How to Write SEO Product Descriptions For Higher Rankings

by Outranking
Updated On: October 27, 2023
How to Write SEO Product Descriptions For Higher Rankings

If your product descriptions aren’t generating any traffic or conversions, it’s due to your lack of product description optimization. Just like you optimize content to attract humans, you also have to optimize your product descriptions for SEO, so that they appeal to search engines. But how do you write SEO-optimized product descriptions? And should your SEO product descriptions contain heaps of information and keyword stuffing?

This article focuses on optimizing your product descriptions without over- or under-doing it for SEO and readers.

Introduction: Importance of SEO-Optimized Product Descriptions

As digital window shoppers, we often slide past online products without batting an eye, a frequent occurrence that leaves retailers sighing with disappointment. But why? In most instances, the missing magic element is a well-structured, impactful description infused with solid SEO tactics. With power-packed and SEO-enhanced product specifications, you can steer the right crowd toward your product’s landing page. This approach can work wonders in making product offerings transparent to search engines and consumers alike and can elevate the product’s visibility on search engine results pages while propelling sales upwards.

Let’s examine some enlightening facts and statistics to help us understand what’s going on:

  • #1 result on Google’s organic search results has an average CTR (click-through rate) of a whopping 27.6%!
  • The top-ranking spot on search results is 10 times more inclined to catch a click than a page positioned at #10.
  • Positions #8 – 10 on the search results have almost identical organic CTR, proving that an upward shift at the bottom of the first page may not necessarily attract more organic traffic.
  • The magic bullet for higher CTR seems to involve using longer keywords. Keywords containing 10 – 15 words catch 1.76x more clicks than their single-word counterparts.
  • A keyword-infused URL can do wonders for your CTR; URLs with keywords sport a CTR 45% higher than that of keyword-free ones.
  • Positive titles could help your CTR. Our investigation unveiled that titles radiating a positive sentiment boosted the CTR by a handsome 4%.
A graphic listing 5 tips for writing optimized product descriptions
Here’s a quick guide to writing SEO-optimized product descriptions

Image Source

Understand Your Target Audience

Imagine yourself for a moment stepping into the shoes of your customer. Knowing who they are, their wants, needs, and online shopping habits can transform your product descriptions into irresistible lures hooking your desired target audience. Are they new parents on maternity leave, fresh-faced university students, or doting grandparents? Do they usually click `Add to Cart’ for their own self-indulgence, or as a gift for others?

Once you’ve determined who you’re talking to, you need to consider their search intent. Are they making a dash for the checkout line out of necessity, or merely browsing through the aisles of your online store driven by desire? Both these data points are invaluable in crafting a narrative that strikes a chord with their specific needs. A deeper understanding of your consumers wants and why they’re on your website, to begin with, will fuel your product descriptions, making each word resonate and the product practically sells itself.

How can you achieve such insight, you may ask? It’s all about building detailed buyer personas covering everything from demographic data to daily routines and everything in between. Familiarize yourself with these intimate profiles and you’ll be astonished at how your product descriptions suddenly seem to speak to your customers on a deeply personal level.

Take a look at this example:

Example of a buyer persona
Put yourself in the shoes of your target audience

Image Source

Adopt the Appropriate Tone of Voice

Understanding your target audience is the launching pad to mastering the tone of voice. This goes beyond a simple assembly of words; it is at the heart of your website copy. Your brand’s unique voice — when skillfully reflected in SEO-optimized copywriting — conveys the ethos and personality of your business. Successful businesses like Innocent Smoothies use a carefully designed, informal tone throughout their content, using humor and whimsical language to engage their customers. This clever narrative filled with playful, spare yet engaging words robustly represents their brand identity.

