How to Start a Mom Blog and Make Money Blogging in 2023

by Outranking
Updated On: November 9, 2023
How to Start a Mom Blog and Make Money Blogging in 2023

From changing diapers to hourly meal preps, being a mom is a lot of work! But if you’ve found your rhythm and want to share your experience with other moms and moms-to-be,  blogging may be just for you. Offer insights on managing a budget, and food preparation, and share parenting tips all from the comfort of your own home. 

Learn how you can make a mommy blog for other super moms just like you. And with a potential monthly earning of $5,150, maybe you can earn extra college fund money for the kiddos!

Our 5-Step Guide to Starting a Mom Blog

Instead of giving you general advice, we like to hold you hand and guide you through the process. So, fret not, here’s a step-by-step guide to starting your own mom blog in 2023:

1. Identify Your Niche

Identifying your niche is pivotal to your success. What are you passionate about as a mom?  Are you enthusiastic about providing healthy meals for kids, DIY crafts for toddlers, or offering homeschooling blog advice? 

Search deep within your interests, determine if there are questions or needs surrounding them, and voila! You’ve found your niche topic! However, it’s often best to niche down. The narrower your blog topic ideas, the more precise and direct assistance you can provide to your audience.

Here’s a snippet from Start A Mom Blog that can get you started.

A table showing different niches for a mom blog
Niching down is your best bet for blogging success.

Image Source

Now let’s talk about some of the most successful mom bloggers who have turned their passion into a steady income through blogging:

  1. Romy and the Bunnies is a mom-run blog based on fashion, well-being, and parenting. It is monetized through product sales of a range of clothing, and beauty products, ads, and affiliate marketing.
Screenshot of "Romy and the Bunnies" blog
Mom blog for fashion and parenting advice

2. With so many parenting philosophies out there, Free-range kids take on a slightly different approach. With a motto of, “children deserve some unsupervised time,” this blog talks about giving kids off-hand time and helping them become independent. Lenore Skenazy started this blog in response to the backlash she received when she let her nine-year-old ride the subway all by himself.

Screenshot of Free-Range Kids blog
A blog for teaching your kids to live independently

3. Tech-savvy Mama, founded by Leticia Barr in 2008, focuses on child development, psychology, education, and tech to provide useful advice for families about digital parenting topics. This blog has been awarded multiple awards including the’s 50 Favorite Mom Bloggers.

Screenshot of the Tech-Savvy Mama blog
A blog for digital parenting tips and education

The image below is a quick and easy way to determine where your interests lay in blogging. Say you like sharing your experience of being a mum, you like talking about food and you have great time management skills. Combine the three (15-minute Lunchbox Ideas) and bingo, you have something many mums would love to know!

Infographic explaining what your blog should be about
Combine any three elements to get to your blogging interest.

Image Source

2. Choose a Catchy Blog Name

The grand unveiling of your mom’s blog kicks off with a name. Like an artist chooses color with intention, pick a name that encapsulates your unique niche. Consider, for example, the inspired choice by Leticia Barr, “Tech Savvy Mama.” This name she’s chosen gracefully combines her niche with the term ‘mama,’ articulating the blog’s focus with remarkable clarity.

Your blog title must tick a few boxes. It must be simple to spell, easy to recall, and ooze with originality. Envision your blog on minimalist parenting. Here, a name like “MinimalistMommyCorner” could be quite compelling. For a stroke of extra inspiration, turn to a business name generator.

For a rainbow of unique blog name ideas, explore this business name generator.

Screenshot of Business Name Generator page
Business Name Generator can help you narrow down your business name

Now to the exciting part: Securing your domain name. After you’ve settled on an awesome blog name, cross-check the availability of your domain with the extension of your choice. If it’s up for grabs, it’s all yours! A variety of “domain extensions” are available, from the conventional .com to mom-focused like “.mom”.

