How Long Does it Take for Backlinks to Show Effect?

Pankil Shah
by Pankil Shah
Updated On: October 27, 2023
How Long Does it Take for Backlinks to Show Effect?

You have acquired a handful of backlinks from high-domain authority websites. You are jumping up and down that, finally, your website will land on the top SERPs, after implementing an exquisite keyword, content, and link-building strategy. But it’s 24 hours post-backlink attaining and you check your rankings. CRICKETS.

Before you delve deep into your sorrow, let’s take a look at what people think about backlink strategy taking effect:

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It could take up to six months for your backlinks to rank!

But how much does it actually take time for backlinks to kick in? Read this article to find out more!

Introduction to SEO and Google Trends

When merged with other SEO factors, the virtuoso backlinks could outpace your webpage’s ranking. Keen on optimizing your pages better to quickly ascend the Google ranks? Stick with us!

Before deep-diving, consider these noteworthy statistics:

  • Backlinks claim a top spot among Google’s search algorithm ranking factors, according to a study by Moz.
  • Pages ranking among Google’s top 10 search results tend to be backlinks-rich, reinforcing the potent bond between backlinks and high ranks, according to Ahrefs research.
  • Better rankings are observed among websites that present an abundance of referring domains. Here, first-rate backlinks from a variety of sources come in handy, suggests SEMrush’s research.
  • Google’s algorithms have a penchant for well-optimized pages. Factors like appropriate keyword usage and top-notch content quality can cause a substantial movement upward in rankings.

Ready, Set, SEO!

Understanding the SEO Backlink Indexing Process

What Exactly is Google’s Backlink Indexing?

Before we dive in, it’s essential to get a grip on the fundamental term: backlink indexing. This is a crucial step in Google’s processing pathway, where your backlink comes under Google’s radar and gets logged. Simply put, the indexing process marks the webpage where your backlink resides.

An screenshot of Google's page indexing
Backlink indexing is a key part of Google’s crawling and indexing process

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Verification of your backlink’s presence in the ‘backlink bazaar’ is a piece of cake, really. All it takes is typing “site: URL of the page” into the Google search bar. If your page graces the search results, bam! Your link has embarked on its indexing journey.

Factors Determining Backlink Indexing

In the dynamic world of search engine optimization (SEO), backlinks play a vital role. However, their effectiveness isn’t uniform and is influenced by a number of factors. Let’s unpack these elements that determine backlink indexing and how you can harness them for your SEO strategy.

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Are your backlinks enhancing the quality of your blog?

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Keyword Difficulty (KD)

Indexing your backlinks may turn challenging if your website targets keywords with high difficulty (KD). KD indicates how hard it is to rank for a keyword, and a higher KD suggests stiff competition. However, targeting lower KD values could boost your backlinks’ indexing rate.

Site Authority

Established websites with high domain authority (DA) are believed to have their backlinks indexed much faster. That’s because search engines propose a higher trust score to these authoritative websites, promoting the indexing of their backlinks.

Content Frequency Updates

If your website is alive and kicking with regular updates, search engine crawlers love it! This affinity indicates your website is worth indexing faster, leading to quicker backlink indexing.


Though Google’s PageRank algorithm has retreated from public sight, it’s still functioning behind the scenes. Thus, backlinks from web pages with higher historical PageRank get indexed considerably quicker.

Quality of Backlinks

Not all backlinks are born equal! High-quality backlinks from relevant, authoritative sources significantly impact the indexing speed – the better the quality, the quicker the indexing.

Domain Age

Old is gold – at least when it comes to domain ages. Older, well-established domains tend to see their backlinks indexed far faster than their newer counterparts.

Diversity in Backlink Sources

A diverse backlink profile is good for SEO. Yet, it may invite variations in keyword difficulty, impacting indexing speed. As such, a fine balance between backlink source diversity and keyword strategy is tantamount to successful SEO.

Effective SEO Keyword Strategy

The success of backlink indexing also lies in the arms of a sound SEO keyword strategy. Effective use of keyword anchors assists in faster backlink indexing. Using keywords naturally in your anchor text and integrating them into your content can tip the scales in your favor.

On Dealing with High Keyword Difficulty

While high KD could slow the backlink indexing process, a well-placed SEO strategy can counteract this hurdle. Long-tail keywords, diversified anchor text, and consistently high-quality content can help combat high KD. Of course, AI tools can lend a hand in producing such high-quality content.

The Time Frame for SEO Backlinks to Spread Their Magic

Unveiling Stages Involved in Backlink Effectiveness

Backlink effectiveness is not an immediate feat; it’s rather a three-step process. The initial step involves Google indexing your backlink, brought about through the dynamic nature of website crawling. Following this, Google’s complex algorithm takes over, gauging your backlink’s “ranking power”. This evaluation considers a myriad of factors, a noteworthy one being the authority score of your website. Ultimately, the efficacy of your backlinks is highlighted via an uptick in the search rankings. Typically, these optimized backlinks start showing their magic around the 8-9 week mark. Do keep in mind that this is subject to variance owing to the intricacies of SEO factors, a domain that requires proficiency.