It’s crucial, however, that this tone stays consistent across all brand platforms, be it product descriptions, social media content, or customer-centric emails. When it comes to effective copywriting, homogeneity in the tone takes precedence. By upholding a steady brand voice across different platforms, you can make your products stand out, develop a strong brand identity, and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

Examples of Brands that have Mastered their Tone of Voice

Let’s dive into a couple of superb examples of brands whose adept tone of voice utilization has not only set them apart but also fostered a strong bond with their target market:


The celebrated beauty and self-care company Dove has drawn applause for its potent and encouraging brand voice. Its heartening message, aimed at encouraging inner beauty, has become a perfect approach to promoting its products. Dove’s brand voice has burst forth as an advocate of body positivity, empowering women, and cultivating self-love. By integrating this powerful narrative into its customer engagement, Dove has successfully propelled its products while faithfully upholding its core values.

Tweet from Dove
Know how your audience would like to be spoken to

Image Source


On the other hand, Mailchimp, a dominant player in the email marketing field, embraces an engaging and informal brand voice. While this veers away from the norm for a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider, Mailchimp has managed to carve out a distinct rapport with its customers. The brand leans into delightful humor, establishing personal connections with its audience through authentic messaging. Crucially, their approach prioritizes natural humor over gratuitous or forced jesting.

Tweet from Intuit Mailchip
Speak like your audience

Image Source

Tips for Establishing and Maintaining a Consistent Tone of Voice

Creating customer-focused product descriptions must be anchored to a reliable and consistent brand tone. Here are a few tips to assist you in establishing and maintaining a unique brand style across various media:

  1. Define Your Brand’s Personality: Do you portray your brand as friendly, professional, or bursting with humor? Having a clear understanding of your brand’s personality traits will help you figure out how your brand communicates with its audience. It’s the first step in shaping your brand’s voice.
  2. Design Brand Guidelines: A comprehensive style guide that sets the tone, language, and content rules for your brand is the second essential. This playbook serves as your brand’s communication compass, showing everyone how to represent and talk about your brand.
  3. Educate the Team: Make sure your team members are well-versed in the style guide and quality standards. Only then can they produce on-brand content consistently.
  4. Develop Templates: To maintain consistency, it helps to create templates for various forms of content, like emails, social media posts, and notably, product descriptions. These templates act as a framework that streamlines the writing process while ensuring your brand voice is consistent.
  5. Review and Adjust Regularly: A brand’s voice isn’t set in stone. It’s crucial to periodically check how effective your tone is and if it resonates with your target audience. Don’t hesitate to make necessary tweaks to keep it fresh and relevant.

Consider these tips your starter kit in crafting a distinctive brand voice that your customers can instantly recognize. Remember, a consistent brand tone is instrumental in creating engaging and SEO-friendly product descriptions.

The SEO Equation in Product Descriptions

Place Keywords Strategically

The secret to savvy SEO in product descriptions isn’t simply cramming your copy with keywords. Instead, focus on strategic keyword placement, guided by rigorous keyword research. Utilize a keyword tool to pinpoint phrases with a high volume of searches yet low keyword difficulty.

The selected focus keyword demands strategic incorporation in certain spots – the product description title, the URL structure readable to humans, and the ALT tags of images. This ensures your product’s SEO potential is maximized.

In your product descriptions, consider sprinkling your keyword, even better, long-tail keywords, once or twice. Just remember: keyword stuffing is your foe. It will derail your SEO efforts rather than propelling them.

Also, don’t ignore other relevant keywords. Weaving these into your product descriptions can drum up more traffic from prospective buyers.

Table listing good and bad keywords
Invest time in quality keyword research

Image Source

Optimize for Search Engines

To optimize for search engines and beyond, focus on complete page optimization. When it comes to online shopping, SEO isn’t an add-on; it’s indispensable fuel for growth. By fine-tuning your e-commerce websites to be search engine-friendly, you gain a higher chance of aligning your products with prospective customers at the pivotal moment: the point of purchase

SEO isn’t a single-player game of just keywords; it’s a team effort. A persuasive blend of an appealing heading, informative meta description, and engaging title tag make it easier for search engines to understand and position your product in the panoramic vista of the digital ecosystem.

Here’s a pro tip: striking product images, equipped with articulate captions and alt text, not only embellish your page but also give an accessibility boost.

List of a Kindle product description
Here’s a good example of a well-optimized product description

Image Source

Don’t overlook your web page URLs; handle them with care. A neat, human-readable URL structure works like a charm, pleasing not just search algorithms but humans too. After all, it’s the humans who will be swiping their cards!