Here are a handful of successful blogs within various mom-blogger niches to give you some creative stimulation in choosing a name that will dovetail with your blog for moms.

NichesPopular Mom Blogs in the niche
Natural lifestyleMama Natural
Subsistence AgricultureThe Prairie Homestead
Pregnancy and parenthoodPregnant Chicken
Fashion and stylingThe Fashionable Housewife
Digital parenting, psychology, and educationTech Savvy Mama

3. Select a Blogging Platform

Before diving into the thrilling world of mom blogging, selecting the right blogging platform is a pivotal step. Yes, options like Blogger and Wix may attempt to allure you with their free badges, but remember – there’s always a catch. Even though these platforms are free at face value, they come with ad placements and terms that may pull the reins on your blog monetization plans.

Therefore, emerges as a suitable candidate. Cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and the possibility to make money from your blog are the perks it offers. Furthermore, doesn’t skimp on features; from facilitating form creation through WPForms to providing payment integrations using platforms like PayPal and Stripe, it offers a lot. Note the emphasis is on, not The platform boastfully powers 43.1% of all websites on the internet.

Screenshot of the WordPress pricing and features
WordPress provides a wide array of features at a cheaper cost

Getting your blog up and going doesn’t end there, though. Your blog’s design, specifically the theme, plays a massive role in influencing how your content is perceived. WordPress offers you the chance to express your uniqueness through various blog template options. To illustrate, the Family Board theme could be the perfect fit for stay-at-home mom blogs.

But tech issues may arise, and when they do, you’d want up-to-the-mark tech support. That’s when platforms like Bluehost, with 24/7 phone and live chat support, become a lifesaver, helping you manage those random tech glitches amidst your mom duties.

Ultimately, while creating powerful content may be your magic trick, don’t shy away from exploring the landscape of monetization. Selling digital products like ebooks, webinars, or templates, along with sponsored posts, can lead to additional income.

To sum it up, launching a mom blog might feel daunting at first, but taking a structured approach—from choosing a platform, setting it up, and designing your blog—will aid in transforming your blogging journey into a fulfilling venture. It’s time to give your thoughts a voice – it’s time to blog!

4. Pick the Right Web Hosting

Your blogging adventure begins by choosing a steadfast web hosting provider, an essential element for your blog to be accessible online. Take into account key factors such as speed, security, customer service, and affordability. According to our research, HostGator and Bluehost are highly recommended. They offer you an affordable solution with 24/7 customer support, WordPress compatibility, and a bonus free SSL certificate for added site security.

Let’s compare the two:

Hosting ProviderPriceDistinct FeaturesCore Features
HostGator$3.75/moFree domain name for a year, trusted by 2 million websites24/7 customer support, free SSL certificate, WordPress compatibility
Bluehost$2.99/moWordPress-endorsed, low renewal fee24/7 customer support, free SSL certificate, automated WordPress setup

Pick your winner depending on your budget and specific blogging needs.

5. Register Your Domain

It’s time to lock in your blog’s identity by registering the domain name. The key is to match your site name to your domain, maintaining a uniform brand image. Go for a “.com” domain extension. If it’s taken, play around with different word orders or extensions, nevertheless, strive to get the coveted “.com”. Maintain simplicity with easy-to-remember names and avoid special characters. The perfectly chosen domain name can be the propeller launching your blog’s journey. So, find your perfect domain name, and log in to your hosting provider. Both Bluehost and GoDaddy make domain registration a breeze.

Screenshot of GoDaddy domain search page
GoDaddy and Bluehost make domain selection a breeze

Creating Your Mom Blog

Now that you have a business name and a domain, it’s time to get it up and running on WordPress, so you can share your mom’s wisdom with the world. 🦉

Choosing and Installing a WordPress Theme

Let’s dive into the fun part―giving your mom blog its charm with a WordPress theme. This essential aspect determines the aesthetics and functionality of your blog, setting it apart from the rest. Consider starting with free, responsive, and speedy themes like Astra or Kadence. Having familiarized yourself with WordPress themes, you could gradually move towards premium themes with added features and support. Stellar options such as 17th Avenue, Bluchic, and Pix & Hue are mom bloggers’ choice, delighting visitors at every visit.