Case Study: Significant Growth Achieved by an E-commerce Brand with Link Building

The brand in focus is REPRESENT CLO, a men’s streetwear clothing company known for its trendy and stylish products, including varsity jackets, graphic tees, and oversized t-shirts.

Before embarking on a comprehensive SEO campaign, the brand primarily relied on paid advertising strategies, including social media ads, Instagram ads, and Google paid ads, to attract targeted traffic and generate sales. At the time, they had reservations about the potential benefits of SEO for their business, partly due to the highly competitive nature of the men’s streetwear market.

To address these challenges, a comprehensive and customized link-building campaign was initiated for REPRESENT CLO in May 2022. The approach focused on acquiring high-quality, contextually relevant backlinks to enhance the brand’s search engine rankings and boost organic traffic.

Results Achieved

The results of this collaboration were remarkable:

  • Organic Traffic: Monthly organic traffic witnessed a substantial increase, more than doubling from 66,000 to 132,000 visitors.
  • Keyword Rankings: The number of keywords that the website ranked for surged from 15,000 to an impressive 42,000, expanding their online visibility significantly.
  • Traffic Value: The estimated value of monthly organic traffic experienced a threefold growth, soaring from $15,000 to $40,000, highlighting the increased value delivered by organic search.
  • Improved Rankings: REPRESENT CLO achieved improved rankings for highly competitive keywords, including “varsity jacket,” “graphic tees,” “oversized t-shirt,” “oversized tees,” and various others, further enhancing their market presence.
  • Increase in Domain Rating (DR): The domain rating of REPRESENT CLO saw a significant improvement, reflecting the enhanced authority and credibility of their website.

This case study underscores the effectiveness of a well-executed SEO strategy in driving substantial growth for an e-commerce brand, especially in a highly competitive market. The success achieved by REPRESENT CLO serves as a testament to the value of investing in organic search optimization alongside paid advertising strategies.

Elements that Influence the Effectiveness of SEO Backlinks

Crucial Role of Domain Authority in Backlink Efficiency

A photo on how domain authority helps backlinks
Domain authority makes sure your backlinks are appropriate

Pivoting our focus to domain authority, we come face to face with what may be the real score to winning the SEO game! Commonly regarded as a website’s ‘credibility score,’ domain authority (DA) is a potent measure of backlink strength. Envision this – backlinks originating from a high-DA website not only elevate your webpage’s ranking but also fortify its position against fluctuations. Therefore, the higher the DA of a linking site, the more influential and effective its backlinks. Allowing your page to borrow the reputability of established sites, the domain authority of linking sites emerges as a crucial determinant of backlink effectiveness.

The Importance of Consistency and Relevance of New Links

Consistency and relevance are regarded as the cornerstones of backlinking. It’s vital to understand that regular and consistent backlink building helps protect your website’s continuous growth and shows its relevance in your specific niche to Google. What’s more, having backlinks from sources pertinent to your niche sends a clear signal to Google highlighting the strong alignment of your content. This, in turn, accelerates the journey towards achieving optimal outcomes. In essence, when it comes to SEO and backlinking, the twin pillars of niche relevance and consistent growth are indisputably crucial.

Speeding Up Your SEO Backlinks

Proven Tips to Hasten the Backlink Process

In the fast-paced arena of SEO, the pursuit of speedier results and amplified online visibility is unending. Playing a key part in this objective are backlinks, acting as substantial contributors to your site’s discriminating authority and search engine rankings. If you’re eagerly seeking ways to accelerate the backlink process and boost your SEO performance, these tried-and-true tips and strategies could be exactly what you need.

1. Embrace the Power of SEO Tools

Cutting-edge SEO tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, and SERanking can be your secret weapon to accelerate the backlink acquisition journey. These platforms deliver insightful metrics such as Authority Score, Domain Rating, and Domain Trust. Leveraging these figures, you can pinpoint high-caliber backlink prospects and ascertain the potency of potential linking domains. This knowledge allows you to aim for backlinks that bear the potential to positively swing your website’s ranking pendulum.

2. Fast-Track Website Loading Speed

Loading speed is an integral technical SEO parameter that bears on the pace of the backlink process. Both search engines and users prefer websites that load like lightning. If your website is anything but fast, it may elicit a lackluster user experience, which could put potential backlink opportunities on the back burner. To ward off slow speeds, double down on optimizing your website’s loading time. Shrink your images, capitalize on browser caching, and trim down extraneous scripts. A swift webpage not only revolutionizes user experience but also magnetizes more attention from search engines and probable link partners.