Ultimately, when crafting product descriptions and unleashing SEO magic, always keep this golden rule in mind: prioritize the consumer’s search intent by providing authentic, beneficial information. Search engine optimization will follow naturally. 

Avoid Duplicate Content

Refrain from duplicating manufacturer descriptions across your products, despite the enticing simplicity of this approach. This is seen as spam by Google, often dragging down the search rankings of e-commerce websites. Instead, consider enhancing your e-commerce product pages with unique product data and SEO-friendly product descriptions. Make each retail product shine with its unique specification information, tap into the perks of SEO-friendly product descriptions, and boost their individual value. For items that share almost identical specifications, remember – unique trumps duplicate every time. Accentuate the unique selling points of each product and steer clear of content duplication.

A graphic showing a robot struggling to manage duplicate content
It’s important to get rid of duplicate content throughout your web page

Image Source

Diligent keyword research, strategic content structure, astute formatting, a keen eye on keyword usage, taking a user-centric approach, sticking to SEO best practices, mobile responsiveness, and encouraging regular updates & user reviews are some of the steps that could be undertaken. These essential steps could ensure the creation of SEO-friendly product descriptions, ensuring your e-commerce business always stays on top!

Crafting Engaging and Persuasive Content

Make Use of Power and Sensory Words

Harness the intrinsic might of power and sensory language to make your product descriptions engaging and persuasive. These “golden nuggets” of language serve a dual purpose by providing vivid imagery and enriching sensory experiences. Think phrases that impart a feeling of homely comforts, such as “cozy” or “snug”, or words that conjure up exciting, tingling feelings like “sizzling” or “fizzing”. They add an extra relatable layer to the description. Additionally, words such as “mouth-watering”, “aromatic”, or “decadent” are proven to create vivid mental images, allowing the reader to almost experience the texture, flavor, or aroma of the product.

Take a cue from Red Bull, who use “vitalize” to represent their product’s energy-boosting features – a prime example of power words in action. Don’t shy away from sprinkling these vibrant and powerful words throughout your descriptions, making your content not only more colorful but also amplifying consumer interest.

A Red Bull product description
Use power words to engage both readers and search engines!

Include Essential Product Information

Persuasively presenting your product is all about being meticulous with the details: size, material, guidelines for use, etc. The specific information of your product holds weight as a critical factor of data, reinforcing your relationship with the consumer. Not giving sufficient attention to these details can hamper user experience, creating needless confusion.

Customers typically rely on products’ visual representation and associated descriptions. Particularly for smaller items, where the photograph’s dimensions might misrepresent the product’s actual size, it is crucial to accentuate their actual measurements. In addition, articulating the materials used can help avert accusations of concealing quality deficits.

Equally significant is laying down detailed care instructions. By doing this, you foster trust in your buyer and help them sidestep the Ambiguity Effect, reassuring them of your product’s undisputed quality. While crafting your narrative, always remember your target reader isn’t solely bots, but also your esteemed human clientele.

Do not shy away from showcasing reviews and endorsements from your satisfied customers. These reviews and testimonials serve as social proof and can vividly impact a prospective buyer’s decision-making. By displaying positive reviews and customer recommendations, you can amplify trust and credibility in your product, thus making potential customers more inclined towards making a purchase.

Screenshot of a positive Outranking review
Show off what makes your product stand out!

Necessary Tweaks and Enhancements

Optimize for Mobile

The modern era is marked by the principle of “Shop at your fingertips”. For the year 2022, it has been recorded that mobile devices account for over 50% of all e-commerce sales. Given such a trend, possessing a mobile-friendly shopping platform, ably supported by well-designed web pages, is indispensable for any digital arena.

The foremost necessity for a successful mobile presence is optimized product descriptions and images, falling under the strategic banner of SEO. A superior mobile shopping experience comes with simplified steps in the purchase process, thereby promoting the ease of swiping and tapping. This results in an unclogged route to your product. This approach is reflective of key web page and content optimization principles. The goal is simple: Efficiently convert potential mobile shoppers into actual customers. Accomplishing this indicates effective website optimization, facilitating higher SERP (search engine results pages) rankings.