Installing your chosen theme is a breeze. Simply navigate to Appearance > Themes on your WordPress dashboard. The best part? You can do it without a whiff of coding knowledge! Time now to let your mom blog dazzle with its unique identity.

Screenshot of WordPress dashboard
WordPress is easily customizable and you can install your favorite themes with just a few clicks

By the look of the image, it’s clear that your next stop after the WordPress Dashboard is “Appearance.” From here, clicking “Customize” will allow you to adorn your blog as you please. So, buckle up and let your creativity reign!

Creating Essential Pages and Logo

Establish your blog’s identity, it begins with developing key pages and crafting an enticing logo. The foundation is laid with the creation of an ‘About’ page that’s a tapestry of your narrative and your blog’s primary mission. This fosters a connection with your prospective audience. Next in line are the ‘Contact’, ‘Privacy Policy’, and ‘Disclosure’ pages. These are pivotal not only in building credibility with your audience but also in preserving the sanctity of your login credentials with stringent security measures. They also comply with legal requirements. Utilize a contact form plugin which can greatly simplify this process.

For endowing your blog with a distinctive brand, an enthralling logo is essential. Forget about steeply-priced graphic designers; free online logo creators are your knight in shining armor! These digital tools offer a quick and swift fix, akin to your printable solutions, instantly providing professional-looking logos. Perfect for creating an image that’s as hard to forget as your amazing content.

Installing Essential WordPress Plugins

Breathe life into your ordinary blog by equipping it with WordPress plugins. They’re the secret sauce to add multiple functionalities such as a contact form, site speed enhancement, security boots, and more. However, it’s crucial not to crowd your blog with too many plugins to avoid sluggish performance. Here, let’s discuss the key WordPress plugins you should consider:

  1. Yoast SEO or All in One SEO – These are your indispensable tools for SEO. Take, for instance, the popular All in One SEO, it offers assistance in tailoring your site for search engines which in turn, attracts more readers. Whether you’re an amateur or pro, their free as well as premium plans are suited to fit your needs specifically. 
  2. Google Analytics by MonsterInsights – This plugin serves up insightful data on reader behaviors, helping you curate content that resonates with your audience.
  3. WordFence – Consider this a 24/7 security guard for your blog. It provides real-time protection against online threats.
  4. WPRocket – This is your key to lightning-fast page load speed. It’s a caching plugin that improves your website’s performance swiftly.

To get these plugins moving, head into Plugins > Add New on your WordPress Dashboard. Remember, selecting the right SEO and posts plugin is like picking the perfect trusty sidekick for your blogging journey – it just makes everything smoother!

Screenshot of WordPress Plugins page
Plugins make SEO and other blogging technicalities easier with a few clicks

Displaying the dashboard page, the above image serves as a visual guide for WordPress users to install and upload manual plugins, thus expanding your blog’s functionality.

Crafting Quality Blog Entries

Writing Your First Blogs

Consider the acclaimed mom blog Clean Mama, highlighted in the image above, where a myriad of topics ranging from time-saving cleaning routines to practical home-keeping hacks are shared, providing readers with ample advice and tips.

Screenshot of the blog Clean Mama
Blog entries will make up a chunk of your blog’s content, so ensure you are on point here.

For ‘crafting quality blog entries,  focus on the most relevant details to pique reader interest while maintaining a neutral, engaging tone. Maintain a narrative flow by presenting information in an entertaining way. 

When it comes to creating quality content fast, Outranking is a must-try for your mom’s blog. A GPT-4-powered content writing, analysis, and optimization tool, Outranking is designed to assist you in writing quality content that ranks every time. 

