autonomy over hiring decisions.
  5. Clear and secure payment platform.


  1. Tap into a vast talent pool, including established link vendors.
  2. Option to hire link building experts on a project basis.
  3. Access to a wide range of expertise, including effective email outreach strategies.
  4. Flexibility in negotiation.
  5. Secure financial transactions.


  1. Time-consuming vetting process.
  2. Varying quality of freelancers: from top-notch vendors to spammy ones.

Upwork is best for those who are prepared to sift through and find reliable experts who can dedicate time to the selection and email outreach process. 

4. Fiverr (Not Recommended) Backlink Costs

Now, let’s discuss Fiverr. In short, Fiverr is not the optimal place for implementing backlink strategies. While their services are budget-friendly, they’re deficient when it comes to quality, delivering low-tier, nofollow links that bring minimal SEO benefit. Fiverr backlink services are often sourced from unproductive private blog networks (PBNS) with negligible value for your site’s ranking. Therefore, our advice is to navigate away from Fiverr when it comes to obtaining fruitful backlinks. 

As reflected in various case studies, including forums in your strategy can potentially contribute to improved organic traffic, keyword rankings, and overall brand visibility. But remember, effective backlink strategies might involve a steep learning curve.

Case Study: Purchasing 90,000 Backlinks From Fiverr, and Results Were Bad 

Purchasing 90,000 backlinks from Fiverr proved to be a disappointing experiment, as detailed by James LePage in a case study. The intention was to assess whether a vast quantity of backlinks would enhance a website’s performance, particularly in terms of search engine ranking. However, the results highlighted several critical issues with this approach.

The Fiverr service promised 90,000 backlinks for a mere $10, which, at first glance, seemed like a great deal. The delivery was swift, with 12,000 new backlinks generated within three days. Unfortunately, upon closer inspection, the quality and value of these backlinks were severely lacking.

Of the 90,000 links, only around 5% were do-follow, while the rest were no-follow, offering little to no value in terms of SEO. Moreover, the backlinks were mostly unrelated to the website’s financial niche, and many were from low-quality domains, which could potentially harm the site’s credibility and ranking.

One noteworthy aspect was the presence of some high domain rating (DR) domains, including .edu and .gov backlinks. However, these too failed to provide any substantial value to the domain. Most disappointingly, the vast majority of the backlinks were essentially spam, with comment sections on referring pages filled with irrelevant and low-quality content.

The outcome of this experiment was clear: buying backlinks from Fiverr is not only a waste of money but can also have a detrimental impact on a website’s SEO. Google is likely to penalize sites with an influx of spammy backlinks, ultimately harming their rankings. While Fiverr sellers may offer the quantity of backlinks they promise, the quality and relevance of these links are severely lacking.

In conclusion, the allure of cheap backlinks on Fiverr may be tempting, but the risks and negative consequences far outweigh any potential benefits. For those seeking to improve their website’s SEO, a focus on quality over quantity and a commitment to ethical link-building practices remain essential.

Evaluating Buying Backlinks vs. Blogger Outreach for Organic Link Building

Pros and Cons of Paying for Backlinks

Let’s weigh the odds. Buying backlinks can serve as a valuable tool in your backlink building campaign, offering an immediate boost in rankings, enhanced visibility, and the potential to draw in more organic backlinks as your site expands – crucial ranking factors are not to be disregarded. Yet, it’s essential to keep in mind the pitfalls, including potential penalties from search engines for buying or selling links and the high cost of acquiring quality backlinks. Not forgetting the necessity of striking a balance – backlinks, specifically from sites with link placement relationships, should enhance, not completely make up, your SEO strategy.

Alternatives to Paying for Backlinks: Blogger Outreach Strategy

Steering clear of buying backlinks? Consider leveraging outreach tools as a few alternatives:

  1. Guest Blogging: Write articles for other blogs, subtly promoting your webpage. This strategy can significantly reduce the costs that come with purchasing links on other websites.
  2. Influencer Marketing: Collaborate with influencers who can share your content with their audience. Take note of how the Google algorithm favors local SEO in your outreach efforts.
  3. Social Media Promotion: Leverage your social channels to optimize your email outreach. Share your engaging content to naturally attract backlinks.
  4. Internal Linking: Link your web pages sufficiently, thereby improving your overall SEO. The right set of tools can facilitate this process.
  5. Content Marketing: Create valuable, engaging content that naturally attracts backlinks. When such content is shared in outreach campaigns, the feedback has often been impressive and positively impacts ‘win rates’. The video below can help you get started on effective content strategy development:

Editorial Guidelines for Safely Purchasing Backlinks

The Importance of Careful Source Vetting

You must vet your backlink sources painstakingly. Engage experienced link builders to dive deep and investigate their legitimacy. Keep an eye out for red flags like poor quality content, spammy links, or lack of author details. Explore site quality criteria and the minimum traffic requirements that must be met for a site to be considered viable. Remember, quality always outweighs quantity. Choosing the right source affects your website’s credibility and your brand’s reputation in the long haul, and ultimately impacts your website traffic.