A template for optimizing a product page on mobile
Make sure your product information is broken down clearly, for maximum readability

Image Source

We must pay special attention to enhancing the readability of this content. Break down bulkier paragraphs into shorter, decodable ones. Use of descriptive subheadings, bullet points, or numbered lists, spotlighting pivotal details facilitates quicker scanning and comprehension of the information by the readers.

Understanding how to optimize for mobile is a key step towards achieving higher web page rankings.

Use AI to Improve Your Descriptions

AI-assisted writing tools like Outranking are paving the way in generating SEO-optimized product descriptions swiftly and efficiently. With Outranking, you can train the powerful AI to your brand voice and style and create specific prompts that in turn generate the best possible product descriptions for your products. We also analyze the top-ranking pages for the specified keywords and give you the content descriptions that beat your competitors.

Screenshot of Outranking's auto-optimization feature
Outranking’s auto-optimization wizard makes perfecting your content easy!

Don’t forget to imbue a bit of a human touch, fact-check AI-produced content, and infuse it with personal elements. 🧑‍🍳 This helps your pieces remain in sync with your brand values and engage effectively with your customer base. While we embrace the operational proficiency brought forth by these tools, let’s also maintain the human element that remains integral in adding uniqueness and originality.

Outranking is also good for automating internal links so that your eCommerce store is completely indexable by Google. Our optimization features include (but certainly aren’t limited to):

FeatureWhat it doesOverall outcome
Title & DescriptionGenerates & optimizes titles and descriptions based on keywords and ranking dataImproved Click-Through-Rate (CTR)
Improved SERP rankings
OutlineGenerates & optimizes outlines with keywords and the ideal number of sectionsShorter outline times
Topic focused
Keyword optimized headers
Automatic Internal LinkingIdentifies & inserts internal linking opportunities semanticallyIncrease content discoverability
Improve content promotion
Dynamic linking
Improved user experience
Increased time on site
NLP TermsInserts natural language processing terms where appropriateEnsures keyword relevancy
More natural language
Quality assurance
Originality Improvement SuggestionsProvides unique suggestions to improve content’s originalityKeeps content fresh
Ensures content originality
Keeps content competitive with top SERP pages

Create a Clear and Compelling Call to Action

A strategically positioned CTA can augment your conversion rates, directing the customer’s actions, whether that’s adding a product to the cart or hitting that all-important buy now button. Having said that, placing CTAs adjacent to SEO-friendly product descriptions enhances visibility and gently nudges your customers toward making a purchase.

Fuel the consumer’s desire by creating tension between supply and demand. Highlight limited stocks or time-bound offers to spur the customer into action. Visibility is key; ensure that the CTA is visually arresting to ramp up the conversion rates.

Here are a few captivating CTAs to stir your creativity:

  • Shop this Deal
  • Get Yours Today
  • See More Colors
  • Explore Features
  • Claim Your Savings

Some intriguing stats to consider are:

  • CTAs can drive customers to broadcast their purchases on social media, increasing the likelihood by a staggering 16 times.
  • CTAs, when nestled within ample white space, potentially raise conversion rates by an impressive 232%.
  • Personalized CTAs outperform generic ones by 202%, proving that targeted marketing isn’t to be ignored.

Crafting a compelling CTA is somewhat of an art, blending clarity, urgency, and the allure of benefits all into one succinct phrase. Ponder the following strategies for an irresistible CTA:

  1. Clarity is key: Zero room for interpretation; the CTA should clearly outline what you want your audience to do. 
  2. Create a sense of urgency: Instigate immediate action with a time-bound CTA. 
  3. Offer visible benefits: The value-add should be apparent and central to the CTA. 
  4. Action-oriented language: Choose active verbs to create momentum and interest. 
  5. Know your audience: Hone your language to resonate with your target market’s needs and interests. 
  6. Opt for visual impact: Bold colors, fonts, or buttons can make your CTA pop. 
  7.  Be crisp and concise: Brevity is your friend; short, snappy phrases are more memorable and digestible. 
  8. Test and tweak: A/B testing can help glean insights into what works with your audience, allowing for continuous optimization. 
  9. Inspire trust: Choice of words can provide reassurance to the user and bolster their sense of trust, e.g., “Secure Checkout”, “100% Money-Back Guarantee”. 
  10. Seamlessly blend with your content: Your CTA should appear as a natural extension of your overall content.