After gleaning over the top 20 ranking pages, our tool will come up with the target keywords, a first draft, and improvements you could make to that first draft. And, that’s not it. Our tool will provide on-page SEO suggestions to improve your content’s ranking, leaving you to add in your personal touch and originality. Well, isn’t that a load off your shoulders? 🏋️

With Outranking’s V13 launched, you don’t even have to worry about internal linking, as the Auto-Optimization feature does it for you! Just kick back and watch your mom’s content rank 📈 

Give it a shot and send your competition out of the park.⚾  

Generating Blog Content Ideas

Struggling to whip up a constant stream of blog content ideas? Believe it or not, it’s a common hiccup many writers encounter, often dubbed as a “writer’s block”. Fear not, for there are tools like Jasper that can rekindle your creative spark and help you devise excellent mom blog subjects. The key is to mine ideas from your own life experiences, especially those unique challenges you’ve faced as a new mother.

You can glean inspiration from other mom blogs, explore various discussion forums, or delve into the social media whirlwind. However, it’s essential to respect original content and avoid plagiarism at all costs. If you’re just dipping your toes into the blogging water, start with topics you wish you had answers to when you started your motherhood journey. Struggling with a kid with a picky palate might just make a riveting blog post!

Here’s an added bonus: you can use Outranking to create personalized SEO-optimized drafts. It’s a brilliant way to get lots of content to start tinkering with. Remember to have fun during the process. Passion combined with profession certainly creates a magical blend! Outranking also emphasizes the importance of originality, that’s why you can’t get a good SEO score without ensuring originality in your content.

Screenshot of Outranking's SEO score metric
Outranking provides you with the best SEO score through optimization of images, internal and external links, videos, readability, etc.

Check out the image below. It illustrates a personalized SEO initial draft created by Outranking specific to this article. It includes an overview, readability score, and SEO measures that our sophisticated tool calculates to secure high ranks for your targeted keywords. Note that this score is before we even added media, originality, links, tables, or video. So we have to start improving the score from a score of 64. Imagine if we had to improve from 0. How much time it would have then taken versus now?

Screenshot of Outranking's suggested draft for this blog
You can use Outranking for creating outlines and first drafts for your blog, complete with links and suggestions

Learn how you can optimize your mom’s blog content for better ranking in the video below 🚸

Leveraging SEO for Better Traffic

When it comes to ensuring your mom blog not only survives but thrives in the vast digital ocean, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is your ultimate lifesaver. Think of Google as the best friend you never knew you needed. It all starts with designing your blog posts correctly—utilizing H2 and H3 headings, bullet points, and brief paragraphs. The benefits? Improved readability and a significant upswing in your on-page SEO.

Now, to navigate towards more traffic, keyword research is the compass you need. Track down long-tail keywords—those low-competition phrases—and skillfully weave them into your headings, the opening and closing paragraphs, and any anchor texts (the text that’s linked). A golden nugget of wisdom: Factors like page speed, mobile optimization, and backlinks (links from other blogs leading to yours) hold a lot of power over your blog’s SEO ranking.

Outranking is an AI-powered platform that puts automatic content optimization and insight generation at your fingertips. It’s packed with all the SEO tools you need to step up your blogging strategy. Just bear in mind SEO isn’t a short, dramatic sprint to the finish line. It’s more like a marathon—steady progress, not a one-time setup, is what brings home the gold. Patience is key!

The image showcases how Outranking aids in drafting a completely SEO-compatible article for your blog.
Outranking provides the score for on-page SEO and helps you identify the gaps in your content and the suggestions to plug those gaps

Promoting Your Mom Blog

Utilizing Social Media

Harnessing the power of social media can entirely change the landscape of your mom’s blog, delivering it right into the hands of a much larger audience. Indeed, some would say, social media is a veritable promotional gold mine.

Starting with Facebook, it’s an excellent platform to share your posts, engage in fruitful discussions with other moms, and craft connections with niche-related influencers. On this platform, each share of your content brings the potential to tap into a new network.

