The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing SEO Projects and Services to Agencies

Pankil Shah
by Pankil Shah
Updated On: October 19, 2023
The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing SEO Projects and Services to Agencies

SEO isn’t cheap and requires a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to reap the benefits of doing SEO for your website yourself. Not to mention the expensive SEO tools mandatory for getting great SERP rankings. 

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What’s going to be best for your SEO success?

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With all the SEO costs involved, businesses tend to outsource their website’s SEO tasks to agencies because of the experience, skills, and value for money these agencies offer. If you’re also in the thick of deciding between outsourcing SEO or not or wondering how to outsource SEO, this article will tell you how to outsource your SEO tasks to agencies, their pros and cons, and the factors to consider while outsourcing.

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization Outsourcing

Grasping SEO and Its Importance

In the dense jungle of the digital realm, SEO is your guiding star. Following the SEO basics ensures your website is user-friendly, content-rich, and easily discoverable by search engines, fitting into the ever-changing search engine algorithms. But remember, SEO isn’t merely about keyword stuffing or link accumulation — it’s a holistic approach that covers both on-page and off-page strategies and technical aspects. Hence, search rankings and user experience go hand in hand.

The Necessity to Outsource SEO Services

Considering the complexities of SEO and juggling it with your core business operations is no walk in the park. Fear not! Outsourcing your SEO needs to a specialized SEO outsourcing agency can be your saving grace. Let a team of experts who live and breathe SEO handle this colossal task, avoiding the overhead associated with an internal team so, you can focus on your best — managing your business!

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Don’t neglect your SEO strategy!

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Should you be an agency or consultant considering this move, rest assured that many SEO service providers offer reseller or white-label services. However, research extensively before leaning heavily on an SEO reseller, as it could limit your control over quality. Therefore, spend a bit more time weighing your SEO service provider options before deciding.

Identifying the Right Time to Outsource SEO Projects

Scaling Your Business with SEO

Time to soar? Your SEO journey is a game of more — more keywords, more content, more backlinks. Achieving your SEO goals can be challenging, making you realize the importance of having a developed SEO strategy. Employing an SEO team can help you by multiplying your output tenfold, thus dramatically scaling your SEO efforts and extending your web reach. Trust me, such scalability, improvement in SEO rankings, and visibility in SERPs is something you can’t achieve single-handedly!

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Overcoming the Lack of Time, Resources, or SEO Expertise

Out of time? Facing bandwidth limitations? Is seemingly complex SEO terminology giving you a headache? Sounds like you need an experienced SEO professional! If your team is grappling with the tricky beast that is SEO management or with its intricacies and nuances an inexperienced team might miss, then outsourcing could be just the ticket for you!

Weighing the Pros and Cons of SEO Outsourcing Companies

Advantages of Partnering with the Best SEO Outsourcing Company

So what’s the big deal about outsourcing SEO tasks? Plenty! Here’s a glance at the main gains:

  • Time saved: No more late-night keyword hunting or troubleshooting technical SEO issues. This allows both your company and SEO clients to focus more on what matters most — your business. This is one of the significant freelancer benefits: delegating tasks to seasoned professionals who leverage their years of experience to deliver pertinent results.
  • Money saved: Say goodbye to paying for a full-time, in-house SEO team. More benefits for less money. Sounds fun, right? This is a prudent way to enhance search visibility without breaking the bank.
  • Better results: Watch your rankings climb, traffic escalate, and visibility soar, all thanks to your outsourcing partner! With pinpointed goals like increasing website visits or variety in service offerings, from technical SEO to link-building, get positive SEO results.
  • More services: Checkmate your competition with an expanded portfolio of services, all while maintaining high quality and affordability. Service specifications from your outsourcing partner and clear timelines for deliverables can ensure clarity and quality.
  • Less complications: Leave the jargon-filled maze of SEO education and training to a team that loves that stuff and gives efficient SEO support!

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Potential Pitfalls of Outsourcing SEO Work

But hold on – outsourcing SEO isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. Be prepared to face a few SEO challenges:

  • Communication: Managing offshore teams can be tricky due to differing time zones and language barriers. More so, effectively communicating your SEO tactics or required blogger outreach can be a hurdle. But then, bridging this communication gap is paramount.
  • Control: Understandably, outsourcing means you’ll have less control over your SEO operations. It may seem like a daunting challenge, but fret not! Partnering with a firm that practices white hat SEO ensures they will handle your business like a skilled chauffeur – steering you towards success while combating SEO challenges. Remember, every coin has two sides, and so does outsourcing SEO!
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There are pros and cons to outsourcing SEO

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Exploring SEO Outsourcing Options

Engaging SEO freelancers

Ready to go solo? Hiring SEO freelancers with ample SEO experience is a cost-effective strategy perfect for smaller businesses. These seasoned professionals can perform various tasks, including on-page optimization, local SEO, and content creation. Yet, being a sole individual, the breadth of tasks they can handle is naturally limited. So taking care of tasks like a comprehensive SEO audit — which taps into various SEO tools — may become your responsibility. So, if you’re considering this route, bear in mind both SEO costs and the oversight role you may need to play.