How a Strong CTA Can Lead to Conversions

In the online shopping world, the call-to-action (CTA) acts as your captain, skillfully guiding customers towards making that much-desired purchase. It’s worth noting for all e-commerce site owners and online retailers, that a compelling CTA stands as your prime opportunity to bolster your profits.

It galvanizes customers, coaxing them into immediate decisions that metamorphose those hovering in indecisiveness into buyers, thereby boosting your conversion rates. The swifter and simpler the buying process on your e-commerce platform, the larger the likelihood of elevating your conversion rates. Consequently, crafting a well-articulated, persuasive CTA can significantly influence your success as a retailer.

5 Examples of Best Product Descriptions

Crafting a stroke-of-genius product description often takes a sprinkle of inspiration. From exciting everyday items like t-shirts to high-end consumer electronics, here are some best-in-class examples to guide your way.

1. Apple AirPods Pro

Apple dives right into “why you need this” instead of “’what it is,” with a set of detailed product specifications that leave your imagination whirring with possibilities.

Product description for Apple AirPods Pro
Here, the most important features are highlighted to attract your attention

Image Source

Why it made the list: It not only amplifies product benefits but also layers perks such as clean and minimalist product images.

Top features: Active Noise Cancellation, Transparency mode, Customizable fit

Benefits: Immersive sound, Sweat and water resistance, Quick charging

Cons: Premium pricing, Limited color options

Best for: Apple loyalists looking for superior audio quality

2. Yeti Rambler Tumbler 

More than just an insulated t-shirt for your coffee, Yeti cleverly interweaves product features within an engaging narrative, making a simple tumbler sound adventurous.

Product description for Yeti Rambler Tumbler
Put on your storyteller hat for your product descriptions

Image Source

Why it made the list: The description manages to create an experience while effectively detailing product specifications

Top features: Double-wall vacuum insulation, No Sweat Design, Duracoat Color exterior

Benefits: Keeps beverages hot or cold, Easy to clean, Durable

Cons: On the expensive side, Size might not fit all cup holders

Best for: Outdoor enthusiasts and everyday users needing a high-quality beverage container

3. Philips Wake-Up Light 

Philips paints enticing visuals of waking up to a gentle sunrise combining product benefits and features seamlessly, much like donning a simple yet comfortable t-shirt.

Review for the SmartSleep Wake-up Light
Feature reviews that praise your product’s functionality

Image Source

Why it made the list: It comprehensively addresses how the product improves the user’s life and the perks that come with it

Top features: Sunrise simulation, Choice of 5 natural wake-up sounds, FM Radio & Reading lamp

Benefits: Natural waking experience, Improved morning energy levels, User-friendly product features

Cons: Adapter plug might be bulky, Brightness settings may be complex

Best for: Anyone wanting a natural and healthy way to wake up

4. Bombas Socks

Bombas assures comfort and care, and lets you know that each sock purchase helps someone in need.

Product description for Bombas socks
This product description shares its mission simply and concisely

Image Source

Why it made the list: Overlays engaging storytelling with a mission-driven approach

Top features: Honeycomb Arch Support System, Y-Stitched Heel, Stay-Up Technology

Benefits: Maximum comfort, Durable, Contributes to a social cause

Cons: Premium pricing, May not fit all foot sizes perfectly

Best for: Those seeking comfort and wishing to support a good cause

5. Leesa Mattress

Leesa puts you right in the comfy corner of a good night’s sleep, discussing how every feature adds to your resting experience.