Then we have the darling of mom blogs, Pinterest. It is an incredibly influential platform for mom bloggers, where engaging pins can drive vast amounts of traffic to your blog. Especially so, when joined by the right influencer, your pins might even sweep the internet and go viral.

Beyond these, other channels like Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn may succeed, depending on your blog’s theme, target demographics, and the influencers they admire. These platforms present opportunities to share enticing snippets from your blog posts, interact with your readers, and employ vibrant images, persuasive call-to-actions, and relevant hashtags.

And remember collaboration with an influencer, or ideally, employment of a social media management tool, can help to cut through the clutter and move your promotion endeavors forward seamlessly. The world is just waiting to find your blog!

The screenshot shows an infographic explaining how social media reach works
Social media can push your content out to a wider audience

Image Source

Engaging in Forums and Mom Groups

Engaging in active dialogue within forums and mommy groups can act as a powerful tool for promoting your blog. Websites such as Babycenter, CafeMom, or WhatToExpect, foster an optimal environment to share, connect, and seek advice from like-minds on their motherhood journey. As a blogger, you might find it beneficial to participate in these discussions.

The image shows an illustration showcasing collaborative forums for mothers
You can promote your blog on forums where people ask questions related to your niche

In these forums, contribute meaningfully, be responsive, and help fellow members by providing them with useful insights. You could also subtly incorporate links to your applicable blog posts in these conversations. However, remember to do this delicately to avoid being pegged as a spammer.

Additionally, embrace face-to-face interactions in local mommy meetups. Here, you get a chance to establish a more personal connection with your potential audience. These meetings offer collaborative opportunities and act as an unconventional yet strong network-building platform for your blog.

A pro tip? Don’t underestimate the power of mom camaraderie – it can significantly turbocharge your blog’s promotion!

Looking for a specific online forum for mom bloggers? Mom Bloggers Club has an interactive forum space where you can engage with and receive support from other mother bloggers, aiding in your blog’s growth.

Collaborating with Other Mom Blogs

In the realm of mom blogging, the mantra revolves around collaboration over competition. This approach, particularly when driven by the powerful tool of guest blogging, unlocks growth and engagement opportunities for your blog. Picture this: a world where you craft compelling blog posts for other mom bloggers, and they do the same for you. It’s a win-win scenario that builds both parties’ audiences.

This process isn’t just about writing for others, though. It’s about becoming an active participant in the mom blogging community. We’ve found that regularly engaging with established mom blogs – through commenting, sharing, and interacting – places you squarely on their radar. This active participation paves the way for you to extend an invitation to these bloggers to guest post on your own blog, or vice versa.

As you immerse yourself in this bustling world of mom blogging, you’ll find your blog’s traffic soaring. It’s the nature of the mom blogging beast: collaborating and guest posting multiply the ‘mom power,’ leading to a blog that not only thrives but flourishes.

So, raise your blogging game through collaboration. Here’s to multiplying the mom power!

Making Money From Your Mom Blog

Exploring Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

Ready to monetize your mom blog? A lucrative venture to consider is affiliate marketing. This revenue generator involves recommending products in your blog posts and receiving a percentage as commission from any purchases made through your unique affiliate links.

Renowned affiliate marketing platforms like Amazon Associates offer attractive rate commissions of up to 10%. As a mom, you might have a bevy of products that have proven to be invaluable. From diaper brands to homeschooling resources, you could potentially recommend these items to your subscribers. Moreover, the philosophy of ‘the bigger, the better’ applies here, as endorsing higher-priced items, like strollers or electronic gadgets, can result in a significant payout.

Another path to explore is joining affiliate marketing programs offered by platforms like ShareASale, or even fellow bloggers who develop digital or physical products. They usually offer enticing affiliate programs with commissions ranging between 20-50%.

While embarking on this promising journey, keep in mind that authenticity is key. Recommend only products you personally trust and use, as your reputation is on the line.