Upwork and Fiverr are two of the best platforms for finding SEO expert freelancers. These freelancers can work on an hourly basis or at a flat rate per project. Their rates depend upon their expertise and experience. Below is a list of SEO experts found on Upwork.

Screenshot of SEO experts on Upwork
Freelance SEO experts like this can take your strategy to the next level

Collaborating with SEO Agencies

Want to go the extra mile? Engage in a fully managed SEO campaign with a proficient agency. Here’s the thing – agencies mirror a beehive. Multiple skilled resources converge to build rock-solid SEO strategies. These include an array of services like technical SEO audits, keyword research, and backlink building. They also ensure adequate web traffic and keep you updated on the ever-changing SEO landscape. However, remember that bigger gains, such as extensive website traffic, may require a larger budget. So, if you have in-depth SEO needs and a sizeable budget, embarking on an SEO campaign with agencies is the way to go!

Below is a table that clearly demonstrates the difference in SEO costs for in-house vs. outsourcing:

SourceWhat’s Included in CostAverage Cost
In-house SEOThe annual salary of an SEO specialist, including benefits$55,000 to $75,000 per year
Outsourcing SEO• SEO expert’s billable time
• Tools and software used for SEO
• Extra deliverables broken down by your plan
• $2500 to $7500 per month
• $30 to $100 per hour
• $10000+ per project

Strategies for Successful SEO Outsourcing

Setting Clear SEO Goals and Service Requirements

Before underlining impactful SEO practices, draft your SEO goals. Do you want more organic traffic? Higher keyword rankings? Better conversion rates? 

Then, pen down your service requirements. Are you on the hunt for search keyword research, content optimization, link building, or perhaps all-inclusive on-page and page optimization? A comprehensive roadmap puts you and your SEO partner on the same page, ensuring the optimization efforts align with desired outcomes. 

This way, your business can focus on its forte while reaping the rewards of better search visibility, and your SEO partner knows precisely what to deliver.

Researching and Choosing the Right Outsource SEO Company

Now comes the fun part – partner hunting! SEO is no kids’ game; don’t trust just anyone. The next step involves researching various SEO service providers like an SEO reseller or a standalone agency. Consider those with a robust portfolio, relevant experience, and glowing testimonials.

  • Are they an SEO reseller offering white-label SEO services or a full-service SEO service provider?
  • Do they align with your SEO goals and cater to your niche?

These factors can immensely influence your search result rankings. Read, research, and review before making your choice. Relying on facts is more prudent than trusting your gut feeling!

Establishing the Scope of Work and Collaboration Rules

You’re almost there! Now, it’s time to embark on your SEO journey by laying the ground rules. Confirm your SEO tasks for an effective SEO program, establish deadlines with scalability in mind, and set communication preferences to ensure continuity in your SEO efforts. Discuss privacy rights, intellectual property, and dispute resolution. Clear communication gears towards smoother collaboration. So, don’t simply shake on it — get everything in writing, making it a vital part of your SEO strategy!

Key Factors to Consider When Outsourcing SEO Services

Budget Considerations for SEO Outsourcing

Outsourcing SEO is an investment, not just an expense. Understanding the SEO costs involved is essential, as it directly influences your ROI. So, plan your budget smartly, focusing more on the results rather than the pricing. Engage yourself with an SEO solution that matches both your needs and financial reach, ensuring you ’don’t fall for cheap services promising unrealistic results. Instead, consider paying a slightly higher price for quality SEO services that can reduce overhead costs and increase your ’team’s bandwidth without the need to hire in-house. Remember, some agencies may do the bare minimum, but ’it’s the outsourced quality that matters.

Evaluating Provider Expertise and Industry Experience

Never underestimate the power of expertise and experience! Your potential SEO partner should not only be a seasoned professional in the field but also possess extensive SEO management skills. They should be fluent in your industry’s language and comprehend your audience’s requirements. SEO tools should be a part of their arsenal and the treasure trove of their SEO experience should be frequently reflected in their track record. Review their success narratives and distinctive case studies. Seek client feedback if they’re not immediately accessible. Ensure they tick all the boxes on the SEO experience checklist before finalizing the arrangement.

Ensuring transparency, reporting, and regular review of results

Openness and communication are vital! Your SEO partner should periodically deliver comprehensive reports detailing key metrics such as organic search volumes, keyword rankings, and lead conversions. This is part of the vital SEO audit process that aids in SEO improvements. Besides metrics, these reports should include updates on backlinks gained, website domain ratings, and progress on content or link placement. Regular scrutiny of quarterly reports can hint at the success of your SEO strategies. Remember, SEO is a long-term game. Partner with someone who communicates transparently and shares data openly. Make sure to consult an example of an exhaustive SEO report for a clearer understanding.