3. Commit to Crafting Stellar Content

A trove of high-quality content becomes a lighthouse for backlinks. Although the results might not be instant, churning out valuable and topical content consistently could attract natural backlinks in the long run. Premium content does more than just woo external links – it also primes your website for content and keyword-oriented SEO factors. Gear your content towards the needs and interests of your target audience and make sure it’s informative, engaging, and well-researched. Heartily refreshing and promoting your content could also build a stronger backlink foundation.

You can also leverage tools like Outranking for creating and updating existing content. Outranking is a GPT-4-powered content analysis, writing, and optimization tool. Outranking analyzes the top 20 ranking pages for a specific keyword and comes up with suggestions to create stellar content. With our on-page SEO optimizations, you can easily see what on-page SEO aspects your content is lacking.

Here’s a quick peek at how Outranking creates stellar content 👇

4. Chart an Effective Internal Linking Strategy

While often underrated, an efficient internal linking strategy is a compelling tool to sharpen your website’s SEO edge and quicken the backlink process. Internal links string together various pages on your website, providing a roadmap for both users and search engines to navigate through your content. By Strategically placing internal links, you can subtly guide search engines to crawl and index your website. This methodology can significantly influence how rapidly a page climbs the Google ranking ladder.

Tools like Outranking are here for you for your internal linking strategy journey, too! Our latest version focuses on automating the process of internal linking so you don’t have to worry. Just press Auto-Optimization and we’ll provide you suggestions for adding internal links along with their anchor texts — one less thing on your creative plate!

A screenshot of Outranking's SEO score summary
Outranking and similar tools can suggest more backlinks to add

5. Adopt Manual Site Indexing

To fast-track the backlink process, consider taking a hands-on approach with manual site indexing on major search engines like Google. While search engine crawlers typically scour and index new content on autopilot, manually pushing your site can solidify that your fresh pages and backlinks get promptly acknowledged and included in the search results. Such a proactive approach can catalyze greater visibility and enhanced rankings.

Busting the Myth about the Immediate Effect of Backlinks

The internet is awash with blog posts propagating this myth. But folks, fast results are a no-show in this arena! Usually, backlinks throw their weight around in about 8 to 10 weeks. There’s a process involved – from the initial indexing to assessing ranking power, and finally lifting SERP rankings. Consequently, just as creating mindful SEO strategies for your blog post, simmering a pot of patience is non-negotiable in the realm of backlinks.

Addressing Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about SEO and Links

The Easy Way to Check if your Backlinks are Indexed

If your question is, “How do I figure out if my backlinks have indeed been indexed?” rest easy, we’ve got the answers! All you need is the trusted Google Search Console. Login to your Google Search Console, then select the domain that’s been keeping you on edge. Now, if you fancy a little variety in your mundane SEO routine, here’s an alternate route. Exhibit your tech prowess by using Google’s “site:” operator. A simple “site:pageURL” is typed into the search console and the mystery is solved.

If a page spring-loaded with your backlink comes dancing like a peacock in your search results, then voila! Your backlink is officially indexed. Now break out the party hats you’ve been saving for a special occasion. However, if you’re met with the lonely sound of crickets and no search results, it means your backlink isn’t indexed yet. But hey, don’t drown in despair, it’s a party deferred, not denied. It’s merely a game of patience now.

Is there a Magic Wand to Speed up the Backlink Indexing Process?

Yes, such a “magic wand” does exist! By simply submitting your URLs to the URL inspection tool by Google, you can definitely expedite the backlink indexing process. Sprinkle some more magic by adding sitemaps, and robots.txt files to pave the path for indexing.

Decoding the Number of Backlinks Needed to Enhance Website’s Ranking

Pondering about the golden number of backlinks required to amplify your website’s ranking? A straightforward answer would be elusive. Yet, a guesstimate might be around 40-50 backlinks pointing to your homepage and somewhere between zero to ten for each individual web page.

It’s pivotal to grasp that the game isn’t purely about accruing link quantity, but rather obtaining top-tier, relevant backlinks. Concentrate on amplifying your backlink efforts by gaining worthwhile links from high-authority domains. Keep in mind, that Google ranks pages, not websites. Therefore, disperse your backlinking strategy evenly across your homepage and particular pages to nudge their authority indices upwards.

Moreover, to ensure your hard-earned backlinks continue to flex their muscle in the long run, make a link audit part of your regular SEO checks. With a preventative attitude toward maintaining your SEO ranking, a link audit routine allows you to keep tabs on your existing backlinks.

Ready To Grab Dozens of Backlinks With Your Content?

We know that backlink building is a complex and expensive journey. But instead of acquiring a lot of paid backlinks, you can focus on creating quality content that is helpful for readers, and search engines will reward you for that. Google rolled out new guidelines for creating quality content in Sept. 2023. Now if you generate AI content that’s unique and helpful, Google will rank that content. For this unique demand, Outranking has added a section in the tool that focuses on the originality of your content pieces.

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