Also, it’s imperative to include a disclosure statement at the top of your posts indicating the usage of affiliate links. This builds trust with your readers and sticks to industry ethical standards. One-click on your affiliate links by a reader could set the money wheels in motion, and all while you sip your morning coffee.

To provide real-life inspiration, consider the case of Michelle, the face behind the Mom blog ‘Making Sense of Cents‘. She pulls in a whopping $50,000 a month via affiliate marketing alone! So, why wait another minute? Set your eyes on a golden revenue opportunity with affiliate marketing and see where this exciting road takes you.

Generating Profit from Sponsored Posts

In our pursuit to monetize your mom blog, sponsored posts vindicate a potent slot. They serve as an influential medium for income if your blog generates substantial traffic and nurtures a loyal readership. Integral to the world of influencer marketing, sponsored posts offer a platform for brands to catch the spotlight. They pay you for highlighting their products or services in your blog entries. Our research reiterates that mom bloggers, boasting a robust following, can take advantage of influencer marketing to sell sponsored posts to businesses, the earnings from which are shaped by your blog metrics, type of sponsorship, and negotiation prowess.

Getting started may seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Simply align yourself with networks known for fostering brand collaborations via influencer marketing. Alternatively, you may find it beneficial to team up with ad agencies or brands that neatly fit into your niche or engage guest writers for these posts. An exciting prospect here is earning revenue whilst offering enriching content to your readers!

Let’s comprehend this better with an illustration:

Screenshot of the blog "The Mom of the Year"
Sponsored posts take advantage of the influencer marketing model

Image Source

Leveraging Direct Advertising and AdSense

Turn direct advertising and AdSense into a cash cow for your blog. A strategic pricing model is all you need to morph your blog into a legitimate money-making platform. Our investigations uncovered that ad placements are a blogger’s low-hanging fruit. Consider working with brands for customized ads on your blog (direct advertising), or utilize Google AdSense to host targeted ads relevant to your audience. With each click (Pay Per Click- PPC model), you get paid. Be sure to create competitive pricing and frequently dish out special offers to reel in advertisers and sustain high traffic, essential for generating income via this model. For ad placements? Opt for spots that are easy to see but not disruptive to the main content, preferably in the sidebar, header, or footer.

Screenshot of Google Adsense
Display relevant ads on your blog and get paid through the PPC model

Image Source

With Google Adsense, expect a range of $0.2 – $2.5 per 1,000 views.

A team of professionals conducting market research for a Google Ads campaign
Diving deep into market research to fine-tune our Google Ads campaign strategy
  • Begin by identifying your target audience essentially answering the who’s, what’s, and where’s.
  • Up next, wield keyword research tools such as Google KeywordPlanner or SEMRush to hunt down the most pertinent and popular keywords within your niche.
  • Understanding your competitors gives you a market edge. Explore their keyword choices, ad types, and market positioning.
  • Running A/B tests enables you to pit different ad variants against each other to unearth the most effective. Experiment with variable texts, images, and calls to action.
  • Finally, critical analysis of your Google Ads campaign outcomes helps you adjust for better results. Track the best performing ads, the most popular keywords, and conversion rates.
  • Sound market research seals the success of your Google Ads campaign. Don’t skimp on the time and resources you allocate to this.

Selling Digital and Physical Products

As we forge ahead in our journey, let’s broaden our entrepreneurial outlook and embrace the idea of selling products – everything from insightful ebooks and enlightening online courses, to trendy T-shirts and charming coffee mugs.

The intrinsic joys of digital products such as ebooks are hard to ignore. They are shipping and handling-free and are like fairy dust for avid writers seeking ways to monetize their platforms. If you find one of your blog posts riding the wave of popularity, why not remould it into an ebook or course? Imagine you command a home decor blog. What if you took your widely admired room makeover posts and crafted them into an irresistible ebook ripe for download?