Product description for Leesa Mattress
The use of graphics helps break up chunks of text into bite-sized pieces

Image Source

Why it made the list: It manages to describe a common product in an uncommonly engaging way

Top features: 3 premium foam layers, Breathable top layer, Pressure-relieving memory foam

Benefits: Enhanced sleep comfort, Suitable for all sleeping positions, Delivered directly to your door

Cons: May not suit those who prefer very firm mattresses, Requires time to expand after unboxing

Best for: Anyone looking to invest in a comfortable, supportive night’s sleep

The Art and Science of SEO Product Descriptions

Key Points

We’ve taken a deep dive into the complex world of crafting SEO product descriptions that soar to greater heights in the rankings. Here are some key takeaways:

  • Walking in the Customer’s Shoes: The secret sauce of an effective product description begins with understanding your target audience. Consider their desires, necessities, and what they’re seeking. This approach paves the way for an all-inclusive product description that tickles their fancy.
  • The Strategic Deployment of SEO Tactics: This involves cleverly sprinkling your target keywords to optimize your product descriptions, which boosts the likelihood of popping up in search engine results. Remember, a firm “No” to cloned content keeps your website in good standing.
  • Captivate with Compelling Stories: Wrap your product details in a story, use potent and sensory language, and maintain a level-headed approach to detailing your product. This narrative speaks directly to the search intentions of your target audience.
  • Optimization of Mobile and AI Platforms: The staggering increase of mobile users, coupled with the dawn of AI, underscores the importance of ensuring your product descriptions are mobile-friendly and AI-optimized.
  • Mastering the Call to Action (CTA): Consider this your killer move. A well-crafted CTA encourages the customer to click ‘Buy Now’, catalyzing better conversion rates.

Final Note: The Continuous Process of Learning and Improving

To master product descriptions, you’ll need to infuse strategic SEO tactics with a deep understanding of consumer psychology. Unlike stale, boilerplate content, the art of crafting compelling product descriptions is a fluid process, constantly adapting to new market trends, and more importantly, the changing tastes of your customer base.

With every increase in comprehension comes the chance to produce increasingly engaging product descriptions. The journey entails continuous learning and experimentation. And remember this truism: the perfect product description is not an instant creation but a blend of patience, practice, and fine-tuning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Long Should an SEO Product Description Be?

SEO product descriptions that strike the perfect balance typically fall within the 305-400 word range. This is by no means a hard and fast rule, but it seems to provide the ideal blend of readability and detail. By breaking down these descriptions into both long-form text and concise bullet points, you serve up two appealing formats for your customers–a satisfying main course or a quick bite, according to their taste buds.

It’s critical to remember that your goal is to be succinct yet engaging, so give every word its day in the sun. Prioritize quality content that strikes a chord with your customers, rather than burying them under an avalanche of unnecessary information.

To have a finger on the pulse of what works best, consider running A/B tests for your product pages. This will reveal whether your audience resonates more with bulleted or long-form content. Once you glean this insight, tailor all your product descriptions accordingly for better engagement.

Scoring your product pages for readability can also help maintain quality. Tools such as Semrush’s SEO Content Template are excellent for achieving this purpose.

In short, quantity should never supersede quality, readability, and format when it comes to your product descriptions. It’s about getting this delicate balance right. Don’t just count the words, make the words count.

Should You Focus on SEO for eCommerce Products?

Without a doubt, integrating SEO efforts with your eCommerce product marketing is not just advisable, it’s essential. SEO product descriptions significantly amplify your store’s online visibility, nudging search engines and pleasing potential customers with enthralling stories.

Mastering SEO principles lets you tailor your eCommerce product descriptions precisely, allowing search algorithms and marketplace algorithms to better understand and rank your merchandise. Ads that pop up due to sound SEO principles more effectively invite customers to take that final purchasing leap. SEO optimization delivers a higher influx of organic visitors, fueling your sales figures.

The cherry on the cake is integrating customer-friendly features like usage instructions, FAQs, genuine testimonials, and more. This only adds to the richness of your product page. Tabs for details such as ingredients, usage instructions, and FAQs are a great way to enhance customer satisfaction.

To sum up, if premium eCommerce rankings and enhanced visibility are on your agenda, overlooking SEO is not an option. Let SEO steer your online commerce to unparalleled heights.

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