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PS5 Set To Integrate PS Stars Soon, According To Newly-Added Privacy Settings

Sony’s new loyalty initiative PS Stars looks set to be integrated into the PS5 ecosystem in the near future, following its launch via the PS mobile app last year.

That’s at least according to new evidence spotted by Twisted Voxel, which noticed that PS Stars privacy settings have been added to Sony’s flagship home console. Among these options include allowing you to set who is able to view your PS Stars level and the accompanying digital collectible display case.

This suggests that Sony is ready to bring PS Stars to PS5 in the near future, although we’re still waiting for an official announcement from the format holder on exact details.

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PlayStation Stars is a new loyalty program that allows you to earn points to redeem on various goodies, including PSN wallet funds and content on the PS Store. Campaigns are offered for a chance to earn rewards, with one example being the Monthly Check-In, which simply asks you to play any game. One of the digital collectibles available for PS Stars is none other than Sony indie boss, Shuhei Yoshida.

[Source – Twisted Voxel]