Opting for High-Quality, DoFollow Links

Choosing DoFollow links is just as important as checking the quality of backlinks. DoFollow links carry SEO value and have a notable impact on your PageRank since they guide search engine bots toward your website. These are the preferred options, helping increase your website’s authority, and more importantly, it’s part of the sustainable backlink earning process. However, remember that Google’s guidelines are against buying and selling backlinks. Instead, focus on organic Link earning, such as creating shareable, high-quality content. So make sure that the backlinks you purchase are marked as DoFollow and stem from high-authority websites. 

Tracking Effectiveness of Your ‘Google Ranking Boosting’ Backlink Purchase Campaign

Importance of Conducting a Backlink Audit

The first step in tracking your ‘Buy Backlinks’ campaign effectiveness is conducting a backlink audit. Using tools like Ahrefs or SEMrush can help evaluate factors such as domain/page quality, design, DR/DA, page rating, traffic, and website structure, crucial for SERP rankings. By understanding the number and quality of your backlinks, their status (DoFollow or NoFollow), and the origins of these sites, you’re able to create more avenues for your site. This should see a spike in your organic website traffic and improve your position on search engine result pages (SERPs). A thorough audit enlightens you about any weak spots in your backlink profile, and areas that need improvement, as well as unearthing opportunities for strengthening your in-house backlink strategies 

Best Practices in Tracking Results from Postings

After you’ve bought backlinks, it’s crucial to track results. This is especially relevant in sectors such as gambling and casino where websites typically grapple with organically building links. Keeping an eye on your Page Authority, Domain Authority, and organic traffic ensures your investment wasn’t in vain. It’s worth noting that links from the casino and gambling industries can often be more expensive, yet they provide robust returns when used effectively. If you don’t spot an increase in these metrics, chances are you’ve invested in low-quality backlinks – perhaps from industries like gambling or casinos without established financial partnerships. Utilize SEO tools to measure these metrics regularly and fine-tune your strategy as needed. 

Make Your Link Building Journey Seamless with Outranking

While some people think that buying backlinks may not be worth it, here’s what we think: Your link-building strategy should never replace your actual content strategy. Even if you are putting effort into buying links, your priority should be crafting spectacular content that ranks well. Content creation is becoming increasingly easy due to AI writing tools like Outranking. 

Outranking is your ultimate Swiss army tool for content analysis, writing, and optimization. We work our magic to analyze the top 20 SERPs for a keyword to provide you with a perfect first draft and helpful suggestions to improve your on-page SEO scores. Outranking has also helped over 12,000+ linking experts improve their online presence by generating quality content with semantically-related automatic internal linking to keep readers engaged with your content all day long! 😎🔗

Screenshot of Outranking's internal linking optimization
Create a web of connected content with Outranking!

FAQ about Backlink Costs and Effect on Google Rankings

How Much Do SEO-Boosting Quality Backlinks Cost?

Quality backlinks come at a price. To ensure a successful link building campaign, one must follow the appropriate procedures for purchasing backlinks, which often include researching link building vendors, assessing these vendors, and maintaining adherence to Google’s standardized practices. According to Outreach Monks, a quality backlink can cost anywhere between $300 to $2000, averaging at $195. It’s important to note that the rate hinges on aspects such as Domain Rating or Domain Authority, the industry, and whether the content is provided upfront. Therefore, remember that not all quality backlinks offered by link building vendors come with the same price tag. Also, keep in mind that pricing systems can vary, some vendors and PR agencies may charge based on the Domain Rating or authorize a monthly average cost ranging from $3,000 – $10,000.

Is Paying for Backlinks Legally Safe?

Is buying backlinks legal, you ask? The answer is indeed yes, it’s legal. However, it’s crucial that a backlink strategy be thoughtfully executed. Improper tactics, such as buying backlinks from irrelevant or low-quality websites, can defy Google Webmaster Guidelines. An effective backlink strategy not only requires expertise but also the use of reliable outreach tools to gain quality backlinks. Deciding to invest in link building services provided by trusted SEO professionals might be the better alternative. This approach is in line with Google’s guidelines, lucratively impacting your SEO efforts and, as a case study notes, even enhancing your brand visibility.

Debunking the Question: Are Paid Backlinks Worth it?

Are paid backlinks worth the investment? The answer hinges on several factors. For instance, having experienced link builders on your team can make a big difference. After all, many successful link builders have leveraged third-party writers to produce quality content capable of attracting these links. This adds a certain minimum cost to your operations, but depending on the quality of backlinks you’re aiming for, it is a worthwhile investment. If you’re trading for high-quality, authoritative, and relevant backlinks that enhance the visibility and ranking of your eCommerce store, they are indeed worthwhile. However, caution is advised. Be wary of lesser-known websites selling cheap backlinks – these can potentially inflict more harm than good to your SEO. Maintain a standard of minimum site quality, Domain Rating, and traffic criteria for the external sites you link with. Always opt for reputable services that adhere to the best link building strategies, ensuring you truly get your money’s worth.

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