Avoiding Common Mistakes in SEO Outsourcing

Prioritizing ROI Over the Lowest Price

Beware of penny-wise, pound-foolish decisions! Hooking on to the cheapest SEO service might just convert your savings into losses. It’s a well-known fact that SEO costs can vary greatly. Sure, you end up saving a few dollars upfront. But render a thought towards the returns. You might encounter the harsh reality that low-priced services may not always correlate with high returns. The key lies not in minimal spending but in achieving maximum ROI. Instead of pricing, focus on the results you need. So, be prepared to invest in quality SEO services for a higher return. Outsourcing SEO can reduce costs while accelerating your business growth

Remember to clarify your SEO goals and the timeline for deliverables, as this can have a significant impact on your business success. 

Managing Expectations for Immediate Results

Hoping for magical results overnight? Hold your horses! Remember, SEO is no ‘abra kadabra’. It’s a delicate operation that requires a realistic timeframe. Typical SEO rankings improvement is akin to a slow-cooking, finger-licking dish. The significant search visibility is unlikely to be seen within 4 to 6 months. Should an agency promise quicker results, they might be risking hazardous black-hat SEO. Do not fall prey to these tall tales!

Addressing Communication Gaps in SEO Outsourcing

Communication crunch turning into a crisis? With outsourced SEO support, there can be communication barriers due to language and time zones. These hiccups may lead to misunderstandings and extended project timelines. Regular meetings, using effective SEO tools like Zoom for virtual interactions, email for formal communication, or project management software for SEO management can help. Never sideline communication!

Evaluating SEO Outsourcing: Case Studies and Examples

Success Stories of SEO Outsourcing

Fancy some success stories? Here are a few glimpses into the SEO journey of various businesses:

  • One business witnessed a 553% boost in organic customer acquisitions after it embarked on its SEO journey by outsourcing.
  • Another firm experienced up to 12.2x return on investment, indicating significant SEO improvements, after choosing to outsource.
  • A third company enjoyed a 30.2% surge in organic search revenue, seeing a visible increase in website visits, post-outsourcing.

Impressive, right? That’s the transformative power of well-executed, outsourced SEO operations, bolstering web traffic effectively.

Lessons Learned from SEO Outsourcing Blunders

Let’s expose some stumbles:

  1. A firm, challenged by the overwhelming intricacies of SEO opted for the cheapest SEO service. The agency preferred black hat over white hat SEO tactics, resulting in a Google penalty. They had to start from scratch!
  2. Fuelled by the daily grind of business, another company overlooked the necessity for regular communication, only to find their SEO efforts weren’t meeting their aspirations. The SEO challenges mounted, leading to a mid-course debacle!
  3. Impatient for immediate results, a company terminated its involved SEO strategy prematurely instead of investing time in comprehensive keyword research and meticulous backlink building. They unwittingly gave up a potentially rewarding opportunity!

Mistakes, indeed, are the stepping stones to triumph. In light of these tales, let’s step boldly towards a successful SEO outsourcing journey!

To Outsource or Not to Outsource…

Whether you are a small business or a well-established business, SEO needs to be constantly updated because Google rolls out algorithm updates regularly, affecting the rankings of all websites. An in-house SEO team is a great investment if you have the means and resources, but if you don’t, outsourcing is the right fit for you as you can find talents and agencies that complement your budget for SEO.

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Frequently Asked Questions about SEO Outsourcing

Understanding the cost of SEO outsourcing

The cost of outsourcing SEO is quite elastic. Underlying factors such as your chosen agency, the services required, and even SEO costs can dramatically affect the price. Typically, you can expect to pay anything from a few hundred to several thousand dollars a month. High SEO pricing symbolizes comprehensive and custom packages that meet your needs, thus, they could be a worthwhile investment.

Instead of focusing solely on pricing, consider the efficiency and ROI that the prospective service offers. Remember, outsourcing enables you to avoid substantial overhead costs related to in-house teams and allows you to leverage the benefits of a specialized freelancer. All said, the rule in SEO, as in life, remains the same: you get what you pay for!

Determining if your business can outsource SEO

Absolutely! Outsourcing SEO to seasoned service providers caters to all – startups, small businesses, large enterprises, and even SEO reseller clients, like marketing agencies and consultants. Whether your keyword research is a haystack or your backlinks need a boost, there’s an SEO service provider waiting to assist! If the shoe fits, wear it. If the SEO service matches, hire it!

Estimating the timeline for results from outsourced SEO services

Patience is the key when it comes to SEO. It’s important to understand the timeframe involved for significant SEO rankings to manifest. Often, one ’doesn’t observe dramatic changes overnight. Generally, it takes about 4-6 months to start noticing substantial improvements. This isn’t a sprint but more of a marathon. Hang in there, slowly but surely, your SEO program will reflect beneficial results in your search result rankings! Always remember that worthwhile things take time and excellent results from a well-managed SEO program, are even more so.

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