Physical products offer a tangible charm of their own. Say your blog chants the mantra of minimalism. How about transforming it into your reader’s favorite minimalist shop with branded coffee mugs or meticulous planners up for grabs?

Image of a blog "Mama and Money" highlighting merch
Sell your own merch to generate more profit from the blog

But it doesn’t end with just creating and launching products. Streamlining your sales could take your blog from a humble home to a bustling storefront. Tools like Outranking can aid you in automating internal linking, keyword clustering, and finely curating an SEO content calendar to keep your sales sailing smoothly.

Time to roll up those blogging sleeves and let your blog ring the entrepreneurial bell!

Become a Full-Time Mom Blogger with Outranking

To all the aspiring mom bloggers out there: you could become a super blogger mom by creating quality content. And, you don’t need much to achieve it.  Outranking gives you AI writing, content generation and optimization, content strategy, and brief building, all in one place.

A diverse team collaborating on content and SEO strategies to create people-first content and rank with confidence
In the pursuit of excellence: Crafting people-first content and mastering the art of outranking the competition

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How Much Time Do I Need to Dedicate to My Blog?

Understanding the time investment for your blog can be puzzling, especially for bustling moms. On average, crafting a blog post takes roughly 3-4 hours, while trying to maintain a steady rhythm of 2-3 posts per week. But remember, it’s not all about writing! Tasks such as email-based promotion, record-keeping, and administrative activities also demand your attention.

According to Statista, 35% of female bloggers dedicate between 1 and 5 hours per week to their blogs. You should aim for at least one high-grade blog post per week to attract traffic and build a sustainable business while engaging readers. Consistency is key, and with the right blend of Google traffic and strategic email marketing, success awaits!

Success stories from the blogging world, such as Carly, founder of ‘Mommy on Purpose’, serve as a testament. Her transition from a conventional desk job to full-time blogging, despite her lack of expertise in SEO or email marketing, turned out profitable.

Mom carrying five plates of crisps
Multi-tasking moms can enjoy the perfect work-life balance with their blogging business

Image Source

She remarks, “I’m Carly, a full-time stay-at-home mom, full-time blogger. Appreciative of my blogging journey, I don’t have to leave my kids in daycare for work; thanks to my mom’s blog, generating 8-10,000 Canadian dollars monthly, regardless of whether I’m actively working on it or taking a break.”

As a slicing guide, divide your blogging time into different sections: writing, promotional activities, record-keeping, and other administrative tasks. This strategic partitioning provides you with a clear avenue for effectively managing your time and tasks.

What’s the Potential Earning from a Mom’s Blog?

It’s not uncommon to wonder about the earning potential of a Mom’s blog. Could blogging perhaps offer an auxiliary stream of income? The answer, while varying widely, is a resounding yes. As per information from FitSmallBusiness, lifestyle bloggers with a well-rounded strategy for monetization can expect anywhere between $3,500-$15,000 monthly. This typically is observed in popular lifestyle blogs catering to niches like fitness, fashion, and, of course, parenting. Our research indicates that mom bloggers charter earnings from $75 to $5,000 per endorsed post. Further diving into successful examples, Becky Beach, an esteemed mom blogger, banks around $5,000 on a monthly basis. Then there’s Chelsea Lords, whose blogging journey began with an astounding $40,000 in the initial year itself. While individual results may vary, the potential is certainly there. Why not give yourself the opportunity to mold your passion into a lucrative journey by starting a personal lifestyle blog?

Successful Mom Blogger Alida from The Realistic Mama
Blogging for moms is a great way to make big bucks, working from home

As an illustration, take Alida from The Realistic Mama, who enjoys a full-time income amounting to over $20,000 monthly. She is a beacon of assistance, aiding other mom bloggers to achieve financial self-reliance by sharing her knowledge and experience in the blogging sphere.

Climb the mom blog success ladder! 

Sign up with Outranking and climb to the top of the mom blog charts 🪜